7 Activities That Go Well With Your Weed

7 Activities That Go Well With Your Weed

There might be a chance that you’re here because you’re stoned AF and you forgot what you wanted to do. These 7 weed activities will definitely jog your memory. Perhaps you have a plan to get stoned tonight or this weekend and you’re looking for new and interesting things to enjoy with your weed. But what could you do that’s not the usual such as watching a movie and laughing it off? Being high can be a great opportunity to try and do something completely crazy (and definitely NOT dangerous). Weed can thus create an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Without further ado, these are the things that you could do while high:

Playing games

Playing games is an activity that we always enjoy, so there’s no need for us to be high to play board or PS games. However, what you could do is try and get stoned before opting for this step, if you want to discover the other side of playing games. Not only can it be incredibly hilarious and eye-opening, but it’s definitely an activity that will last very long, so you have your night settled. Apart from that, the state of mind while you’re high can make the whole experience even more atmospheric, which is definitely an experience of its own.

Doing arts and crafts: Weed activities

It’s not a secret that our creativity levels go through the roof when we’re stoned, so it would be a great idea to document them in some way. If you’re an artistic person, you can always find a great DIY project and get your hands on it. Of course, even if you’re not an artsy person, this could be great fun. Film yourself doing the DIY project and laugh your ass off when you’re sober.

Hitting the beach

It’s for a good reason that Lana Del Rey wants to get high on the beach, high on the beach, high. We would love that too as there is nothing more peaceful than being stoned and listening to the waves crashing. Swimming while high is also a great activity, but you definitely have to be extra careful. If you trust yourself, perhaps you might want to go to the next level, and go snorkeling while stoned. The only thing that you need (apart from your joint of course) is a high-quality full-face snorkel mask that will stay on your face while you’re underwater, high under the sea. It might sound like a very dangerous activity. If you have somebody by your side, it could be a great experience. After all, mixing nature with nature cannot be bad, can it?


Even though this is an activity that is always present, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention it. Talking while high is probably one of the main reasons why we get high in the first place. Come on, all the bullocks that we come up with? Since the chances of you not remembering anything you talked about are very high, it would be a great idea to write them down. A quick tip: make your discussion topic the way dishwashers work, and ask around to brainstorm ideas. Then, watch the video. Your mind will be blown.

Going to the cinema to watch a horror movie in 3D

Come on, don’t you want to do these weed activities like, right now? If you like getting scared, then this is the perfect activity for you, but you can also choose an adventure or action movie if that’s what rocks your boat. Anyhow, choose a great horror movie (it would be a great idea to read all the reviews beforehand as some horrors are not that scary), and then find a 3D projection. It’s going to be a great experience, trust us. The best people for weed activities are your friends. Your homies are also stoned, or perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend? This is up to you, but you should definitely make this an item on your bucket list.

Visiting the art museum

This is an activity that’s always very interesting, especially if you’re into art and culture. First of all, you will definitely understand art better, and secondly. Since you don’t like at all, this will be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to say that you went to an art museum or gallery. Two birds with one stone, yeah?

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Going to the circus

This sounds random, doesn’t it? However, the circus can be extremely mind-blowing if you hit your bong beforehand. Of course, finding a good circus might be a bit challenging, so you can wait on this option a bit. When you see that there’s a good circus nearby, light your bong, take a couple of puffs and simply enjoy the amazing show.

You might want to save the one that sounds the most interesting to you for the next 20th of April. All of these are amazing experiences, so try to do at least a couple of them and you will see. After all, getting high is always good no matter the activities, but why not have the whole package? Hey, have a great time! Perhaps we’ll see you there.