Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?

Throughout the years, stoners have been portrayed in many different forms, from lazy and wistful to dangerous and stupid. Cheech and Chong made us seem pretty unthreatening, managing to show people that the only danger stoners provide is the fact that we sit at green lights a few seconds longer than most. But Reefer Madness showed us as being crazy, dangerous, and just plain ridiculous. Then you have the in-betweeners, such as Half Baked, Orange County, and Pineapple Express. The stoners are functional, but still fall in to the same kind of lazy, stoner stereotype that seems to follow us everywhere.


While smoking weed can definitely make one feel pretty lazy, a lot of stoners today can manage to work through that haze and really get shit done. Not to mention the Sativa strains are extremely helpful at providing the user with an awesome high while giving them the motivation to get their daily tasks accomplished. Lazy stoners are becoming less apparent as hard working, “normal” citizens gain love for marijuana, realizing that it helps with many different aspects of their lives, not just getting high and demolishing a whole cake. There’s much more to the current-day-stoner then most people think.


So what exactly would classify a “stoner” in 2014? Well, they need to love weed. And not just love smoking it. They should love everything about it, the way it looks, smells, and effects the people who use it. A stoner loves every step of the process of weed, from it’s start as a seed to the end product, whether that be flowers, dabs, edibles, or tinctures. In addition, the person should be able to smoke and handle their business. No more can we contribute to the “lazy pothead” stereotype… That definitely needs to be axed. It’s important to balance using marijuana with accomplishing daily goals. From work to home life, a true stoner knows how to get shit done, high or not!


Stoners today are well informed and eager to debate, unlike the peaceful hippies of our parents generations. Cannabis is something that people of all ages, skin colors, and beliefs can get behind. The stoners today aren’t ready to back down on marijuana legalization. In fact, the incredible motivation of the marijuana industry in the past few years is enough to prove that stoners aren’t the lazy, stupid teens that everyone still seems to think they are. Stoners are educated. They’re normal people. Chances are, most of the people you know smoke weed, whether they admit it or not. In the next few years, we will hopefully get even more support, pushing cannabis to be completely accepted, not to mention legal!

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?