Stoner Bucket List

Stoner Bucket List

There’s a lot of stuff to do on this awesome planet of ours. It’s a big place so staying in one place your whole life just doesn’t seem like that much fun. For stoners especially, adventures can be pretty fun and everything seems to be better when you’re stoned. So what do stoners really want to do before they die? Here’s ten things that you should accomplish (and do it while stoned) before you kick the bucket.

1. Smoke with every cool person you’ve met on social media

File picture of a man smoking marijuana at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Colorado in Boulder

Let’s face it, there are some really awesome people that you’ve met online and you can’t imagine anything cooler then a huge, epic smoke session with them. Your friends at home are really cool and everything but with some of the awesome pieces, dope rolls, and amazing cannabis, you know there’s at least one IG stoner that you wanna toke with.

2. Touch a shark… Or a whale… A really big animal of some sort


When you really think about how small we are as humans, the idea of being close to something as big as a whale or a giraffe or an elephant seems pretty incredible. Even when you think about the fact that these creatures exist somewhere in the world, it’s kind of a mind blowing wakeup call that makes you realize how tiny humans are.

3. Attend a cannabis event


While some of you may have a really easy time accomplishing this, it’s not the same for everyone. The thought of attending a large cannabis event for some is completely out of reach. Seeing as how important these events are to the community, attending one is a big deal.

4. Eat at an amazing restaurant


Munchies always need a good curing and eating at some great eatery is definitely on every stoner’s bucket list. Whether you’re in to Italian food, barbecue, diner dishes, or exquisite cuisine, every stoner has a favorite food serving establishment that they want to visit.

5. Visit Amsterdam

This place is epic in stoner culture. If given the chance to get to this epic mecca of pothead culture, you need to take it. Amsterdam is probably the most popular of all stoner destinations.

6. Go to California

Must like Amsterdam, California is a place that all stoners must visit. To see the sun set over the ocean is a sight to see, one that can only be made better by holding a blunt in your hand.

7. Smoke out of the most expensive bong ever made


I’m not sure what bong this would be at this point but smoking out of an amazingly crafted, well made piece would definitely be a great stoner experience. Plus, can you imagine how smooth a piece like that would hit?

8. Smoke with Cheech & Chong


Two of the most iconic stoners in the history of culture, you can’t say that it’s not on your bucket list to smoke with these two. They may be able to out smoke you but chances are you’ll be laughing so hard, it won’t matter.

9. Base jump


Skydiving may be fun but base jumping might get you a little bit more of a thrill. Especially in a dope place like the jungle, where there are giant holes in the ground that lead in to underground springs. Yes, base jumping should definitely on your list of things to do.

10. Smoke every single strain

Legalizing Marijuana Denver

There’s a lot of different kinds of marijuana out there… How cool could it be to try every single one? Not only strains but now there’s all different kinds of concentrates that one can try, leaving even more flavor/potency testing to be done.

Stoner Bucket List