Plastic The Slippery Slope To Nowhere Part 2

Plastic; The Slippery Slope To Nowhere

Part 2 – Hemp


Hemp are cannabis strains containing 0.3% THC or less. There are 3 different primary species. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Ruderalis. Hemp has over 50,000 uses. Textiles, building materials and body care are only a few of its categories. Hemp has what they call a “locking system”. It’s reducing the greenhouse effect, as it grows the plant will absorb carbon


Henry Ford

“​Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent

of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields? Hemp became legal in Canada 1998 – 1994. At this time, It became known that it could be grown in Canada and a different entity then cannabis. The trade association believed that if cannabis became legal. The hemp industry could see sales matching cannabis. And farmers could see a growth from 80,000 2018 – 450,000 by 2023​. It makes sense. With Canada’s plastic hull on a quick slippery slide to nowhere. Countries around the world eliminating the use of plastic.

Why can’t we just have hemp or biodegradable containers.

What is hemp – Short and sweet. It’s a strain of cannabis specifically grown for industrial use found in the northern parts of the world. Looking exactly like cannabis plant and is one of the fastest growing plants. The cost of hemp is about 50-17 cents for a pound. Plastic costs the environment a whooping 75 billion dollars a year. Plastic taking 500 years plus to disintegrate into the earth. Hemp just seems like a good idea. Although production for hemp at our alarming rate for the need of plastic, we may have to pay a higher price for hemp but. Knowing these few things about hemp makes it a happy pay increase.


1) It doesn’t take 500 years plus to disintegrate. Hemp plastic takes about 6

2) Hemp plastic is not toxic Plastic contains 3 toxins

  • Phthalates plastic softener. BPA & BPA subsidies
  • Hormone disruptor
  • PVC – releases over 6 chemicals into the earth and into our body’s

3) Hemp could save endangered animals ( it’s not releasing any chemicals into the earth and water and disintegrates in 6 months or less. Turtles have a fighting chance at survival) While the Canadian government and environmental officials work on a new and improved system on how to deal with this alarming plastic disaster. We all can do our part by educating others on the proper ways of recycling. Talk to the shop owners on the positive benefits of using hemp plastic ( it takes a village to raise a baby). Buy less plastic. Spend the extra and save a turtle.

Writer: Megan

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