Duke University Twins Study Concludes

Duke University Twins Study Concludes | Stoner News

We’ve all heard that stoner stereotype… People who smoke weed are dumber than people that don’t. Chances are if you’ve heard that and you’re reading this article, you know that that’s a myth. Smoking cannabis doesn’t make you stupid. This statement has been used as ammunition in the anti cannabis party for years but now, science is beginning to get the “OK” to experiment with the plant. New breakthroughs are presented every day. Recently, a very interesting study done by researchers at Duke University released their findings of a ten years study done on several pairs of twins, with some who used cannabis and some who did not.

The study wanted to see if cannabis use in adolescence effects the neurocognitive motor function in the brain. Several sets of twins were studied over the course of a ten year span. All of the twins in the study were absolutely fine and had little to no side effects from smoking cannabis. The study also pointed out that both those at both the high and low end of the IQ spectrum enjoyed smoking and were equally as likely to begin smoking. The twins with lower IQ scores enjoyed smoking cannabis because it made their underdeveloped brains feel stimulated and the smarter adolescents tend to get bored easily and seek out new and exciting activities to do. Cannabis indulgence is a hard group to pinpoint; there are just so many different people who enjoy using it. The study done on the twins shows that no matter if you’re genetically smarter or not, everyone has the potential to enjoy smoking pot. Not only that but it shows that the plant doesn’t affect the IQ of the person using it and that the “stupid stoner” stereotype is bunk.

Teen use of marijuana still isn’t widely supported nor is it highly protested against. There is the still generally accepted idea that children with predispositions to schizophrenia and other psychological issues with automatically up their risk for a formal diagnosis of a disorder if the smoke cannabis. Additionally, there is also the theory that the memory making section of the brain is effected by teen cannabis use and is thought to be linked to poor test taking skills and other memory related tasks later in life (although some people will definitely chalk that up to unnecessary pressure in society today, which is a logical explanation).

Even if teen use of cannabis isn’t widely accepted, there are many successful people who smoked cannabis in their teen years and are totally fine. If society should blame any substance for long lasting negative effects on the developing brain, it should be alcohol. It has been proven that teenage drinking can lead to intellectual and behavioral impairments that aren’t temporary and can follow a person for life. There are also studies that show drinking during teen years can stunt the growth of the hippocampus, which is where the brain controls learning and memory. Either way, it is still recommended that you try to avoid indulging in any substance until you are over the age of 18. Most states require that recreational cannabis be purchased by someone over the age of 21.

Duke University Twins Study Concludes | Stoner News

Apple’s Just Say No Policy, MassRoots App Restrictions?

Apple’s Just Say No Policy, MassRoots App Restrictions?


On the same November day that saw more than 1 million people in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., vote to legalize recreational marijuana, a popular social media app rooted in the cannabis space was removed from Apple’s massive commercial marketplace known as the App Store.

“The App Store is one of the largest content distribution channels in the world, and we’d already been on there for 14 months,” said Isaac Dietrich, CEO of Denver-based social media outfit MassRoots. “After we were taken down from the App Store, I called Apple back on election day and the guy said they had amended the App Store policy on cannabis social apps.

“I told him, ‘You do know that Oregon, Alaska and D.C. are about to push legalization through.’ He said the executives in the App Store said this content isn’t the kind of content they want to see in the App Store.”

Apple told The Denver Post its policies on marijuana apps have not changed. Its legal guideline 22.1says, “Apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users.”

The typically private Apple would not comment on individual companies’ complaints.

But Dietrich says something must have changed within the corporation recently. And his complaint against Apple isn’t the only one from the marijuana tech space.

While cannabis legalization continues to push forward in the U.S., there are countless roadblocks still awaiting the legal pot industry — especially given the plant’s precarious relationship with federal law, which still lists marijuana as aSchedule I drug.

The App Store’s strict restrictions could make the marketplace cannabis’ most heated tech battleground. After MassRoots’ petition to Apple secured more than 10,000 signatures in two weeks, several other pot-related businesses are starting to gripe publicly about their negative experiences with Apple.

Casey Eastman, a developer with Denver-based Weedmaps, said: “I’d be surprised if I’m not pushing 20 rejections (from Apple) in the last couple of years. And that’s my professional record. But I guess failure is part of experience.”

Michael Pycher is the co-founder of Los Angeles outfit Nestdrop: “It’s been beyond frustrating dealing with Apple,” he said. “They don’t seem to have a pulse on what a lot of consumers want. And they’re not privy to listen.”

Zach Marburger, the CEO of Colorado-based development firm CannaBuild, said: “The issues with Apple have been all people are talking about in the last two weeks in the marijuana tech underground. If enough people cry foul, Apple will listen.”

Samuel Miller is the co-CEO at New York start-up Hempdex: “We’d already invested close to $5,000-$10,000 on our (Apple) iOS app before we realized others were getting turned away by Apple. We halted development to make sure that the app has legs before investing in full development. We don’t want to invest another $10,000 just to get rejected at the end.”

From left, Isaac Dietrich, Hyler Fortier and Austin Hayslip discuss a business brochure during a staff meeting Thursday at MassRoots in Denver. MassRoots’ marijuana-centric social media app was removed from Apple’s App Store in November. (Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post)

New developments

Among developers’ complaints: An app or update is rejected without explanation; Apple doesn’t like certain words or feature sets, but they don’t always say which ones. Developers are forced to operate in the dark, poking and prodding blindly, they say, wasting time and money because the moderators of the App Store — which offers 1.4 million apps in 155 countries — won’t explicitly say what’s OK and what’s not.

“We have 300,000-plus users on our iOS platform,” said Eastman, whose employer Weedmaps directs users to legal pot shops and dispensaries. “We’re leaning on Apple, and we need that out there. Apple is going to find what works for them legally so they’re not worried about repercussions from the government, but I wish they’d communicate that: ‘Hey, we’re worried about this, so we can’t allow you to do this.’ Instead you submit it, and they say, ‘No, that won’t fly.’ You say, ‘What about if we do this?’ They say, ‘We look forward to reviewing your app.’ ”

And the app review process takes more time, often another week or two.

A spot in the App Store is essential for most successful companies. In 2014 the App Store saw its billings grow by 50 percent when its apps generated more than $10 billion in revenue for developers, Apple said.

Eastman estimates that at least 30 percent of Weedmaps’ overall traffic comes via its iOS app — a product that has taken hundreds of hours to meet Apple’s guidelines. Some of the items Apple won’t allow Weedmaps to include in its iOS app: pot menu prices, reviews, coupons, any mention of the words “recreational,” “retail,” “adult use” or “21-plus,” and even its 4:20 alarm, Eastman said.

And what about the Android-servicing Google Play?

“We haven’t had much of any resistance on Google Play and publishing for Android devices,” said Eastman, adding that recreational pot shops in Colorado and Washington are listed on Weedmaps’ Android app, but not on its Apple app. “If we wanted to put an (Android) update out today, we could do it with no resistance.”

CannaBuild’s Marburger has had the same experience, “We have an app that is a marijuana cooking calculator,” he said. ” Android approved it in five minutes, and Apple denied it in 10 days.”

Nestdrop delivers beer and alcohol to doorsteps in multiple states, but the company’s two-week adventure in delivering medical marijuana in southern California was cut short when the App Store told them to remove that functionality.

“We are working within the confines of the law for every city that we’re in,” said Nestdrop’s Pycher, pointing to Apple’s legal guideline 22.1. “If you can’t deliver past a certain hour, we don’t. If you have to show ID, we do. We expect all eyes to be watching us, so we have to comply with the law. It’s not regular e-commerce. It’s Apple’s market, and they don’t know what their stance is on it.”

At Hempdex, which aims to be a LinkedIn for the legal pot industry, they’re sitting tight with a half-developed app.

“We’ve reached out to Apple but haven’t heard back,” said Hempdex’s Miller. “If they give us the green light we’ll continue. But the way things are going we fully expect a red light.”

A technical advance

Back at MassRoots’ Denver headquarters, Dietrich and his team are stressed. Of the 230,000 users on their Instagram-like interface, 120,000 had downloaded its now-pulled Apple app. Whereas MassRoots was averaging 700 new sign-ups per day before the iOS issues, the company is now averaging only 400 — hardly the kind of trending a startup hopes for.

“We have great investors and a war chest to work with,” said Dietrich. “But Apple is censoring the cannabis movement right now, and it’s slowing down innovation in the cannabis industry to a greater extent than the federal government. I can’t believe that (Apple CEO) Tim Cook is letting this happen.”

MassRoots hosted the Marijuana Tech Startup Competition in September 2014 in Denver, and “almost every single app that came out of that weekend has been rejected by Apple,” said Dietrich.

But it’s not all bad news. When Marburger was first interviewed for this piece a few weeks ago, he was awaiting word back from Apple on his Whaxy app, which acts as an OpenTable for pot shops and allows users to skip lines inside dispensaries.

A week later, Marburger heard back from Apple. Whaxy was approved. But the CannaBuild team chose to fix a bug and resubmit it to Apple for approval.

“I just assume every submission will get rejected until they do otherwise, even if prior ones have gotten approved,” Marburger said. “With Apple, we hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”

This story was first published on DenverPost.com

By Ricardo BacaThe Cannabist Staff

MassRoots Team
MassRoots Team

Apple’s Just Say No Policy, MassRoots App Restrictions?

Marijuana Victories

Marijuana Victories; Stoner News


The people have spoken!


This is the second time in recent years that Alaskans voted on legalizing marijuana. The last attempt in 2004 failed 44 percent to 55 percent. Having legalized marijuana this year, Alaskans can expect Snoop Dogg to perform for them sometime soon. He promised a concert in Alaska if they passed Measure 2.


Oregon becomes the fourth state with full marijuana legalization, after Colorado and Washington last year, and joining Alaska Tuesday night. This also happens to be the third time Oregonians voted on pot legalization in their state, having rejected the ballot initiatives in 2012 and 2010. One of the reasons this attempt was successful may have been that voters aged 30-44 turned out at a slightly higher rate than those 65 or older. Residents will be able to possess eight ounces of marijuana at home and one ounce in public. But it won’t go into effect overnight: The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will have until Jan. 1, 2016 to implement all necessary rules and procedures necessary to regulating marijuana in the state.


Revelers celebrating the passage of Initiative 71 which legalizes pot possession should hold off on smoking in the streets – this is far from over. Any law passed in Washington DC, including by ballot initiative, is subject to a Congressional review period and already one member of Congress, Republican Andy Harris of Maryland, has pledged to work to overturn it. And now that the Senate has turned red, Congress can more easily overturn the DC vote. Pot sellers should also probably lay low for a while. I-71 does not regulate the sale of marijuana, which means it’s technically still illegal to sell weed, even if obtaining it isn’t – another aspect of the measure that the city council might try to fix legislatively.

