Stoner News – Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son

Stoner News – Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son

People from all over the country are moving to places where medical marijuana is available for their children. There are hundreds of kids that suffer from seizure disorders and as more people try, it seems that cannabis is an excellent cure for the attacks these children suffer from. The cannabis that the kids are given is extremely low in THC and very high in CBD, the substance that fights cancer cells, as well as other diseases. There have been multiple families picking up their belongings and moving to Colorado and Washington in order to get treatment for their kids. But the parents of a 5-year-old in Phoenix are filing a lawsuit against the state in order to get medical marijuana extracts for their son, who suffers from seizures.

Jennifer and Jacob Welton live in Arizona, where the law says that patients can allow patients to eat anything “prepared with dried marijuana flowers”. The parents of this boy have been putting crushed marijuana in the boy’s applesauce and it seems to have been working. Unfortunately, a recent surgical procedure on the boy’s brain has compromised his ability to eat properly and the applesauce trick isn’t working as well anymore. The young child’s parents believe that if they can get legitimate extracts, it will drastically help their son improve.

This family pushing for their state to allow the extracts is a huge step for the medical marijuana community. Instead of running to another state, they’re taking a proactive stand because they believe that their son can benefit from the plant. People need to recognize this. These people (and all who use marijuana) are not criminals. We just realize that this plant has power and that we should be using it. This family believes in cannabis and they’re not running from the law. They’re standing up for what they think is right.

Everyone that has any open-mindedness knows that cannabis is not the problem; the ignorant people are. If we try to keep educating these people, they can’t ignore us forever. The cannabis movement is a huge one. As more people begin to stand up to the authorities and say yes to cannabis, other people will follow. Those who are still against cannabis are those who have been brainwashed for decades . It’s up to us to change their minds and make a difference, like the Welton family.

The Stonerdays team wishes good luck to this family in their fight to get medicine for their boy. Good for them for standing up for themselves.

Parent’s File Lawsuit To Get Extracts For Their Son