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Stoner Blog; Stoner Social Media

Most people recognize the social media brings stoners together like nothing else… Except maybe smoking together. As the internet continues to advance, more and more websites are popping up that are directly related to just stoners or just have a large population of stoners using them. Of course, social media sites rotate in and out of popularity quicker than a merry-go-round so who knows what we’ll all be using in a year or two but there are three main sites/apps that potheads seem to love.


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It’s familiar, easy to use, and doesn’t really suck that bad. While there are thousands of One Direction fans and insanely religious people lurking in the shadows, just waiting to make awful comments, most of the time the drama can be avoided. Instagram has been around for years and is extremely easy to use. Most stoners who are on social media use an Instagram account. The downsides to Instagram is exactly what I said above. It is cluttered with young kids and annoying know-it-alls that seem to think that the cannabis community is a huge joke and love nothing more than to talk badly about people’s photos. However, Instagram has been a long running social media site, having been quite popular especially in the last year or two. It has also been a huge help in expanding the knowledge that stoners share.

Kush Common

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A newly formed app/site, Kush Common is the Facebook for stoners. It’s set up the same way, except everything is 420 friendly… And there isn’t as much bullshit on Kush Common as there is on Facebook. Exactly why would anyone care about your high school prom queen eating a bagel? No one cares. That’s why Facebook sucks. But on Kush Common, most of the people on there are talking about one thing; weed. Thankfully, stoners are usually too stoned to complain or too hungry to post about what they’re eating so you don’t have to deal with that nonsense. The only issues with this site is that the app is fairly new and they are still working out the bugs. But with a little more time, I’m sure that Kush Common will become a lot of people’s favorite app, other than Instagram.


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I’ve never personally used this app because when I first tried to sign up, I was told that it was only for medical state use only and then I wasn’t allowed to sign up on the app so I gave up. I don’t know if they’ve changed it since then to allow everyone to enter but the app has taken the Instagram community by storm and you can’t scroll through your feed without seeing “ADD ME ON MASSROOTS”. Like Kush Common, Massroots is only directed towards cannabis users. It’s a place where stoners can talk about weed all the time and not have to worry about their aunt or dad seeing their post about how stoned they got last night.

It’s a matter of time before we see what sites/apps hold on and which ones get tossed out. Look at MySpace. No one uses that shit anymore. There are countless others as well, like Snapchat which has now been made obsolete by Instagram Direct. Whether you’re using one of these three or all of these three, it’s good that you’re connecting with your fellow stoners. Enjoy these three sites and remember to be kind to all smokers!

Stoner Blog; Stoner Social Media