Marijuana Victories; Stoner News


California Next To Legalize Marijuana

California Next To Legalize Marijuana? Stoner News


Marijuana advocates, fresh off victories for legal recreational pot in Oregon and the nation’s capital, are already preparing for their next target, and it’s a big one: California.

They are aiming to ask voters in the nation’s largest state to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2016, hoping to draw on a more liberal and larger electorate during a presidential election to help them avoid a repeat of their 2010 failed pot measure.

The victories in Oregon and the District of Columbia on Tuesday came in a midterm election that saw a low turnout and a conservative electorate hand Republicans back control of the U.S. Senate for the first time since 2006.

“This is a Republican wave year, so we’re excited for our prospects,” said David Boyer, who is leading Maine’s legal pot effort for 2016. “In a tough midterm, we gained steam.”

The advocates believe they have another win, too, in Alaska, as a legal pot measure held a steady lead. The results emboldened them — even from a loss in Florida, where a medical marijuana proposal earned 58 percent of the vote, just shy of the 60 percent required to pass.

Legalization opponent Kevin Sabet called the votes “a bit of a wake-up call before 2016,” noting that drug policy groups had spent millions on the legalization campaigns, vastly outspending opponents.

“This is going to make our side redouble our efforts to find donors who can put forth real money,” said the president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, adding that if they can get the resources to get their message out, voters could make informed decisions.

Sabet pointed to the result in Florida as well as votes in five Colorado cities banning marijuana dispensaries in saying, “I think we’ve slowed the legal marijuana freight train.”

The pot votes were considered by many to be the first real test of marijuana reform’s popularity since Washington state and Colorado passed the nation’s first legal pot laws in 2012, boosted then by the higher turnout among young people typical of presidential election years.

legalize-marijuana (3)

“It was an extraordinary day for marijuana and criminal justice reform, and all the more remarkable on a night the Democrats were getting beat up so bad,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a major legalization backer.

After the wins in Colorado and Washington, a coalition of activists considered rushing a tax-and-regulate measure to this year’s ballot in California. Their polling showed solid support, but they remained chastened by 2010, when a legalization proposal there polled well but fell short.

Early this year, given the huge expense of a serious statewide campaign in California, they opted for what they considered a safer bet: waiting until the presidential election year in 2016, with its anticipated bumper crop of younger voters.

The Marijuana Policy Project, which was heavily involved in Colorado’s campaign, has formed a committee to begin fundraising in California, where it again plans to urge voters to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

“This year’s election was a large step forward, but the 2016 election will be a huge leap toward ending marijuana prohibition in this country once and for all,” Rob Kampia, the organization’s executive director, said in a written statement.

Activists also hope to bring legal pot to Massachusetts, Maine and other states.

Tuesday saw voters in the District of Columbia approving the possession of up to two ounces of pot and up to three mature marijuana plants for personal use, but the proposal did not provide for the legal sale of marijuana. That’s left up to the D.C. Council.

The measures in Oregon and Alaska would follow Colorado and Washington state in setting up regulation and taxation systems.

Advocates, opponents and the U.S. government have closely watched Washington and Colorado to gauge the impact on the black market, drug use among teens and impaired driving, among other areas.

In both states, adults over 21 can purchase marijuana, including potent extracts and edibles, at state-licensed dispensaries.

Colorado is on track to bring in about $84 million this year from medical and recreational pot taxes and fees. In Washington, where recreational pot sales began in July, the tax collections have totaled more than $7 million.

legalize-marijuana (2)


For more information please visit: http://abcnews.go.com

California Next To Legalize Marijuana? Stoner News

60 Year Old Arrested For “Suspected” Cannabis

60 Year Old Arrested For “Suspected” Cannabis



When cops get permission to do a drug bust, they should do their research first. And by that, I mean they should validate the reports from “concerned citizens” when someone is reportedly doing something wrong. First of all, when people are suspected of growing or consuming cannabis, the cops should just leave them alone. We all know that. There are so many other problems in the world that police should be concerned with. But it is still illegal and the cops still bust down doors to get rid of the “criminals”, who get reported by a pissed off neighbor that may or may not have any idea what they’re talking about.

In Derby, a 60 year old man was arrested when cops stormed his house, looking for cannabis plants. Inspector Paul Cannon, the man in charge of the police in the area, said, “This information came from a call from a concerned resident and we are always happy to act on calls such as this that we receive.” But according to the report, all that was found were plants that are suspected to be cannabis… Leading readers to think that these cops actually don’t know what cannabis is or what they were looking for when they stormed in to the man’s house.

In the residence, there were 30 plants found but whether or not they were actually cannabis is unknown. The man arrested is being held in police custody and being questioned about the alleged offense. But much like the agents who busted in the doors of an okra farm recently (they thought it was weed… Really? Talk about a waste of money), stories like this only reinforce the idea that cops are overzealous when it comes to trying to bring down cannabis users and growers.

With a huge opiate issue growing in the world, not to mention other terrifying drugs such as spice, crocadill, and liquid heroin (which is increasingly popular among young teens because of it’s innocent appearance), the cops should be paying more attention to real problems. Not only that but the bath salts can now be manipulated to become other, more dangerous chemicals. If the cops really want to waste their time busting people for things that they suspect might be illegal, instead of taking care of the real drug issues that we have, then really, what is the point of their jobs in the first place?

60 Year Old Arrested For “Suspected” Cannabis

Marijuana Use May Cause Man Boobs

Marijuana Use May Cause Man Boobs; Stoner News

In a post for CNN on Thursday, Detroit-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn warned that marijuana use could be behind the development of man boobs, known in the medical world as “gynecomastia,” because of the drug’s effects on hormone levels.


“Gynecomastia is caused by a hormone imbalance between testosterone and estrogen,” Youn wrote. “When the ratio between testosterone and estrogen tips in favor of estrogen, the body responds by creating excessive breast tissue. Hence, man boobs.”

Animal studies, the physician explained, have shown that exposure to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component in cannabis, can result in a “decrease in testosterone levels, a reduction of testicular size and abnormalities in…sperm.”

depressed man

The jury is still out, however, as to how weed affects hormone levels in humans, though there is some evidence to suggest that pot users have lower testosterone levels than non-users and that heavy doses of the drug may delay the onset of puberty in young men.

There may not be any definitive evidence as yet linking marijuana use and man boobs, but Youn is hardly the first person to suggest a connection.


According to a recent Philly.com report on the topic, the medical community has suspected a link between pot and moobs for decades. However, due to the drug’s status as an illicit substance, there hasn’t been sufficient research to confirm these speculations.

Still, on MedlinePlus, a medical website maintained by the National Institutes of Health, “marijuana use” is listed as one of the causes of gynecomastia.

Last year, plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Goldman told ABC 5 News that boys who use marijuana in their formative years may be more likely to have man boobs later in life.

“Young men who use marijuana through puberty may have that transient, temporary breast enlargement become permanent because as their testosterone levels are altered by the marijuana,” Goldman said. “They can get interference with the normal development. And those men can have in essence more breast tissue when they’re done with puberty than they would have otherwise had.”

Earlier this month, Dr. Adrian Lo, a plastic surgeon at Pennsylvania Hospital who specializes in breast reduction for men, told Philly.com that about a third of his patients are regular marijuana users.


Many “doctors, endocrinologists and surgeons with clinical acumen” have definitely been noticing a trend, Lo said.

Ultimately, Youn says that if you’re worried about moobs (gynecomastia reportedly affects about 33 to 41 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 45, and 55 to 60 percent of men over the age of 50), you might want to just give the cannabis a rest.

“Although the association between marijuana and gynecomastia hasn’t been conclusively proven, it appears very plausible. For this reason, the majority of plastic surgeons I’ve consulted with routinely inquire with their gynecomastia patients about cannabis use and recommend they stop smoking pot immediately,” he said. “So for now, if you have moobs, it’s probably best to put out that joint.”

Read Dr. Anthony Youn’s full post on CNN here.

Marijuana Use May Cause Man Boobs; Stoner News




Stoner News; Jamaica To Decriminalize Weed

Jamaica To Decriminalize Weed; Stoner News

When one thinks of the tropical island of Jamaica, one of the top things that people think of is marijuana. The plant is grown widely across the island and is smoked a good amount by the locals. Tourists are also interested in the cannabis culture here, even though the penalties for cannabis consumption can be steep here. Even so, Jamaica is up there on the list of places that include a lot of weed smoking in their culture.


The Minister of Justice, Mark Golding, stated in a news conference that the “cabinet approved certain changes in the laws relating to ganja. These relate to possession of small quantities of ganja for personal use, the smoking of ganja in private places, and the use of ganja for medically related purposes”. This new law will make the penalty for infractions nothing more than a small fine. If the fine doesn’t get paid, the person will have to report to community service, something much better then being tossed in jail for such a minor offense.


Which is something that Golding seems to agree with. His statement went on to say that ” too many of our young people have ended up with criminal convictions after being caught with a spliff”. Thank god someone in politics finally said it! Throwing a young teen in jail for such a minor infraction seriously damages them, preventing them from developing the necessary social skills that are needed in order to function in society. So providing that the person does get out of jail, they have lost so many years to the system that they have trouble fitting in. Simply because they wanted to smoke a joint. Crazy right? In Jamaica, the marijuana infractions prevent the young people from getting jobs and getting visas in order to travel overseas, sticking them permanently to the Jamaican Islands.


Jamaica is now a part of the many places that are working on reforming their cannabis laws. More politicians are getting the hint; this plant isn’t that bad. And it’s an obvious fact that the drug war has officially failed. With the legalization of cannabis in both Colorado and Washington, plus Uruguay’s plan to regulate and sell the plant (making it the first country to do so as a whole), there will only be more that add their names to the list. Taxing such a huge industry will surely bring in money for politicians, states, and our society as an entirety.

Jamaica To Decriminalize Weed; Stoner News




Woman Eats 11 Grams In Back Of A Cop Car

Woman Eats 11 Grams In Back Of A Cop Car; Stoner News

Remember that scene in Super Troopers where the kid in the back of the car has to eat all of the drugs so that they won’t get discovered by the cops? That poor guy ate a whole bag of bud and a whole bag of shrooms. He was absolutely tripping balls and claimed that the snozberries did indeed taste like snozberries. Much like the scene from that hilarious stoner favorite, a Brevard, Florida court clerk named Tavish Kay Smith managed to eat 11 grams of marijuana while being arrested on June 13th.


