Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College

Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College; Stoner News

While most people don’t think of Florida as a really big cannabis state, they’re surprisingly changing our idea of the sunshine state. Not only has the state voted to put medical cannabis on the November ballot, there are talks of Florida being a new spot for a cannabis college. Surprising, seeing as how both Colorado and Washington would be the ideal place for such a school. But Florida is taking huge strides to make sure that it’s citizens can medicate properly.


The college is being set up in the old Garcia Y Vega cigar factory, which is located in West Tampa. This new institution is the idea of Jeremy Bufford, a man bent on educating people in all aspects of cannabis. He says that the school will teach the history of cannabis, along with legal aspects, botany, and pharmaceutical. The class will last a month and students will walk away knowing a lot more important information regarding marijuana and it’s many uses.


Florida officials still need to approve the school but Bufford is already itching to open the doors. Rachelle Roach will be a part of the very first class that will be taught at the cannabis college and she is excited to get things started. Roach already holds a master’s degree in nutrition and believes that marijuana has multiple health benefits. Most stoners know of the amazing benefits that cannabis has for people and an east coast based college would be good for those who want to take the class but live on the east coast and don’t want to move that far away for the duration of the course. The other only cannabis college in the states is the Oaksterdam University, located in Oakland, CA.


Schools like this are very important in teaching more people about cannabis. It’s important that we stay educated. Knowing all that you can about the plant is important and courses such as this may even be offered online someday. Florida will vote on the medical marijuana bill in November and the state hopes to see medical dispensaries by the summer of 2015.

Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College; Stoner News

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