Stoner Stereotypes


Stoner Stereotypes

For years, stoners have been thought of as unmotivated, underage teenagers who can’t seem to accomplish anything more then eating their parents out of house and home. Others believe that stoners are daisy throwing hippies, running around hugging trees. I’m sure some of those statements might be true, but can we really assume that all stoners are the same?


These silly cliche’s are so ingrained in American media and portrayed in all stoner movies it would be extremely hard not to be influenced by television. But let’s admit it, they are pretty damn funny when your stoned. Everyone enjoys relaxing with a movie, good company, lots of weed and something to munch on. There’s nothing wrong with a day of relaxation no matter how you find it, and usually it’s found after a long day of work.

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Stoners are extremely smart people who choose to smoke pot. There are people who choose to smoke a joint before a tests because they believe it helps them achieve higher grades. Others choose to smoke before they go to the gym saying it helps them focus on each rep. These same people will not only go to work with a better attitude but a want and drive to accomplish the most of each and every day. When all others feel the effects of a full days work and no release at home. With the days worries on their shoulders they never really forget about the day. This can cause stress, fights, drinking and really who want’s that.  I always smoke while I write. Stoners have become very familiar with the laws and benefits of marijuana. These days, we have to be smart in order to educate the people who still think that marijuana is a harmful gateway drug mmmkay?

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I don’t have anything against hippies but it seems like everyone still thinks that stoners are obsessed with tie dye and Jimmy Hendrix. Not every pothead likes that kind of stuff. I know plenty of stoners that own nothing tie dye, including myself. The image of stoners from the 70s and 80s seems to have followed us all the way to 2013. Some stoners appreciate the music of Hendrix, while others enjoy the sweet melody of a violin, piano etc. and let’s not forget about dubstep by far the easiest music’s to  loose yourself in. More to the point we all have our taste in music and most of us our set in our ways. Marijuana can help an individual truly let go of those old habits we all become accustomed to. This allows you to look at the world with a different perspective.

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Not only are stoners very creative, we like to consider ourselves energetic, alive, individuals. Smoking a blunt on top of a mountain on a beautiful winter day while snowboarding with your buddies is an experience unlike anything else and I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone. But the possibilities are endless swimming, hiking, simple throwing your headphones on, grabbing a skateboard, rolling a joint and hitting the streets can completely relax your mind and workout your body. It’s far more fun to get stoned and do these things. So, the next time anyone tells you stoners are lazy, show them otherwise not through angry or aggression but simple through your life, handle what needs to be done in life. Don’t talk about it, be about it.

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There’s also the paranoid stoner stereotype. Not all of us are worried that the cops are going to bust down the door and get arrested for having an eighth of weed. Some people do get slightly paranoid when they smoke but usually, you relax after a while and you realize that nothing bad is going to happen as long as you chill out and relax.

Stoner Stereotypes

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Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?

Throughout the years, stoners have been portrayed in many different forms, from lazy and wistful to dangerous and stupid. Cheech and Chong made us seem pretty unthreatening, managing to show people that the only danger stoners provide is the fact that we sit at green lights a few seconds longer than most. But Reefer Madness showed us as being crazy, dangerous, and just plain ridiculous. Then you have the in-betweeners, such as Half Baked, Orange County, and Pineapple Express. The stoners are functional, but still fall in to the same kind of lazy, stoner stereotype that seems to follow us everywhere.


While smoking weed can definitely make one feel pretty lazy, a lot of stoners today can manage to work through that haze and really get shit done. Not to mention the Sativa strains are extremely helpful at providing the user with an awesome high while giving them the motivation to get their daily tasks accomplished. Lazy stoners are becoming less apparent as hard working, “normal” citizens gain love for marijuana, realizing that it helps with many different aspects of their lives, not just getting high and demolishing a whole cake. There’s much more to the current-day-stoner then most people think.


So what exactly would classify a “stoner” in 2014? Well, they need to love weed. And not just love smoking it. They should love everything about it, the way it looks, smells, and effects the people who use it. A stoner loves every step of the process of weed, from it’s start as a seed to the end product, whether that be flowers, dabs, edibles, or tinctures. In addition, the person should be able to smoke and handle their business. No more can we contribute to the “lazy pothead” stereotype… That definitely needs to be axed. It’s important to balance using marijuana with accomplishing daily goals. From work to home life, a true stoner knows how to get shit done, high or not!


Stoners today are well informed and eager to debate, unlike the peaceful hippies of our parents generations. Cannabis is something that people of all ages, skin colors, and beliefs can get behind. The stoners today aren’t ready to back down on marijuana legalization. In fact, the incredible motivation of the marijuana industry in the past few years is enough to prove that stoners aren’t the lazy, stupid teens that everyone still seems to think they are. Stoners are educated. They’re normal people. Chances are, most of the people you know smoke weed, whether they admit it or not. In the next few years, we will hopefully get even more support, pushing cannabis to be completely accepted, not to mention legal!

Stereotypes Vs Reality; Who Are The Stoners?