When Smith crashed a red pickup truck in to a second car on the above mentioned date, the truck lost a tire and she actually continued to drive. That is, until she crashed in to a ditch along the side of the road. When the Florida Highway Patrol caught up to the truck, Smith’s breath reeked of alcohol and her eyes were bloodshot, glassy, and droopy. Not to mention she had trouble getting out of the car as well. When the highway patrol read Smith her rights, she refused to speak or submit to the breathalyzer.

The cops searched the car and found what looked to be about 12 grams of marijuana in a baggie. After confiscating the bud, Smith was cuffed and put back in to the cruiser. Smith then began to ask for her flips flops, saying that she had left them in the truck. The officer went to get the shoes, leaving the bag of weed on the center console. While the officer was absent, Smith snagged the baggie full of weed and managed to scarf down an assumed 11 grams of marijuana before the officer came back with the foam footwear.

Baffled by the absence of the marijuana, the cops didn’t realize that Smith had gotten a hold of it until she scratched her nose, showing that she had managed to slip out of the handcuffs. She was taken back out of the cruise, handcuffed again, and the officer inspected the back seat, which was littered with crumbs of cannabis. Smith repeatedly said she didn’t eat the weed but the cruiser camera reportedly shows her chowing down on the bag of weed while the officer was out of the car. She was then carted off to the hospital to be cleared since she had eaten the bud and then taken to jail. The charges against her were tampering with evidence, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of drug paraphernalia, and resisting an office without using violence.

Woman Eats 11 Grams In Back Of A Cop Car; Stoner News

Cannabis Effective At Fighting Fibromyalgia


Cannabis Effective At Fighting Fibromyalgia

Even though there are still people who don’t believe that cannabis can cure anything (ahem, like the government), there are studies being released daily that prove that the plant is indeed an extreme help to the human race. Recently, a study was released that surveyed a group of 1,339 people that suffer from the disease fibromyalgia. The survey was conducted by the National Pain Foundation and revealed that the people who have been using cannabis to treat the symptoms of their affliction are finding is considerably more effective then the other three drugs that have been approve by the FDA to fight fibromyalgia.

Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry

Yes, you read that last sentence right. There are only three drugs that are approved to fight this condition, which leaves the sufferer experiencing deep tissue pain, serious depression, lack of sleep, extreme fatigue, and bad headaches. Cybalta, Lyrica, and Savella are the only available treatments and most patients report that the pills don’t actually help any of their symptoms. So out of three medications, the patient has no relief? Not only is that not fair but it just shows how ineffective man made treatments of disease can be. But all of the above symptoms can be treated with cannabis, which not only is a completely natural medicine but has virtually no side effects.


More than half of the people who suffered with fibromyalgia that used cannabis to treat their symptoms said that it helped a good deal (a whopping 62%). Another 33% said that the plant helped a little bit. That leaves a very small amount saying that the cannabis didn’t help their symptoms. With the majority of patients saying that marijuana helped them to feel better, it’s hard to deny the healing qualities of the plant. But with more research like this, letting people know the positive effects of marijuana on patients like those with fibromyalgia. This medicine helps people to live a much more normal life, free from the usual pain.

Cannabis Effective At Fighting Fibromyalgia

Zero Citations For Airport Cannabis

Zero Citations For Airport Cannabis; Stoner News

When cannabis became legal in the state of Colorado, a lot of people believed that the crime rate would skyrocket… But it turns out that it didn’t. In fact, the crime rates actually decreased. It just shows that there are less problems when cannabis is legalized, including crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence. Another huge issue that was believed to happen was a strong influx of people trying to travel with the plant out of the airports, bringing the still-frowned-upon substance to other states. This doesn’t seem to be the case, however, and the way that the things have been going just proves that cannabis isn’t really a problem. At the Denver International Airport, there are signs hung up everywhere stating that there are stiff fines for any person caught with cannabis. Even with the millions of people going through these gates every month, there have been no citations this far. There has also been no cannabis confiscated since the plant became legal back in January. Since that time, there have been ten people that have been stopped trying to take cannabis through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints but when asked to dispose of their weed, the people complied without an issue.



The airport spokesperson for the TSA, Heath Montgomery, said that this means “most people are abiding by the rules and this is not a major issue”. The fine for bringing pot in to the airport is $150 for the first offense and is not a criminal charge but rather an administrative charge under the rules of the airport. In a select few airports, like the one in Colorado Springs, there are boxes in which passengers can ditch their weed without being fined but in Denver, Montgomery says that there just isn’t a need for them. With the number of offenses so small, the airport will continue to handle the situations as they happen and don’t feel the need for additional marijuana security at this time. As most stoners joke, the most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it. If people can buy legal cannabis and smoke whenever they want in the privacy of their own homes, they have no need to disobey rules like taking weed on a plane. Stoners, for the most part, want to be left alone and will follow the rules in order to keep it that way. Since marijuana hasn’t has a hugely negative effect on the airports in Colorado, it can be safe to say that potheads seem to be okay with following the rules.

Zero Citations For Airport Cannabis; Stoner News

Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College


Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College; Stoner News

While most people don’t think of Florida as a really big cannabis state, they’re surprisingly changing our idea of the sunshine state. Not only has the state voted to put medical cannabis on the November ballot, there are talks of Florida being a new spot for a cannabis college. Surprising, seeing as how both Colorado and Washington would be the ideal place for such a school. But Florida is taking huge strides to make sure that it’s citizens can medicate properly.


The college is being set up in the old Garcia Y Vega cigar factory, which is located in West Tampa. This new institution is the idea of Jeremy Bufford, a man bent on educating people in all aspects of cannabis. He says that the school will teach the history of cannabis, along with legal aspects, botany, and pharmaceutical. The class will last a month and students will walk away knowing a lot more important information regarding marijuana and it’s many uses.


Florida officials still need to approve the school but Bufford is already itching to open the doors. Rachelle Roach will be a part of the very first class that will be taught at the cannabis college and she is excited to get things started. Roach already holds a master’s degree in nutrition and believes that marijuana has multiple health benefits. Most stoners know of the amazing benefits that cannabis has for people and an east coast based college would be good for those who want to take the class but live on the east coast and don’t want to move that far away for the duration of the course. The other only cannabis college in the states is the Oaksterdam University, located in Oakland, CA.


Schools like this are very important in teaching more people about cannabis. It’s important that we stay educated. Knowing all that you can about the plant is important and courses such as this may even be offered online someday. Florida will vote on the medical marijuana bill in November and the state hopes to see medical dispensaries by the summer of 2015.

Florida Wants To Implement Cannabis College; Stoner News

Stoner News; Legal Weed Is Coming

Stoner News; Legal Weed Is Coming

The United States is crawling slowly towards the complete legalization of cannabis, one state at a time. After so many years of prohibition, the activists are finally beginning to see the results of their hard work. Regardless of the people who are still trying to speak out against our favorite plant, the progress that we’ve seen in unbelievable. Recently, the Pew Research Center released a survey saying that 75% of Americans believe that recreational marijuana will eventually be legalized. Even those surveyed that didn’t support marijuana legalization admitted that it was coming.

legal weed (1)

In addition, the study went on to say that 69% of Republicans and 79% of Democrats surveyed said that people who are found to possess small amounts of cannabis shouldn’t be jailed for it and that people see cannabis as less of a threat then substances such as alcohol, which is something that we’re beginning to hear more and more. Cannabis support is spreading across all different groups. And whether or not people want it to happen, the legalization of marijuana will happen.

legal weed (2)

Alcohol prohibition didn’t work. Alcohol has far less health benefits then cannabis does and in fact, is repeatedly referred to as the more dangerous of the two substances. But people do enjoy drinking it and if that’s what makes them happy, so be it. However, the cannabis prohibition not only shows how fearful the government and corporations are of losing money, but it hinders the rights of patients everywhere. Every single sick person deserves access to a medicine that will work in the best way possible, with the least amount of negative side effects. With marijuana, there are virtually no bad side effects, besides a danger to your fridge and possible couch lock.


So if alcohol prohibition didn’t work, there’s really no reason to think that marijuana prohibition will work either. As said above, the patients need their medicine. Plus, it’s a plant. People obtain far worse legal drugs and develop addictions, lose their families, and hit rock bottom, without ever even touching marijuana. Legal marijuana can only benefit us as a society, from medicinal aspects to industrial ones. 2014 is expected to be a huge year for cannabis so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Stoner News; Legal Weed Is Coming

Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

legalize marijuana

Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

When a recent poll was released regarding the percent of Americans that supported cannabis legalization, the results were proudly put on display by stoners everywhere. Over half of the citizens in the states want the plant to be legalized, a huge improvement from past years where it seemed as if cannabis was one of the most hated substances around. If there were any that doubted the outcome of this study, they can’t deny the two new studies that have been released that say the same thing.

legalize marijuana

The first poll was conducted by NBC, along with the Wall Street Journal. Their results showed that 55% of those that replied approved of cannabis legalization, again more than half. Even though a quarter of those polled said that they did not agree with marijuana legalization personally, they wouldn’t try to repeal any laws approved by voters or state legislatures. Again, these results are amazingly supportive and just show how much cannabis knowledge has grown in the general population over the past few years.

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In the second poll, done by CBS, 51% of those that responded answered yes to legalizing cannabis, the exact question being “Should marijuana use be legal?” This survey has been repeatedly done over the years since 1979, when the support of cannabis legalization was a whopping 27%. The last time the poll was conducted in April of 2013 showed that there was only 45% that supported legalization. So with a six-point jump in under a year, cannabis is well on it’s way to reworking how people view it.

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Over the year over 2014, we can expect to see huge strides in the progression of cannabis. Support will continue to grow. Another six-point jump in the next year would put cannabis support in the US at almost 60% but most people expect that there will be a lot of positive happenings in the marijuana industry. Even if we could get a couple more states to get on board with medical marijuana, it would give more patients the chance to obtain medicine that they desperately need.

Stoner News; Two More Polls Show Growing Marijuana Support

Stoner News; Easter 2014

Stoner News; Easter 2014

This year, Easter happens to have fallen on April 20th. For those of you that live under a rock, that also happens to be a nationally celebrated pot smoking day, where stoners everywhere do what they do every day… Get high. While not everyone celebrates Easter, those who do (and even some that don’t) will probably be celebrating this year, with sneaky stoner egg hunts where the plastic eggs contain nugs instead of treats… Or maybe you’re just high and the eggs contain treats anyway.

