Top 10 Stoner Games You’ve Gotta Play

Top 10 Stoner Games You’ve Gotta Play

Who doesn’t love playing games? Even better question, who doesn’t love playing games while stoned? Well we got together to come up with a list of the Top 10 Stoner Games that are sure to give you a laugh and maybe a little more.. Enjoy!

#1 Strip Toker


Well this was always a blast, the goal is simple don’t cough or choke. So you’ll need everyone to roll there own joint or bring there own pipe. Next sit in a circle and everyone hits the pipe, joint or whatever they are smoking and hold it first one to exhale or choke, cough has lost and needs to remove an article of clothing. Before you know it you’ll be sitting there naked, choking.

#2 Bong Pong


So there same rules apply as beer bong but instead of drinking you’re smoking. For a real challenge use a gravity bong, if you make the shot you can either reward yourself with a fat rip off the gravity or laugh your ass off watching your friend choke to death.

#3 The Wheel Of Tokers


So this is an interesting game and can take a little preparation as well. First make a wheel, I’m sure you can just buy one or simple design one it’s up too you. No matter how you do it you’ll want to make sure you have different sections. For the sake of time I have included some example’s below.

  • Truth
  • Dare
  • 420
  • Pass the Joint
  • Joke
  • Smoke
  • Spin Again
  • Strip

Now take turns spinning the wheel and performing the actions called from the wheel. Play until everyone is passed out.

#4 Baseball


So I’m sure you have heard about this game the rules are simple get a group of friends. Next roll a fat blunt or joint, sit in a circle and the game begins. Hit the joint, hold the hit until the joint has returned to you. If you can’t hang on to your hit your OUT! Play until one man/women stands. The winner sits out the next game and waits for the final. This is when it gets hard, the remaining players take another turn and the two winners compete for the ultimate Grand Slam Winner.

#5 The Lighter Toss


Classic, players take turns tossing a lighter back and forth on the back of their hands. This is a great game for laughs and hand eye coronation. You can also make it more challenging by taking one step backwards after each pass.

#6 Cards Against Humanity


This game can be purchased online or at most stores like Wal-Mart. Very simple but extremely fun game, that will have your group of friends in tears. Be sure to play passing around a joint for the most laughs.

#7 Medusa

Okay, this game is a little out of the box, but can be fun with the right friends and no where to go. So Medusa is a gorgon monster from the Greek Mythology. One look and you were turned to stone. First off everyone needs there own joint and a timer set for 2 mins or less. Now gather a group of friends, sit in a circle,  smoke the joint while looking down, make sure the room is hotboxed. Then when the timer goes off everyone looks up at a friend and if you are looking at each other yell Medusa! First to yell wins.

#8 Stoner Cinema


This is an easy game to play at home chilling with your better half. The idea is simple get supper high! Take ever pipe, bong, joint, blunt or pen you got in the house and fire them up. The goal is to try and get through them all. Know this obviously will be different for each person depending on how many rigs you have. But choose wisely because before you know it, you’ll be passed out.

#9  Last Man Smoking


Well I’m sure you can guess how to play this stoner game. Start with a large group of your friends and smoke. Keeping smoking passing that bong around the room until your head is spinning. Of course you will need to have everyone playing the game to bring a gram of weed. Now load the bowls and start this long journey, who knows where you will end up. My guess is the couch.

#10 Honestly


This game relays on “honesty” so be honest. Start with both players holding a loaded bong or pipe. Next, ask your competitor a question about them selves, for example “Have you ever J-Walked”? or “Have you ever puked at a party”? Unlike my examples, creativity is the key. Try to stump your opponent with difficult question you know they would normally not answer truthfully.

Well there you go. Hope you enjoy each game wisely. Please if you have any ideas or comments let us know. Also enjoy this 30% OFF StonerDays Gear coupon that can be used site wide. Use code “stayblazed” at check out.