6 Essential Facts to Know About Marijuana Edibles Before Indulging

Marijuana edibles are cannabis-infused foods like CBD gummy bears containing activated cannabis. However, you need to be cautious about them because as much as they can be helpful to patients to deal with issues like pain, it might not be a good idea to take them for recreational purposes. Why? Some people experience some side effects after taking edibles. That’s why you’re supposed to know everything about them before using them.

Here are things to know before indulging in edibles:

  1. Marijuana Edibles Are More Likely to Cause Need for Medical Help Compared to the Inhaled Form

Dr. Andrew Monte, a toxicology and emergency medicine specialist, found out in his recent study that ER visits caused by marijuana edibles were higher than expected by up to 33 times. This study shows that people are taking edibles excessively even though they aren’t as common as inhaled marijuana.

Inhaled and edible marijuana contains a similar active ingredient which is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The inhaled type leads to lung damage, which explains why most people are choosing edibles with a mix of foods like cookies, CBD gummy bears, and drinks because they don’t affect the lungs. Also, it explains why people are taking them in excessive amounts for the same reasons above.

  1. Marijuana Edibles Can Have Scary Side Effects

Some people experience some adverse side effects after taking marijuana edibles. The symptoms include:

  • Red eyes.
  • Anxiety and paranoia.
  • A dry mouth.
  • Excessive drowsiness.
  • Racing heart.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Delusions and hallucinations.

According to Dr. Andrew Monte, marijuana edibles make people start freaking out. He adds that edibles can be more toxic compared to the inhaled forms of marijuana, and the nature of their effects is psychiatric.

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Some people take all the edibles they have before catching their flights, and the high hit them right before they get to the plane or at the security check which ends most of them in emergency rooms.

Marijuana can lead to even more severe effects if combined with steroids. Edibles cause anxiety and paranoia. Steroids, on the other hand, also cause anxiety but with a higher intensity. You can, therefore, imagine how much stress combining the two can cause. You can use CBD oil for anxiety as it gives relief to people suffering from stress and similar symptoms.

6 Essential Facts to Know About Marijuana Edibles Before Indulging

  1. The Recommended and State Allowed Dosage for Marijuana Edibles Is 10mg

Monte’s study shows some people take the required dosage and still get adverse side effects like feeling sick and anxious. He, therefore, doesn’t recommend people using it for recreational purposes. However, if you’re trying them, ensure you start from 2.5 to 5 mg and see how you respond before thinking of taking more.

Another thing to remember is not to mix marijuana edibles with alcohol or any other drugs. It is common for experienced users who take marijuana with a vaporizer for recreational purposes to mix drinks with other forms of marijuana. You shouldn’t try that with edibles. It’s always advisable to use the best dry herb vaporizer for the consumption of dry marijuana.

  1. Start Small and Take It Slow

Marijuana edibles affect people differently; hence, don’t compare yourself with the effects it has on someone else. It might take almost four hours for you to start feeling high after taking edibles. One common mistake that new users make is, they keep taking the edibles when the high doesn’t hit immediately.

They later start feeling high after a few hours, which makes them feel overly sick and anxious and then ends them in emergency rooms.

You might experience lethargy, fatigue, and headaches the day after overdosing edibles. Most users who have experienced high dosage say they felt like their moving and thinking was a little bit slower the following day after they took edibles in excess compared to regular days.

  1. You Should Eat Before You Take Them

It is common for people, especially users who take other forms of marijuana to rush to the vapes before they can even get some food. The effects might not be very harsh on them, but for edibles, you must eat before taking them or else you’ll experience even more severe side effects.

Think of marijuana edibles as those types of medications you’re usually told to have after meals. Therefore, before taking a medicated brownie, eat first.

  1. Dogs and Kids Accidentally Ingest Marijuana Edibles

One thing that toddlers and dogs have in common is they both put anything they come across in their mouths. Edibles smell and taste good as they come in the form of candies, cookies, and gummies like the CBD gummy bears, Therefore, it can be tempting for both kids and dogs to eat them which can lead to some serious side effects.

Marijuana edibles are useful when you take them in the right dosage. Therefore, always remember they have serious side effects, and one should take with caution.



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