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For the stoners who live around Red Rocks, Colorado, Easter Sunday service will be a little different then the usual worship. While there will be normal masses at the amphitheater, the day will end with an epic concert dedicated to the stoner holiday. The headlines will include Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, with the title of the concert being “Snoop’s Wellness Retreat”. Neither of these rappers has ever hid their love for Mary Jane and even the Red Rocks website references the two as “recreational gurus”. Since weed is legal in Colorado, the concert is sure to be a good time and those who are close are definitely urged to attend, especially if you happened to miss out on the Cup, which will also be held on Easter Sunday.

EASTER1 copy

Stoners may be expecting to get stoned while at the concert but officials say that there will be no smoking allowed while the concert is going on. For most stoners, this isn’t even a concern, with the sneaky ways we tend to smoke these days. Red Rocks Spokesperson Brian Kitts said that they’re going to be doing an awareness campaign, showing the concert goers that cannabis is still illegal and ask for the respect of the people attending that they don’t smoke. But seeing as who the headliners are and the fact that the concert is on 4/20, there is sure to be lots of toking at this epic show.

easter copy

If you are attending this concert, be aware that there will be security at the concert and they will be taking complaints from other attendees regarding the smell of weed or suspicious behavior. Kitts also stated that “there are certain shows that I think are more prone to this, and you know what to expect when you go to those but we’re going to do everything that we can to protect patrons and protect fans.” Everyone would hope that the Red Rocks staff knows what to expect… They’re hosting a concert of two of the biggest stoner musicians on the forever celebrated 4/20. Even with precautions, there is sure to be smoking going on.

Stoner News; Easter 2014

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar

Marijuana is so dangerous!

This is the argument that most stoners here when they admit to smoking marijuana. There’s so study to back up the statement, no facts, just someone who’s been told for years that a naturally growing plant is just plain awful. Not only is their argument not actually an argument, they’re very wrong. As the plant is studied more and more, scientists are releasing some interesting results and the country’s citizens are beginning to realize that marijuana is a benefit, instead of the negative thing that it’s been made out to be.


A survey was recently conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. The poll asked people what they thought were the four most dangerous substances available to people these days. The results were quite unexpected, with the majority of people stating that tobacco is the most dangerous to one’s overall health (49%), followed by the always presents alcohol (24%), which was then followed by sugar (15%). Only 8% of the people who replied to the poll said that they believed marijuana to be dangerous to a person’s overall health.


Some protestors have claimed that marijuana has links to lung and neck cancer, much like the dreaded cigarette. However, not only does marijuana not contain nearly as many carcinogenic substances as cigarettes (rat poison and paint thinner being two of the things contained in those cancer sticks that happen to be sold at every corner store in this country, perhaps the world), but it has helpful effects that improve the human body. Others say that marijuana is extremely addictive but yet that’s another tough argument to prove, since not only is it physically impossible to overdose on marijuana and most people who quit smoking experience minor annoyances as compared to full blown withdrawal effects.


NORML Deputy Director Paul Armtentano stated; “These results once again reaffirm that an overwhelming majority of the American public understand that any potential risk associated with the use or abuse of cannabis are relatively minor to those associated with many other legal and regulated substances. Criminalizing cannabis and those who consume it responsibly is a disproportionate public policy response to what is, at worse, a public health issue but not a criminal justice concern.” Basically, the citizen of this country are waking up and beginning to realize that all they fear in this plant is simply a lie.

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar

Stoner News; Washington DC Decriminalizes Cannabis

Decriminalizes Cannabis 12

Stoner News; Washington DC 

Things are really beginning to change in the world regarding marijuana. With Colorado and Washington setting the bar for the industry extremely high (no pun intended), there’s quite a few other states that are interested in seeing where the road will take us. Even though the laws are still fairly new, there are many states that are rethinking their cannabis laws, including the place where all of the unfair marijuana laws are made, Washington DC.

Decriminalizes Cannabis

Last week, on Tuesday, the city council voted to decriminalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis. Mayor Vincent Gray himself supports the measure and is expected to sign it once it passes his desk. With the current penalties including jail time for up to six months as well as a fine of up to $1,000 for any amount of pot, the decriminalization is sure to cut down on unnecessary arrests of nonviolent “criminals” and let the police pay more attention to pressing matters. The new measure that was passed on Tuesday will only let offenders off with a warning or a $25 fine, a considerably lighter penalty then the previous law stated.

Decriminalizes Cannabis 1

Washington DC is currently the location with the highest arrest rate of marijuana possession in the entire country. Also, according to the Marijuana Policy Project, 91% of the arrests made for marijuana in the district are black, leading many stoners to believe that Washington DC is somewhere to stay extremely far away from. Hopefully with this new measure, the stoners who live in this area of the states will be able to smoke a little easier, knowing that they aren’t in as much of a risky situation as they were previously.

Decriminalizes Cannabis 12

As always, there’s still no real logic as to why the plant is illegal. It is a plant, something produced by nature. The legalization laws that are happening, while somewhat beneficial, are still very new and unsure. Remember to pay attention to state laws when traveling and to remember that not everywhere is as welcoming as Colorado, California, Washington, and other states that are beginning to allow the use of cannabis for everyone. 2014 is going to be a huge year for the cannabis industry and the snowball is already rolling pretty fast, for it only being March. Just wait and see what else this year holds for our good friend Mary Jane.

Stoner News; Washington DC Decriminalizes Cannabis

Stoner News; Cannabis And Blindness

Stoner News; Cannabis And Blindness

There are many illnesses that cannabis assists with and even cures. With new studies being introduced every day that prove the healing benefits of the plant, it’s hard to deny the healing capabilities it provides. Recently, it has been discovered that cannabis consumption may actually assist with blindness. The reason that the plant helps to prevent blindness in patients is directly related to tetrahydrocannabinol consumption, which has the ability to slow down the advancement of a genetic eye condition that leads to loss of vision, sometimes completely.


This new information comes from a study published by researchers at the University of Alicante, located in Spain. The study’s finding resulted in the discovery that THC specifically has the potential to fight the disease mentioned above, the name of which is retinitis pigmentosa. Affecting one out of every 4,000 citizens in the United States (according to the US National Library of Medicine), this disease causes the degeneration of the cells in the retina, causing the sufferer to experience extreme issues with their eyesight and sometimes even causing permanent blindness.


Retinitis pigmentosa has no cure as of right now but due to the finding of the researchers at the University, they are saying that THC might be a valid treatment for those who are dealing with this retinal degeneration. The study included injecting rats who had been infected with the disease with a synthetic THC compound. Within 90 days of the start of the treatment, Dr. Nicolas Cuenca said that his team found that the rats who had been injected with the synthetic THC had 40% more photoreceptors then rats that didn’t receive the same injections. Dr. Cuenca went on to say that the data they acquired definitely suggests that cannabinoids can be used to postpone the advancement of retinitis pigmentosa, hopefully saving some people their vision when dealing with this disease. More studies must be done of course, before cannabis can be proven to fight this affliction.

Stoner News; Cannabis And Blindness

Canadian Stoners Get A New Medical Program


Canadian Stoners Get A New Medical Program

For those of you up there in Canada, get ready to get blazed! The government is about to start a $1.3 BILLION free market in medical pot on Tuesday. This means that there are an expected 450,000 Canadians will get a supply of high quality medical bud. This will phase out the older medical system up in Canada, where there was a lot of different quality weed from small, homegrown operations. By creating this new program, there will be consistency with the quality of the pot and less of a chance that the weed will end up on the black market.


Canadian stoners will now receive weed from large green houses and health inspections will produce, package, and sell the weed for whatever price deemed fit by the market. The only bad thing about the new program is that private grows will no longer be allowed. Basically, the Canadian government is going to start mass producing weed and even allowing imported pot from other countries.

While this may seem positive, I know that there are people who aren’t going to be happy with this new program. I’ve heard and read of a lot of stoners saying that they don’t approve of straight on legalization for this exact reason. If the government is mass producing weed, they control all aspects of it. It’s a general kind of weed. All of it will be exactly the same. Which when you think about it, that kind of sucks. Always smoking the same makes it boring.

The benefit is that a lot of patients that need the marijuana will be able to get their hands on it. More people will be able to get the pot because there will be so much of it to go around. It’s good for patients and that’s definitely the most important thing. It does suck that marijuana may possibly become a corporate product. No matter what the governments do, stoners are still going to grow their own, whether it be in closets or in their backyards.

Canadian Stoners Get A New Medical Program

Families Moving To CO For Epileptic Children

Families Moving To CO For Epileptic Children

CBD has been shown to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy. Unfortunately for parents, the medicine that their children need isn’t always available since cannabis is still illegal in most states. In order to solve this problem, there have been many families that have completely uprooted and moved themselves to Colorado in order to get their children the treatment that they need. This is exactly what Mark and Maria Botker did for their daughter Greta, a seven year old suffering from epilepsy that has been on multiple medications prescribed by doctors, on strict diets, and she’s even had brain surgery. The poor child was having 15 seizures a day since she was 5 months old, a disorder that prevented her from walking, talking, and feeding herself.

epilepsy treatment stonerdays

Greta’s parents had tried everything in their power to make their daughter better and when nothing worked, they turned to cannabis to help their daughter. Maria and Greta went out west, while Mark stayed with their two other children in Minnesota. The two parents alternate spending time in Colorado so that they can see their children and even though they’re split up, Mark and Maria say that it’s worth it. For $600, Greta receives her cannabis treatment and is taking only two medications, as compared to the previous five. Not only that but she’s down to just four to six seizures a day, a vast improvement.

There are many families that are moving to Colorado, as there are a lot of states that haven’t approved the cannabis plant for child use or ban the use of concentrates. Since Colorado allows legal cannabis for everyone and is really the only place that a child can be prescribed the plant, it is a safe haven and a glimmer of hope for those parents who have a child that is suffering from epilepsy. Considering that the alternatives include powerful sedatives, brain surgery, and sometimes even medicines intended for animals, there is absolutely no reason why marijuana should be ruled out as a treatment for children with epilepsy. There are no negative side effects and thanks to the strain Charlotte’s Web, the low levels of THC do not let the child get stoned. It definitely needs to be studied more but cannabis should definitely be considered as a treatment for this disorder.

Families Moving To CO For Epileptic Children

Cops Befuddled By Stoners Yet Again

Cops Befuddled By Stoners Yet Again

Vaporizers are a great way to get stoned on the go. The portable ones are small and inconspicuous, the perfect tool for a sneaky stoner. Designs like the Cloud allow us to appear to be smoking just a regular e-cigarette. We’ve gone a bit further in our sneaky ways, however. Stoners have managed to fool cops even more by putting cannabis in actual e-cigs.

