Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar

Marijuana is so dangerous!

This is the argument that most stoners here when they admit to smoking marijuana. There’s so study to back up the statement, no facts, just someone who’s been told for years that a naturally growing plant is just plain awful. Not only is their argument not actually an argument, they’re very wrong. As the plant is studied more and more, scientists are releasing some interesting results and the country’s citizens are beginning to realize that marijuana is a benefit, instead of the negative thing that it’s been made out to be.


A survey was recently conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. The poll asked people what they thought were the four most dangerous substances available to people these days. The results were quite unexpected, with the majority of people stating that tobacco is the most dangerous to one’s overall health (49%), followed by the always presents alcohol (24%), which was then followed by sugar (15%). Only 8% of the people who replied to the poll said that they believed marijuana to be dangerous to a person’s overall health.


Some protestors have claimed that marijuana has links to lung and neck cancer, much like the dreaded cigarette. However, not only does marijuana not contain nearly as many carcinogenic substances as cigarettes (rat poison and paint thinner being two of the things contained in those cancer sticks that happen to be sold at every corner store in this country, perhaps the world), but it has helpful effects that improve the human body. Others say that marijuana is extremely addictive but yet that’s another tough argument to prove, since not only is it physically impossible to overdose on marijuana and most people who quit smoking experience minor annoyances as compared to full blown withdrawal effects.


NORML Deputy Director Paul Armtentano stated; “These results once again reaffirm that an overwhelming majority of the American public understand that any potential risk associated with the use or abuse of cannabis are relatively minor to those associated with many other legal and regulated substances. Criminalizing cannabis and those who consume it responsibly is a disproportionate public policy response to what is, at worse, a public health issue but not a criminal justice concern.” Basically, the citizen of this country are waking up and beginning to realize that all they fear in this plant is simply a lie.

Stoner News; Weed, Less Harmful Than Sugar