Benefits From Taking A Tolerance Break

Benefits From Taking A Tolerance Break

I need space.. I need a break from life.. I need a vacation.. I need some time away to bring back life into myself.


We all say it, we all do it. If it’s turning off your phone and having a relaxing bath. Spending the money jumping on a plane to Mexico. Every human needs a break. But what about breaks from cannabis? I know a bit weird but it does go hand in hand. Marijuana relieves stress and anxiety. It can make you playful and help you sleep.

So it can be an odd thing to hear someone say take a break from the weed man. When was the last time you took a break from life? Even if it was playing sick from work. Or going on a vacation. Now. When did you last take a break from weed? And I don’t  mean you ran out and had to wait for payday. I mean you consciously decided to not buy weed for a certain amount of time. You actually said to yourself. Time to just reset.


As much as you want to say cannabis is not addictive. It is. Think about this first. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit (addiction). What makes an addiction an addiction? The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. That’s it. That all an addiction is anything that gives you pleasure. Addiction is like the word success. We tend to put that word to the dollar signs in your bank account the status of your name or your job/career. Anything that really we see in the celebrity rich status. Will Smith is successful. But guess what. So is the garbage man. If the garbage man loves his or her job and sees it as their passion. As their purpose. Then they are indeed successful.

So let’s get back to the word addiction. If it gives you a feeling of pleasure it is an addiction. I am addicted to coffee. It gives me pleasure. It makes me happy. Two very different addictions. But, nevertheless it is still something that gives me pleasure. We could go deeper into the world of addictions positive and negatives, but we don’t need to go down that rabbit hole.


So now that we have established the meaning of addiction. You can probably understand the difference between positive and negative addictions. We can now move on to why we should take the space we need from cannabis just like taking the space we need from life.

Smoke should not enter your body​ – The function of the lungs is to take in oxygen feed our bloodstream and then exhale carbon dioxide. Cannabis smoke dose contain bronchial irritants, tumor promoters and carcinogens. Therefore, long term use can lead to respiratory problems. This can be harmful to people with lung cancer or problems.


Stoner Problems​ – This could be anything from remembering where you put the very item that’s in your hand to impaired speech. In school its a lot easier to get  away with, mainly because teachers are asking you to shut up anyways. But when you hit the real adult life people actually want to engage in conversations with you. At times it’s like your deer in the headlights and that is rather off putting and just makes you look rather immature.

Overload On The Munchies​ – Yes thanks to cannabis the craving to eat food is such a positive thing but also can be such a negative. Positive for newly pregnant women who have a hard time with food due to hormones. People who have problems with wanting to eat food. It can also be great aid to making food. If you love to cook or bake. It can help you become a little more creative. But the negative effects is the over eating and money spending. Put the stoner problems of becoming lazy mix it with the munchies and voila! You have gained 10 pounds in 1 months.


The Bank Account​ – Constantly spending money to buy weed adds up. From the “black market” to the cannabis shops. It adds up. For many people, $60 is the difference between putting food in their fridge or buying a box of diapers. Life was easy as a kid (teen).  Living at home you don’t pay rent you don’t pay utilities. You freeload off your parents and all you have to do is have a job. Fast Forward to your adult years. Now you have rent, utilities, car insurance, gas, food and maybe you even have a kid or two. That $60 is now looking more like a means to survival then the means for fun.

​You Owe It To Yourself​ – Just like life. You need a break. You need to shut your body down and just enjoy your own space. It’s a self care self love thing. You owe it to yourself to lay off the weed. Just like you would lay off the workouts. Let your body reset for awhile.


When it’s all said and done time off anything is huge for your mind and body. But remember this, all things in moderation. When it’s time and you’ll know, don’t be afraid to pick up that blunt and take a fat ass rip!

Megan Thiessen