The cops in Nassau, NY are beginning to catch on to our plans. They’ve begun to search the cartridges of e-cigarettes found on people charged with drug crimes. When someone is busted for drugs in this area, the e-cigarette is sent away for testing to determine if it contains cannabis or not. Whether you’re smoking a Cloud or just a normal e-cig, be prepared to get stares from local law enforcement. Since the e-cigarettes are legal, officers can’t do anything until you do something wrong.

Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, who heads the narcotics unit in Nassau County, as well as a New York Assemblywoman who tried to ban e-cigarette sales to minors, both had really great things to say about our good friend Mary Jane. Smith stated, “For young people, marijuana is a gateway. The next thing you know they’re doing acid, molly, and even heroin. I don’t like that people are giving it a pass.” I’m not familiar with the geography around Nassau County but they must be incredibly secluded from the rest of the modern world. The gateway theory has been thrown so far out the window that it landed in the next town over. The Assemblywoman also had some wisdom to contribute, saying “Once you try e-cigarettes, you can become hooked on them, move on to cigarettes, and then move on to other drugs.”

Both of this people are supposed to be respected, well informed members of the community. But yet neither of these people makes any sort of valid statement regarding the cannabis industry, let alone their crazy waste of money plan to test every cigarette confiscated. The tests must cost money to perform right? And yes, they do have to test it to verify that it’s marijuana. I don’t know if that’s a failsafe for the law, who might not know what cannabis products look like but it seems like an extreme waste of money. While the rest of the world advances towards cannabis legalization, it seems that Nassau is stuck in a time warp.

Cops Befuddled By Stoners Yet Again

Cannabis Carrying Cat Gets Busted


Cannabis Carrying Cat Gets Busted

It’s common knowledge that stoners love pets. Dogs, cats, bunnies, whatever. For some reason, the pets are always a staple in a smokers life. However, it’s quite unusual for the pets to be the dealers, right? Someone decided that their furry feline friend would be the perfect cover to covertly deliver marijuana to a prison in Moldova, to an inmate inside.


This cat has been sneaking in and out of the prison through a small hole in the fence for a while now, apparently. Before being discovered, no one had thought that the cat was doing anything other than wandering. However, when the guards noticed that the cat’s collar looked a little weird, they decided to inspect. Their efforts didn’t go unpunished, as the cat was carrying two small bags of marijuana around it’s furry neck.

While animals are definitely an awesome companion for any age stoner, using them to transport cannabis really isn’t the best idea. It is pretty awesome that this particular cat has been infiltrating this prison on multiple occasions to deliver marijuana to the people inside. Cats are extremely smart and I’m sure that the owner, who hasn’t been caught, is proud of the intelligence of their feline friend.

Other cats have been busted for helping out inmates as well. There were two other cats that got caught this year carrying in cellphones and digging tools taped to their bellies. One of the cats got found in Russia and the other in Brazil. I’m sure that with this new development on the intelligence of felines, there will be a larger amount of trained jail-breaker cats popping up all over the world. Either way, animals need to be treated well. What I can say is that the fact that the cannabis and the tools were found externally on the animals, at the least the people utilizing this idea aren’t about hurting the animals.

Cannabis Carrying Cat Gets Busted

Stoner News – Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son


Stoner News – Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son

People from all over the country are moving to places where medical marijuana is available for their children. There are hundreds of kids that suffer from seizure disorders and as more people try, it seems that cannabis is an excellent cure for the attacks these children suffer from. The cannabis that the kids are given is extremely low in THC and very high in CBD, the substance that fights cancer cells, as well as other diseases. There have been multiple families picking up their belongings and moving to Colorado and Washington in order to get treatment for their kids. But the parents of a 5-year-old in Phoenix are filing a lawsuit against the state in order to get medical marijuana extracts for their son, who suffers from seizures.

Jennifer and Jacob Welton live in Arizona, where the law says that patients can allow patients to eat anything “prepared with dried marijuana flowers”. The parents of this boy have been putting crushed marijuana in the boy’s applesauce and it seems to have been working. Unfortunately, a recent surgical procedure on the boy’s brain has compromised his ability to eat properly and the applesauce trick isn’t working as well anymore. The young child’s parents believe that if they can get legitimate extracts, it will drastically help their son improve.

This family pushing for their state to allow the extracts is a huge step for the medical marijuana community. Instead of running to another state, they’re taking a proactive stand because they believe that their son can benefit from the plant. People need to recognize this. These people (and all who use marijuana) are not criminals. We just realize that this plant has power and that we should be using it. This family believes in cannabis and they’re not running from the law. They’re standing up for what they think is right.

Everyone that has any open-mindedness knows that cannabis is not the problem; the ignorant people are. If we try to keep educating these people, they can’t ignore us forever. The cannabis movement is a huge one. As more people begin to stand up to the authorities and say yes to cannabis, other people will follow. Those who are still against cannabis are those who have been brainwashed for decades . It’s up to us to change their minds and make a difference, like the Welton family.

The Stonerdays team wishes good luck to this family in their fight to get medicine for their boy. Good for them for standing up for themselves.

Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son

Stoner News; Players Will Smoke

nfl stonerdays marijuana

Stoner News; Players Will Smoke

The NFL has recently been torn over the good old subject of Mary Jane. Since there are states that now say that the plant is not illegal, people are beginning to speak up against the fact that players can lose their contracts over a little bit of THC. There are players dropping left and right because of the league’s strict laws. It’s about time that the players begin to speak up for themselves and put up a fight for their right to smoke cannabis, whether it’s recreational or medicinal.

ryan clark stonerdays

Ryan Clark, a player on the Pittsburgh Steelers, spoke about NFL marijuana use on ESPN’s show “First Take”. Clark stated that while he doesn’t indulge in marijuana, he would be a fool to think that his fellow players didn’t. Setting aside the fact that both Colorado and Washington deem marijuana as legal (the NFL regulations state that the players aren’t allowed to use illegal drugs), players could benefit hugely from using the plant. The interview with Clark went on to speak about the use of opiates and pain medication, with him saying that the players would rather use the plant and risk the consequences of that before using pain killers like Vicodin and opiates. Since drugs such as those have such a high addiction rate, it seems pretty logical to replace them with something less harmful.

nfl stonerdays marijuana

Marijuana is a natural way for players to relieve stress as well as manage pain. Concussions, broken bones, and torn muscles are only the beginning for these athletes. They deal with constant fatigue and strain. Ingesting marijuana can help with the pain, keep addiction rate low, and keep the players relaxed in their down time, leaving them to save their energy for game day. There are even coaches that are on board with marijuana use in the NFL. Coach Pete Carroll, who heads the Super Bowl champions, said that he agreed with the league’s proposal to investigate the benefits of medical marijuana for the team players.

NFL marijuana stonerdays

Players definitely deserve to be able to take the same medicine as citizens. Marijuana isn’t a performance enhancing drug, therefore should be available for the players to use. As said above, the injuries sustained are sometimes quite severe and marijuana can help players avoid the downfall of addiction to hard drugs. While Commissioner Roger Goodell kind of brushes off the possibility of removing marijuana from the banned substance list, the future of marijuana and cannabis looks pretty bright.

Stoner News; Players Will Smoke

Stoner News; UK Cannabis Death Seems Unlikely

Stoner News; UK Cannabis Death Seems Unlikely

Cannabis enthusiasts are well aware that in order to overdose on marijuana, one would have to consume about 1500 pounds of the plant in less than fifteen minutes in order to over dose on THC and even then, it’s more likely that one would die from oxygen deprivation. Researchers to this day have not been able to give animal test subjects enough THC to kill them so the actual amount needed to kill is still unknown. Unfortunately, reports surfaced today that there may have been a cannabis induced death in the UK but there is much speculation as to what really happened.

fokpxvy5 copy

According to the Telegraph article that was posted, Gemma Moss, age 31, was found dead in her room after she allegedly smoked half a joint of cannabis the night before to help her sleep. When her blood was tested, it came back positive for THC, which makes sense since Moss was using cannabis to help her sleep. The coroner reported, however, that there were no out of the ordinary conditions with the woman’s vital organs. Out of the numerous articles I read on this woman’s unfortunate passing, not one could give a definitive cause of death. The coroner ruled the death as a cardiac arrest, caused by a marijuana overdose.


As stated before, cannabis has an extremely low toxicity. It’s widely known that we have receptors in our brain to process THC. Moss is said to have had a history of past hard drug abuse, as well as prescription pills. She had also smoked cannabis numerous times before, in much larger doses and never experienced any sort of health complications, let alone dying. Since Moss had been taking so many drugs for depression and anxiety, one could assume that those are the drugs that killed her and that the cannabis just happen to be smoked. For all we know, the cardiac arrest was inevitable due to complications caused by the pills that were being taken.


The UK is not a very 420 friendly place. In fact, there are more reported “cannabis poisonings” here than anywhere else. In the mid 1990s, there were five deaths officially called cannabis poisonings. When the deaths were later re-examined, it was found that they died from inhaling vomit and the death was not caused by cannabis. There was also a young man who managed to commit suicide while under a psychiatric watch at a hospital. His parents blamed his cannabis smoking as the cause for his desire to kill himself (I went on to read that there had been other patient suicides allowed at this particular hospital, as well as a long history of difficulty that didn’t really include cannabis for the young man) So while Gemma Moss’s death is sad, it’s difficult to believe that it was only attributed to cannabis. Out of all of the people in the world that are smoking cannabis, it seems unlikely that the only cannabis deaths would just happen to occur in the UK.

Stoner News; UK Cannabis Death Seems Unlikely

Stoner News; Florida To Put Medical Marijuana On November Ballot

Stoner News; Florida To Put Medical Marijuana On November Ballot

It looks like the east coast is seriously making moves to catch up with the west. Stoners in Florida have been working incredibly hard in order to gain signatures needed to qualify a medical marijuana measure for the ballot this coming November. The Sunshine State’s Supreme Court just narrowly approved this, giving Florida residents the chance to vote on whether or not marijuana will be allowed for medical patients. This court’s vote was the last hurdle that the measure had to overcome in order to make the ballot.


Florida’s Supreme Court ruled by a 4-3 margin that the summery of the proposal that’s going on the ballot was clear, even though some Republicans led by the Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi claim that the wording is misleading. Despite protests from this group, citizens will be able to make their own choices. Other states aren’t so lucky and their laws aren’t voted on but instead decided for them by government officials. The ballot in Florida states that patients suffering from debilitating illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, and Parkinson’s, which apparently wasn’t clear to the three justices that voted against it.


