Cannabis Effective At Fighting Fibromyalgia

Cannabis Effective At Fighting Fibromyalgia

Even though there are still people who don’t believe that cannabis can cure anything (ahem, like the government), there are studies being released daily that prove that the plant is indeed an extreme help to the human race. Recently, a study was released that surveyed a group of 1,339 people that suffer from the disease fibromyalgia. The survey was conducted by the National Pain Foundation and revealed that the people who have been using cannabis to treat the symptoms of their affliction are finding is considerably more effective then the other three drugs that have been approve by the FDA to fight fibromyalgia.

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Yes, you read that last sentence right. There are only three drugs that are approved to fight this condition, which leaves the sufferer experiencing deep tissue pain, serious depression, lack of sleep, extreme fatigue, and bad headaches. Cybalta, Lyrica, and Savella are the only available treatments and most patients report that the pills don’t actually help any of their symptoms. So out of three medications, the patient has no relief? Not only is that not fair but it just shows how ineffective man made treatments of disease can be. But all of the above symptoms can be treated with cannabis, which not only is a completely natural medicine but has virtually no side effects.


More than half of the people who suffered with fibromyalgia that used cannabis to treat their symptoms said that it helped a good deal (a whopping 62%). Another 33% said that the plant helped a little bit. That leaves a very small amount saying that the cannabis didn’t help their symptoms. With the majority of patients saying that marijuana helped them to feel better, it’s hard to deny the healing qualities of the plant. But with more research like this, letting people know the positive effects of marijuana on patients like those with fibromyalgia. This medicine helps people to live a much more normal life, free from the usual pain.

Cannabis Effective At Fighting Fibromyalgia

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