Cannabis & The Yoni Women’s Health Part 1

Cannabis & The Yoni Women’s Health Part 1

The woman’s most sacred space. A tiny complex center that brings life into the world. Thousands of nerve endings bringing both pain and please. For more than half of us. It Is

something unknown. We know it as the women’s birthing center. And for the lucky ones we know this is our most powerful weapon. Knowledge brings power. And this Is for the woman.

Starting at ground zero. The vagina. The most known word to the odd shaped thing between your legs. Vagina’s different from woman to woman. Embrace your shape. Whatever the shape may be. Other known words are. Pussy, Box, Kitten. The vigina is the small tunal that goes inside your body it is not the entire part.

●  Vulvia
●  Clitoris
●  Labia minora – majora
●  Uritha vahina (introus)

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Each part holding an important role and carries it down never endings. Where you can experience pleasure if stimulated correctly. The vulva is the external Parts its what you can physically see without a mirror. It’s the flaps of skin that hang loosely in between your legs. The Purpose, protecting the inside of your sacred yoni. Clitorsits only function is for pleasure. Labia Minora & Mjora. We have 2 sets the outside has pubic hair and the inside.

The clitorus hood covers the clitorus. Either you can pull it back or leave it during masturbation or sex. Both can give different stimulation. The vagina is the opening hole where a woman menstruates gives birth known as the birth canal and receive penetration. Inside the vagina we have the infamous G-spot. A small knob that hangs down about 2inches inside on wall facing the stomach. This can promote squirting. A clear liquid that comes out of the vagina, Not the urine track. The G-spot can be stimulated by inserting your finger

and making a come here motion. Each part of your yoni can be stimulated for sexual pleasure with the right rub and tug. You can come into full climax. Just takes practice and self exploring.

The yoni is a self cleaning oven. Discharge on your panties may be an uncomfortable conversation to have over a cup of coffee. But it happens to every woman. Discharge tells you a lot about what’s happening inside your yoni. If she’s happy, sad, stressed. A yeast infection or UTI (urinary tract infection). Your period is also a great way to tell how healthy you and your yoni is.

●  Brown/black – Old blood – Its seen more at the beginning or the end.
●  Dark red- Seen at the end of your period
●  Bright red – From of infection also can be seen in pregnancy spotting normal not to be concerned about.
●  Pink blood – Mid cycle/ ovulation can be a sign of low estrogen
●  Orange – Implantation spotting or infection
●  Gray – Infection or miscarage Period tracking is a fantastic way to understand your cycle. You can also keep note to how you are feeling each week. On a monthly cycle each week represents what is happening to your body.

Week 1 (day 1 -7) ​- Estrogen bottoms out. More desire to rest.

Week 2 (2 days after week 1)​ – Up beat sharper in memory high rise in estrogen high stamina high libito skin can appear glow-like (like a woman’s mating call)

Week 3 – ​Lethargicirritable Pre – pms – Short and intense sudden rush of hormones

Week 4 -​ Shedding of your lining.

Back 6,000 years ago. 2000-1400 BC Scythians used cannabis in steam baths. 420-200BC the Greek Romans used it to relieve labor pains. Still we use cannabis to relieve stress, pains. Whoopie Goldbeurg teamed up with business partner Maya Elizebeth and created Whoopi & Maya Synergy. Cannabis infused products to help women relieve painful menstruation pain.

PH level of your yoni

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Normal level is 3.8-4.5. An unbalanced PH level can cause order, irritation and BV ( bacterial vaginosis). Yoni steaming is created by blending a series of herbs together to help clean the reproductive system (yoni). Sitting on a vagina stool (stool with an opening) or squatting over. The infused mixture is an all natural, nurturing stream to help balance your PH level. As well as give the nutrients your yoni needs. Drs have said that cannabis to the vagina does not harm it. Blown directly on the vagina or steamed can stimulate the nerve endings. Making sex more pleasurable . A small dose to the genitals can help you getter a deeper relaxation. Many herbs like Rosemary, Lavaneer, Basil are already well known herbs that contain minerals that our body needs.

(Endocannabinoid for cannabis and the woman reproductive system is the focus of next in the next paper. We will be learning the ECS system and the Reproductive system.)

● Menstruation

● Menopause

●  Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

●  Boostin womans sex levels


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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Is a hormonal disorder that impacts the reproductive system. There is evidence to support that using cannabis can help your endocannabinoid system by preventing and treating PCOS and helping to maintain hormones and prevent cysts.

Cannabis and sexual health

Ancient India would incorperate cannabis in trantric sex. Instead of smoking it they mixed it amongst other herbs into a drink called bhang. The THC helping conect to the spirtual rhelm of sex.connecting with their partner. In the 1930s Russian women would use it to help relieve pain when consummating their marriage. Mixing it with lamb lamb fat. And enjoying it as an aphrodisiac


Substance that increases sex drive when consumed. Fruit can be classified as an aphrodisiac. Strawberries, Bananas, Peach. There are foods that carry the chemical makeup geared to create simulation in your reproductive system. Weed lube is another way to get the relaxation you may need without smoking it. Applying lub onto your yoni can help ease any tenstion when reciving sex.

Writer: Megan