The medical marijuana proposal does still face a tough obstacle. The amendment will also share the ballot with the two people running for Governor of Florida. Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, doesn’t back the medical marijuana bill. His opponent is Charlie Crist, who was previously governor and Republican but now supports legalizing medical marijuana. It is suspected, however, that Crist backing this amendment is a Trojan horse and that he will not support the measure if voted in to office.

Quinnipiac University conducted a pol in November which showed that a whopping 82% of Florida voters support medical marijuana, providing that doctor recommends the plant as a treatment. Only 16% said that they would vote against medical marijuana in the state of Florida. In the same poll, it showed that 48% would vote in favor of legalizing small amounts of cannabis to be possessed by an adult. The slightly smaller opposition ended up totaling at 46%. Hopefully, Florida will see a medical marijuana bill pass and the patients there will be able to get the medicine that they need.

Stoner News; Florida To Put Medical Marijuana On November Ballot

Stoner News; New Hampshire To Vote Again On Legal Weed

Stoner News; New Hampshire To Vote Again On Legal Weed

As cannabis support spreads like wildfire through the east coast states, New Hampshire has been in the news a lot due to the House of Representatives passing a through a bill that is in support of legalizing cannabis. This is a first for any state to have the House pass the bill so the spotlight has been focused on New Hampshire. It is this week that the House Ways and Means Committee will vote on measure and this will decide if the bill will even reach the governors desk. The bill has already gone through a great deal of obstacles and faces many more before becoming a reality for New Hampshire citizens.


New Hampshire hasn’t been prominent in the cannabis industry. The small state doesn’t even possess dispensaries but as there are primarily young people residing here due to the large amount of schools, it would seem that (if put to a vote at least), the state would become next on the list of legalization. Since the measure isn’t being voted on by the people, it is going to be up to the decisive hand of Maggie Hassan, the current governor. Hassan has claimed that she will veto the bill if it crosses her desk, a severely hypocritical move since she has been supportive of adding more state liquor stores to the highways in New Hampshire, as well as producing the states own line of vodka.

APTOPIX Mideast Israel Medical Marijuana

Hassan isn’t thinking of the needs of the people. In addition to being a youthful state in certain parts, there are also a good amount of seniors, who could benefit from just medical if that was allowed to pass. Since the state is so small, a cannabis model would surely bring in a considerably large amount of revenue. The bill that is being considered now would allow up to an ounce to be possessed by those 21 and older, a designed based on the plan set forth in Colorado. If New Hampshire were able to scrape this bill to success, they would be the next east coast place (Portland, Maine did it first) to legalize cannabis, while being the very first state. Keep your fingers crossed for New Hampshire this Thursday, when the House Committee will vote.

Stoner News; New Hampshire To Vote Again On Legal Weed

Stoner News; January 1st Approaches

Stoner News; January 1st Approaches

The new year isn’t going to just change the last few digits on the calendar. January 1st marks the day that Colorado and Washington will allow the sale of legal cannabis within state lines. Anyone over the age of 21 will be able to purchase cannabis in specially licensed stores. The government officials, dispensary owners, growers, and stoners are itching to get their hands on the first legal buds sold in the United States.

Legal Sale Of Recreational Marijuana Begins In Colorado

Legal marijuana isn’t only going to create a huge explosion in marijuana based revenue but in tourism as well. Since these two states are the only ones that allow legal cannabis, there are people traveling from all over the place in order to smoke the best tasting weed that they’ve ever had; completely legal. Even those that don’t really smoke want to be around for the opening of the market, just for the sake of being there. This day will be a huge marker in the history of the United States and hopefully lead other states to follow in these positive footsteps.


With staggering revenue numbers of medical marijuana reaching $1.4 billion in 2013, you can only imagine how much more money will be flowing once people can smoke just to smoke. The projected numbers for 2014, with the added benefit of recreational cannabis will cause the number to grow by 64%, bringing revenue to $2.34 billion in 2014. With insanely large profits like this, it’s difficult to imagine that no one wanted to legalize cannabis sooner. If every state in the US was producing and distributing cannabis and pulling in $2.34 billion? There is a huge sum of money to be made in recrational cannabis.

Marijuana Legalization

Colorado will allow 348 licensed shops to sell up to an ounce of weed to those 21 and over. In Washington, the state authorities received almost 4,000 requests for marijuana related business licenses. The legalization is hoped to drag cannabis out of the black market area, giving it a more positive and uplifting image as compared to it’s terrible reputation now. Adam Raleigh from the marijuana supplier Telluride Bud Company had this to say;
“Give it six months, and when other states see that the sky didn’t fall and the revenue we are producing, I believe this will spread just like gay marriage did (which is now legally allowed in more than a third of US states). You can’t just stop the will of the people.”

Stoner News; January 1st Approaches

Stoner News; 2013 In A Nutshell

legalize marijuana stonerdays stoner

Stoner News; 2013 In A Nutshell

Cannabis had a big year in 2013. There were multiple laws passed, events that happened, and people that emerged on the scene. New strains were bred and joint rollers took their skill to a whole new level. Cannabis infiltrated social media and started to snowball, gaining support from people who normally wouldn’t think twice about the plant. Here are some of the greatest cannabis related events that happened in 2013.

1. First US High Times Cannabis Cup

hightimes cannabis cup 2013 stonerdays

This was a huge deal for the stoners in the States. Most stoners didn’t think that they would ever be able to attend a Cup event since there had never been one before in the US. But since Colorado, Washington, and California have relaxed their marijuana laws so much, High Times held the first ever US Cannabis Cup this year on April 20th.

2. Colorado, Washington, & Portland, ME Legalize

stoner legalize marijuana stonerdays

These three places are the first to fully legalize the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Colorado and Washington did it first, followed closely by the city of Portland, Maine, which was a defining event that put the East Coast on the map in regards to cannabis. Colorado and Washington put their legal cannabis action in to effect on January 1st, 2014.

3. Uruguay

People participate in so-called "Last demonstration with illegal marijuana" on their way to Congress building in Montevideo

While some states in the US legalized the plant, the country of Uruguay is taking huge strides. The country passed a legalization bill that fully allows citizens to smoke weed whenever they want. The government in this country has finally realized that by legalizing marijuana, they stand to greatly decrease the amount of crime and black market activity. With prices of a gram as low as $1.00, people think that Uruguay is really on to something.

4. Cannabis Support Passes 50%

legalize marijuana stonerdays stoner

The amount of Americans that support the legalization of cannabis soared past 50% this year, reaching a whopping 58%. Americans seem to think that cannabis should be legalized for adult consumption, with this number being the highest ever recorded.

5. Lung Cancer Myth Is Squashed

marijuana lung cancer myth stonerdays

For a long time, anti cannabis protesters have claimed that smoking cannabis leads to lung cancer, much like the dreaded cigarette. Inn 2013, that myth was put to rest when UCLA investigators conducted their study showing that there is no association of lung cancer with the chronic use of the plant. The risk of lung cancer to marijuana smokers is the same as those who don’t smoke.

6. Congress Members Introduce Legislation To Rule Out Feds

Medical Marijuana Activists Protest Recent Raid On Northern CA Pot Farm

February 2013 was when members of Congress put forth HR499, or the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. This would remove cannabis from the control of the DEA (FINALLY) and allow the Department of Treasury to give out licenses to marijuana producers and distributors. Congress unfortunately refused to vote on HR499 but it ended up being the most viewed legislation on the Congress.gov website in 2013.

Stoner News; 2013 In A Nutshell

Stoner News; Two Pot Smugglers In One Day


Stoner News; Two Pot Smugglers In One Day

Smuggling drugs in to prison can bring in a huge profit for those willing to take the risk. However, no one at Stonerdays recommends that you try to sneak drugs in to a prison. It’s an especially large risk that one woman attempted to try to sneak almost $10,000 worth of hash in to a prison in California, disguised quite cleverly as a a bag of Corn Nuts. Another (separate) woman attempted to sneak hash in to a prison with the cover of a bag of Skittles. Brilliant, right?


Christina Walker, 28, took her 3 year old child to visit convicted murderer Eden Mangram on Sunday afternoon. She walked in to Calipatria State Prison, carrying a bag of Skittles and a large wad of bubblegum stuck to her teeth. Since gum is banned in prisons due to it’s suspected ability to jam locks, Walker was asked questions by the prison officers. Her attitude was enough to arouse suspicion and the cops searched her purse. They found nine baggies of pot, wrapped in colored cellophane, totaling at 10 grams. Walked was taken to a nearby jail and booked on suspect felony charges and her child was handed over to CPS.

Later that day, at the same prison, Angelina Chavira went to visit a different convicted murder, Dat Nguyen. While visiting, the two were acting odd and the staff searched the pair, yielding the Corn Nut bag. Closer inspection of the candy revealed that it contained 23 grams of hash. Chavira was booked in to the prison immediately and the hash was confiscated by the guards.

Considering that prison is one of the hardest places to get your hands on drugs, the hash has a staggeringly high prison value, with the 10 grams of cannabis totaling out to be a whopping $2,300. The hash on the other hand, ended up being valued at $10,350 in jail, almost ten times the value on the street. That’s an incredible amount of profit for such a small amount of the plant. But remember, smuggling cannabis in to prison is definitely not worth the risk of getting caught. You better just smoke it yourself instead.

Stoner News; Two Pot Smugglers In One Day

Stoner New; Seattle Decides Punishment For Public Cannabis Consumption


Stoner New; Seattle Decides Punishment For Public Cannabis Consumption

With cannabis becoming legal in one state after another, the laws are being built as quickly as possible. Some of them don’t make that much sense (the Nasal Ranger has to be the silliest way to catch cannabis users EVER) while others seem to be just a tad over the edge (confiscating e-cigs and getting their contents tested at labs). The most that lawmakers can do is compare cannabis to alcohol and put forth somewhat of the same rules. January 1st is the day where the purchase of marijuana becomes legal in Washington and Colorado so there’s not a lot of time to lay down the law.

seattle stonerdays

Seattle has decided on a punishment for those who feel like they can smoke in public. Marijuana smoking in public is looked at as the same way as drinking in public. And in Seattle, the steep reprimands for swigging a beer in public is a whole $27, which is the same fine that smoking in public will bring. This is a considerably welcome punishment, considering that in some states, you can go to jail for years for just possessing a single gram. I’m sure that 99% of stoners would take the $27 fine over any other marijuana related punishments.


Not only that but the police in Seattle are thinking that they’re not really going to be giving these tickets out. At the worst, they’ll be giving out warnings. The department even wants to avoid giving out public smoking tickets and that, in most cases, the stoners will have to actually WORK to get the ticket. So basically, if you plan on smoking in public, don’t be a jerk to the cops when they bust you in Seattle and nothing is really going to happen. Remember, most cops would much rather deal with stoners than drunks so as long as you’re polite and respectful, chances are you’re not going to get in that much hot water. Finally, cannabis has the police on it’s side!

