Cannabis Quarantine: Things For Stoners To Think About

Cannabis Quarantine: Things For Stoners To Think About

Quarantine- A state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.

Verb- Impose isolation on a person, animal, or place.

(From the Original Oxford Dictionary)


A definition that makes you quietly consider why the American people and others are being subjected to this piece of the english language and evolving into completely different entities…evolving nonetheless.
Chronic calms the creatures within amd triggers focus. All progressive stoners should keep this in mind and meditate on it DAILY.

Making the Nation beyond great again takes great effort from the masses. Being a “productive member of society” has absolutely nothing to do with what you do in your down time, but everything to do with your creativity in the hours you feel inspired.
Paint the flag whatever colors you choose, all of them if it suits you. Practice putting your patriotism to the test and celebrate the NWO with Jack Herer in your lungs and pride in your heart.

” We the people hold these truths to be self evident”… Etc etc etc…
Use this time to exercise the rights given to you but more importantly owed to you for the sacrifices made for your family/country. Paid for with the THC drenched sweat from the very fabric of your being.

Confined spaces is not a recipe for confrontation, and remembering your freedom is key in your ability to show love. Receive it in a way that can be receptive to all or a vast majority instead of only a select few.
It’s a fact that truth needs no friends. Stonerdays has both truth and down ass riders to Call on for positive reinforcements. Always stand firm in your truth and if it comes down to an issue of your mental well-being… Fuck it mask off.

Sweet Mary Jane has been helping you unlock hidden treasures disguised as thoughts for eons, so please don’t have her stop now. With blunt in tow and smiles in a little green tube. We have the mysteries of the universe in our top or back pocket, so depression has never been our vice.

Staying to yourself and close to home with family is the only vibe our ancestors cherished. Think of this quarantine era as a homage to our forefathers for their sacrifice. The cultivation of killer buds of ganja as well as hemp fields for miles.
What you are witnessing is far from the end; but only the beginning.