To Be, Or Not To Be – Stoned In Public

To Be, Or Not To Be – Stoned In Public

Being alive during 2020 is literally us living in the future, a time where Mary Jane is widely accepted and welcomed more so now then any other time in history. Stoners everywhere have been taking advantage of this fact for some time now, getting blitzed at public parks or casually taking blunt hits while walking down the sidewalk of their neighborhoods. Even still we know that some “sobers” or humans that don’t get stoned, sometimes take you breaking out the grinder at the family reunion as a negative is, and when there’s thick clouds in the air no one wants to run into a vibe killer. Take a look at a few key points your high mind might want to consider the next time it’s time to take a toke in public.

To Be.

Something very unique can occur when you make the choice to take Mary Jane out on a date. Events like music festivals and concerts were designed to be enjoyed alongside a fat sack of dank, sounds blaring in every direction for miles around as the cool summer air plays it’s own little song against the hairs on the nape of your neck, while thick milky Blue Dream smoke slowly escapes from your lips…bliss. It’s moments like these that create the best nostalgic feels long after the high has come down. Sometimes life as the lonely stoner can get a bit monotonous and the bat cave you usually blast off from just isn’t the vibe you’re looking for in the slightest. Cannabis Sativa penetrates but also adapts to your personal psyche, so prepare the personal pre-rolls and get out of the basement! The change of scenery alone mixed with the presence of the sun is an equation only known to the stoner, and a recipe for a much more potent stone. Hot-boxing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in public to do so, and any parked truck or project car will definitely suffice. Still there are those that insist a moving vehicle is the proper way to hot-box which ultimately places you directly in the public eye. When it comes to road trips there really is no better feeling, and instantly turns the annual camping trip in the Winnebago into the worn and rustic party bus of your wildest dreams.

Or Not To Be.

Given the current state of affairs in our society the “devil’s lettuce” still carries certain stigmas and can put an unwanted strain on the session when trying to get lifted in public places. Depending on where it all goes down you’ll have to make smart decisions on the concealment and exact timing you need to spark up in peace. Pot-heads have been using Cannabis in ritualistic ways since the beginning of time and it’s medicinal values have reached all corners of this earth and changed it for the complete good. With that being said, getting high for thousands of stoners is a personal experience used for healing that is best experienced in seclusion or at least best felt in your own space. This is especially true for those who still have to hit bongs in archaic states that still have no legalization and no dispensaries; not-to-be will probably end up being your best bet. If achieving a more natural hippie high is important to you then consider carving out your own little smoke spot on your backyard or deck, even screened in porches provide valid mental relief when you wanna get faded but need to connect to nature. you’ll receive all The benefits of mother earth as well as Mary Jane complete with none of the b.s. that could be associated with being a pot-head in public.

One fact will forever be constant that no matter where you travel to weed in any setting is beneficial and comes prepared willing and able to lift you to heights you’ve always aspired to. Continue to be smart stoners, and always stay blazed.