Stoner New; Seattle Decides Punishment For Public Cannabis Consumption

Stoner News; Colorado Introduces Marijuana Tracking System

Stoner News; Colorado Introduces Marijuana Tracking System

Big Brother is constantly watching the citizens of… well… everywhere. It’s not a secret that someone can (at any time) access the GPS on your phone and know exactly where you are at any time. Or they can read your texts from a remote location. Even if you don’t believe that, you have to admit that the introduction of smart phones wasn’t just for the convenience of the consumers.

mits stonerdays

Now, Colorado officials are revealing their plans for a system that will track the sale of marijuana… And people are not happy. MITS (or Marijuana Inventory Tracking System) is designed to keep tabs on the sale of marijuana in Colorado after January 1st. The Denver Post had three reasons why this tracking system will create a huge headache for those attempting to keep track of the weed sales.

Credit card with dollars

– Since the stores don’t accept credit cards, all transactions will be done in cash. This means that there can be money vanishing, being shorted, and in some cases, adding up to too much of a profit. Cash businesses are usually primarily bars and restaurants, where the employees get tipped. Dealing in a medical environment with all cash and no credit will end up getting extremely confusing for the regulators to audit.


– Every single gram of bud must be accounted for and the regulators take the weight very seriously. Unfortunately, since marijuana weight can vary day to day based solely on small factors like humidity, this will be an extremely painful and arduous process. And you thought trimming was a pain…


– The amount of cash and pot that will overflow to the black market will be very carefully regulated. But we all know how sneaky criminals are. If there are people who want to sell marijuana on the streets, it’s going to happen, ESPECIALLY if there are too many regulations put in place.

The lawmakers need to understand that with something like cannabis, where the plant needs no human interaction (unlike tobacco and alcohol) to be ingested, it is extremely difficult to regulate. No matter what regulations are put in to place, there will always be a criminal side to cannabis because the government has made it that way. Not only that but patients have made it very clear that a system such as MITS is the absolute invasion of patient privacy. Since every gram needs to be accounted for, every patient will be tracked for how much they buy, how often, and from where. Does that sound fair to you?

Stoner News; Colorado Introduces Marijuana Tracking System

Stoner News; Massachusetts Wants Legal Cannabis

Stoner News; Massachusetts Wants Legal Cannabis

Cannabis has been decriminalized in Massachusetts. However, the activists in this east coast state are really pushing for legalization of the plant. The primary goal of these cannabis loving activists is very simple; legalize marijuana and get it up to speed with tobacco and alcohol, hopefully to someday surpass those two much more harmful substances.


The Bay State Repeal group is putting the proposal to legalize on the ballot in 2016, first testing the waters by putting nonbinding referendum questions on next years ballots, to see where the citizens stand on the marijuana movement. These questions will gather data on whether or not the measure will pass when the voters receive the final ballot in 2016. And while cannabis has been decriminalized in MA, there are some towns that aren’t upholding that law, saying that it has too many loopholes. The current law in MA states that a person who possess up to an ounce of cannabis is subject to a $100 fine.

The only argument that naysayers seem to have is the gateway drug route, one that is really starting to get old. Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgette stated that there is “medical information that is irrefutable that kids who start smoking marijuana are more likely to have substance abuse problems as adults”. People can use this excuse as many times as they want… It still won’t hold water. If marijuana leads individuals to harder drugs, it is because the person is a) extremely susceptible to peer pressure or b) have an extremely addictive personality and shouldn’t dabble in things they believe they may become addicted to. Self control is required in order to avoid sinking in to addiction. Marijuana is a medicine, not a drug.

It was last year that Massachusetts passed a medical marijuana bill in an overwhelming landslide. The bill would allow up to thirty five dispensaries across the state. There is a list of around 100 applicants that the health officials released and they hope to give out licenses to the chosen applicants next year. It would be great if Massachusetts legalized marijuana. Not only would more patients be able to get medicine and we would be one more step closer to a fully legal US, but it would put the east coast on the map in the cannabis community.

Stoner News; Massachusetts Wants Legal Cannabis

Stoner News; Smoking Before Age 18 May Cause IQ Decrease

minors smoking weed stonerdays

Stoner News; Smoking Before Age 18 May Cause IQ Decrease

Marijuana is probably the most useful plant on this earth. It has medical and industrial value and can help almost every single person to lead a happier, healthier life. However, research is beginning to show that unmonitored marijuana use as adolescents can lower a person’s IQ later in life. Considering how fragile the brain can be while in this stage of development, this statement may be somewhat valid and teens should be careful about their intake of marijuana.

minors smoking weed stonerdays

A study released in 2012, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy os Sciences, studied more than 1000 New Zealand teenagers who began regularly smoking cannabis before age 18. These smokers shows an eight-point drop in IQ between age 13 and 38, which turns out to be a considerable decline. Since the average IQ is 100 points, a drop of eight points would mean a fall from the 50th percentile to the 29th in terms of how smart that person is. A decrease from 50% to 29% is considerable.

minors smoking weed stonerdays

The reason that growing minds, specifically those in adolescence, are so susceptible to this oddly negative effects of marijuana is because of a chemical called myelin. This is thought to be somewhat of an insulation for the cells present in the brain. Myelin also helps speed brain signals along. Since the frontal lobe doesn’t finish it’s myelination until around age 25. Before age 18, the brain is at it’s most susceptible state, where the brain passages and cells are minimally coated in this necessary chemical.

minors smoking weed stonerdays

Comparing this study to others is nearly impossible because this is the only study that has established a baseline IQ before the subjects started smoking marijuana. The base IQ is key to a study like this, as the results wouldn’t really change if the study began after the user had already started smoking. Cannabis is a huge benefit. But much like alcohol, sticking an age limit on it makes sense. The development of the brain is crucial to the rest of your life so holding off on regular cannabis smoking until age 18 really isn’t that bad. Don’t be the spacey stoner stereotype!

Stoner News; Smoking Before Age 18 May Cause IQ Decrease

Stoner News; G-Day Approaches In Colorado

marijuana legalized in denver, colorado stonerdays

Stoner News; G-Day Approaches In Colorado

G-Day (Or Green Day, not to be confused with the band) is almost upon us, the day which marks the open marijuana market in Colorado. With the day only three weeks away, dispensaries are preparing for the onslaught of cannabis craving stoners when the plant finally becomes legal. Now you’re surely wondering where the issue would be with this situation. Lawmakers in Colorado have begun to worry that the amount of weed that is available won’t be able to fill the demand of the public once the legalization is official.

marijuana legalized in denver, colorado stonerdays

In an event that will genuinely rival Black Friday, lawmakers are not only concerned about the shortage of buds, but at the actions that some people will take. Since Colorado has been seeing record low temperatures so far this year, people lining up for hours in the cold to get their hands on legal weed could pose a problem, not to mention a serious health risk. The legalization goes into effect on January 1st, 2014 at 8am. The Denver city officials suspect that people will be setting up tents outside of the pot stores in order to get first dibs on the newly legal plant. Unfortunately, even though the list of permit requests is numbered over 100, there will be an estimated twelve recreational dispensaries open in Denver when legalization takes effect.

marijuana legalized in denver, colorado stonerdays

Dispensaries will be in chaos. Not only citizens of Colorado will be there. There are chartered busses that will be bringing cannabis tourists in to the city to enjoy the newfound freedom. The marijuana in these dispensaries will only be purchasable by cash, which raises concerns for the security of the dispensaries. Marijuana is not cheap and a lot of cash will be exchanging hands on this day in Denver. Another issue is that there are dispensaries that will be open but not licensed to sell recreational use. Officials believe this will cause a good deal of confusion among some of the cannabis tourists expected to show up.

marijuana legalized in denver, colorado stonerdays

Colorado has spent six months developing every aspect that they could of legalizing and regulating the plant. From childproofing the packages the cannabis comes in to rules while driving high, they feel like they’ve covered everything, even though they’re on totally new ground. Much like the country of Uruguay, the world will be watching Colorado very closely on January first and hopefully, stoners in that area will keep it civilized and calm. For those who do plan on camping outside the pot stores and waiting for them to open, please dress warm!

Stoner News; G-Day Approaches In Colorado

Stoner News; Pro-Marijuana Ads Go Mobile in Portland, Maine

metro link marijuana adds stonerdays

Stoner News; Pro-Marijuana Ads Go Mobile in Portland, Maine

The New England states have been a much less talked about subject in the move towards marijuana acceptance. Maine and Vermont especially. The Marijuana Policy Project has decided to take it a step further. The project bought $2,500 worth of mobile ad space on the sides of busses and are going to turn them into positive, marijuana ads. This seems like it would be a great idea, since alcohol vendors are allowed to advertise EVERYWHERE. Marijuana can produce more money so why can’t the green be shown to citizens?

The campaign does exactly what it should do; it spotlights the fact that alcohol is okay while marijuana isn’t. Of course, while the ads aren’t anything explicit and resemble something that would be seen on the wall at a doctors office, the anti-drug crusaders are all over it. Kate Perkins, a spokesperson for the anti-drug group called 21 Reasons told WCSH News that it’s “highly inappropriate to be promoting pro-marijuana message in a place that has a large audience of people under 21.” So keeping kids in the dark is better than them knowing the issues presented in the current world? I’m sorry but I can’t help but shake my head at anti-drug logic sometimes.

metro link marijuana adds stonerdays

November 5th marks a day that may change Maine history and open the doors to much GREENER possibilities. It’s this day that Question 1 will be presented to voters. This initiative says that recreational pot use would be allowed in Portland for adults. Maine already allows medical and this measure would allow everyone to get stoned in Portland. How could you argue with that? I’m already packing my bags, since Mason Tvert, communications director from MPP thinks that the measure will pass.


Looking at the ads, they are not offensive, nor do they blatantly broadcast marijuana use. They don’t even have photos of the plants on them. The ads depict normal looking people, paired with quotes and slogans that are pro marijuana. While I understand that Portland is a smaller place, there are far more offensive billboards and ads in Times Square and magazines. You’re going to tell me that a billboard on a bus that promotes a healthy lifestyle choice is worse than the supermarket magazines that scream headlines about domestic violence and how so-and-so got married for half a day.

marijuana adds stonerdays

I get that parents want their kids to stay away from drugs. I grew up with a cop for a parent, so trust me I know that parents worry about their kids. But there’s a difference between worry and isolation from the real world. Marijuana legalization becomes a larger possibility every single day. What are the anti-drug groups going to say when marijuana becomes legal? Will they explain it to their children as an abomination? Or will they be able to muster the courage to speak to their children about the BENEFITS of marijuana, rather than the negatives.

Stoner News; Pro-Marijuana Ads Go Mobile in Portland, Maine

Stoner News – Lady Gaga’s Cannabis Addiction

lady gaga smoking weed stonerdays 1

Stoner News – Lady Gaga’s Cannabis Addiction

Celebrities. They’re so annoying, with the extreme amount of sway that they have over people. Even more annoying is when they say something stupid… Really stupid. Like the interview that was released with Lady Gaga, stating that she was addicted to marijuana. The interview said that she smoked fifteen to twenty joints a day to help her cope with a hip injury that caused her to cancel her Born This Way Tour. Unfortunately for stoners everywhere, Gaga went on to say “I have been addicted to it and it’s ultimately related to anxiety coping and it’s a form of self medication”.

lady gaga smoking weed stonerdays 1

There are stoners that get really cranky when they run out of bud, which is totally understandable for patients. But there are no withdrawal symptoms or crazy mood swings. A cranky attitude is a far cry from the terrifying effects of a heroin withdrawal. However, only a total of 9% of people who have smoked marijuana actually become addicted to it. Other substances have much higher numbers, like alcohol at 15%, heroin at 23%, and nicotine at 32%.

lady gaga smoking weed stonerdays

With celebrities having such a huge say in culture, this interview may cause issues for the cannabis community. Maybe not law wise but since a lot of the younger generations are brainwashed by things in the media, it’ll be harder to convince the youth about cannabis. While they can’t vote yet, they do need to understand the benefits of cannabis so that when they do come of age, they can vote with an informed opinion. People that are constantly in the spotlight, like Lady Gaga, need to be careful about what they say. Even if she still supports marijuana, she’s making it seem like it’s a very negative thing. “Addiction” is not a good word and shouldn’t be used if possible. There are plenty of other phrases and terms to use instead, ones that aren’t so negative.

Stoner News – Lady Gaga’s Cannabis Addiction

Stoner News; Bad Day For Dabs


Stoner News; Bad Day For Dabs

It has been a controversial subject if dabs are okay to consume or not. While this “new” craze involves inhaling concentrated THC in the form of a waxy substance, it is still being decided if partaking in dabbing is harmful. I can tell you one thing; making it is harmful… More specifically for those who don’t feel the need to educate themselves on how to PROPERLY obtain BHO themselves without buying it from a professional. Stoners everywhere should be educated on the correct way to make butane hash oil, before trying it in their kitchen and ending up like the poor young adults mentioned in this article.


As most extractors know, you do not try to create BHO in an indoor environment (ie. your kitchen). Too bad for two Modesto residents who weren’t informed of this fact when, on Friday morning, they blew their apartment up trying to make oil. One of them was sent to the hospital due to burns he obtained during this brilliant act. What makes this situation even worse is that there were three children present in the apartment while the adults were cooking. Dupree Galindo, 22, went to the hospital with burns from the explosion while his counterpart, Deanna Brown, 23, called a friend to come pick up the kids before police arrived.


While anyone who’s educated in the subject of dabs would understand that this is a mistake that uninformed people make, anti-legalization advocates use events like this to give the marijuana movement a bad name. This is a huge setback in our cause. While obtaining BHO is a great way for some patients to get relief from their symptoms, it is at the point where those against us are using these accidents as a weapon; claiming that now marijuana is like meth and that makes it just as dangerous. Marijuana obviously isn’t as dangerous as meth, nor does making oil have to be compared to an awry meth cook.


If you’re going to try to make your own oil, I suggest you research very far in to it before pioneering off in to something that you don’t fully understand. By educating ourselves and others on this process, hopefully we can prevent more people from being hurt and the movement from being tarnished. It looks even worse for us when kids are involved in incidents like this. We want people to look at us as responsible citizens that productively contribute to society, not as silly young kids. While I hope that the two arrested for this incident are out of jail soon, I do hope that it teaches them a lesson of sorts. Please, everyone, be responsible! 🙂

Stoner News; Bad Day For Dabs

Growers Busted For (Almost) Grow Op in Ireland

Growers Busted For (Almost) Grow Op in Ireland

Growing marijuana is a serious pain and anyone who has grown knows this.


There are so many things that can go wrong, it’s amazing that this weed can be called that. Usually weeds grow wherever, whenever, and under ANY conditions. I’ve never grown a plant that was more of a pain that a pot plant. You have to feed them, make sure that they’re not stressed, and most importantly, weed out the males if you’re trying to get buds.

Brent Miller

Over in Ireland, a group of unfortunate gang members managed to get their grow op busted and raided by police. That’s obviously never a good situation but it gets even better. The brilliant gang members had forgotten a key part of growing; make sure you can recognize the gender. All of the plants in the gangs growroom were MALE. Authorities, after searching the place, said that there wasn’t enough flower to make a single joint.

Now, cannabis just happens to be a plant that blatantly broadcasts its gender. The male cannabis plant will develop small sacs under the branches, where pollen is stored. The females grow the little buds, which eventually grow in to the flower. This particular raid was said to contain plants that had been growing for over a year. The growers had done almost everything right, besides completely spacing the fact that you can only smoke parts from the female plant.


If you’re going to grow weed, as I keep saying, you have to do it right. I’ve given it a shot. It’s difficult! I give a lot of credit to the growers who do this for a living and who deal with hundreds of plants a day. I genuinely feel bad for these growers, as not only did they get busted but they really screwed up their operation and make themselves look even worse. Sorry you got busted, guys! Next time make sure the plants are ladies! 😉

Stoner News; Marijuana Breathalyzers

Stoner News; Marijuana Breathalyzers

California is next on the list of states to legalize cannabis. This is great news, except for their extreme concern for DWS or “driving while stoned”.

Now, testing for alcohol is one thing. Alcohol is an extremely dangerous inhibitor that not only causes people to see multiple objects instead of one but can also cause random fits of rage and passing out. Driving while intoxicated is a terrible idea. But anyone who has driven while stoned knows that it’s nowhere near as terrifying as driving drunk.


There needs to be a lot more research done in order to produce a machine that will be able to tell the level of “stoned” that a driver is. This presents a huge problem though. Since every person reacts to the intake of THC differently, not to mention the different levels of being stoned. This means that it won’t be as effective as an alcohol test, says Gabriel Reeves, who works at the Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose. So if it’s not effective, why would we bother putting money in to it?


Washington has an implemented “legal limit” for marijuana users, since the plant has been legalized completely there. Their ruling states that the THC content in the drivers blood must be below five nanograms per milliliter of blood. Exactly how does one test that on the side of the road? Blood work like that seems like it would need a lab to develop it and actually be able to tell if the person is too stoned to drive. And as mentioned above, every patient needs a different amount of marijuana to go about their daily functions. At what level would it be fair to say that a person is too high to drive?


Recently, I wrote an article regarding a study done at Columbia University saying that cannabis using drivers aren’t really that dangerous anyway. In fact, the study showed that cannabis users had a considerably lower risk of being involved in a fatal crash as compared to other drugs tested (including alcohol). If people are allowed to take Ativan and drive, then cannabis should be no question. And as for those who have driven stoned, they are familiar with the heightened attention to details, care for the speed limit, and the awesome feeling of not being in a hurry. Driving while using cannabis is something that definitely needs more research but it is my personal belief that driving while stoned is probably the safest medicine to be driving on.

Stoner News; Marijuana Breathalyzers

Stoner News; Google Earth Gets Grow Op Busted

Stoner News; Google Earth Gets Grow Op Busted

Technology is something that all of us use to our advantage… Right? In most cases.

Mexican marijuana

But the idea that we’re being spied on is a constant nagging in the back of our minds. Our phones are equipped with GPS tracking and who knows where our texts go besides the person in the “To” line. It’s a creepy thought but for most people, nothing will happen. Unfortunately for Curtis Croft, this was not the case.

Croft had a large grow op in Oregon, where cannabis is legal for medicinal reasons. In the state, a person with a medical license is allowed to grow up to 30 plants. That’s an extremely large amount of marijuana in the first place. But Croft, who has been growing for long before the legalization, was busted with a whopping 94 marijuana plants on his land.

Mexican marijuana

Since Google Earth isn’t constantly updated with new photos, the authorities had to verify that the plants were there. They were discovered that the plants were all still there, arranged in perfect rows. After confirming the existence of the grow operation, the authorities raided the farm and confiscated the plants. The raid happened last month and Croft is now facing drug charges.


It’s a bummer that Google happened to be the downfall of a grower who was probably providing a lot of medicine to a lot of patients. It’s important to remember things like Google Earth exist and if you get snapped in a photo on there, it’s there for a while. There are entire galleries full of hilarious photos of people getting busted doing things that they really shouldn’t be doing. If you’re growing your plants outside, make sure that you’re below the legal limit.

Stoner News; Google Earth Gets Grow Op Busted

Bieber Toking Up Yet Again

Bieber Toking Up Yet Again!


We all know who Justin Bieber is… He’s that annoying little twerp that sings annoying pop music that unfortunately plays everywhere. He’s also the one who got pegged in the head with a water bottle while performing onstage at some music event. No one really likes his music except for prepubescent girls so why would I bother writing about him? Well it seems that our good buddy Bieber is turning in to quite the rumored stoner.

It first started in January when a picture appeared on the web of the pop singer smoking a blunt with a bunch of friends. The photo blew up and people were pretty pissed… Especially all of Bieber’s minions. But people quickly got over it and life continued until July, where Bieber’s tour bus got busted at the Canadian border for carrying pot. Bieber didn’t get busted but again, everyone was pretty angry.

And now, this! Bieber’s private jet pilot said recently that when Bieber and his friends pulled up in their SUV for a coast to coast flight, some straight up “Cheech and Chong smoke” billowed out. It was apparently so bad that the pilot wanted to put on an oxygen mask! Justin and his friends refrained from toking up while in flight but apparently, Biebs was so high that he had a hard time signing his credit slip for the flight.

Celebrities probably smoke double what any of us do. With their high profile lives and obnoxious rules to live by, they definitely need a way to wind down. What better way to do it than cannabis? While I don’t personally care for Justin Bieber and I think his music is terrible, I think that he should straight up say “I smoke pot… It is what it is… I like it.” It doesn’t matter what celeb is toking up… They should be proud to be a stoner and lobby for legalization! Their influence is huge with the media and an outburst of celebrity potheads speaking out would be a huge help!


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Bieber Toking Up Yet Again!

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