Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World: The Simpsons

Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World: The Simpsons

There are few things in this weed world that we can call timeless and have it be a literal statement. This is most definitely the case when talking America’s most beloved stoner cartoon/television family; The Simpsons.

They started a phenomenon and captured our attention as well as our hearts from the very start, beginning with the opening credits and theme music. Different variations of the people we’ve come to know and love. Ranging from holiday themes to just down right other dimensional. If one thing is for certain the entire city if Springfield, ESPECIALLY The Simpsons was getting substantially higher than the rest of us. The creator chose to show us a view of Springfield first and foremost from the clouds. Seemingly an obvious proclamation, or at the least a high ass innuendo.
I’m sure some of the dank heads reading right now have spent HOURS trying to understand and decipher as well as chatting in forums or even recalling the times you’ve witnessed these yellow bellies predict the future. Most pot smokers refer to this as the Nostradomas effect. Inserting key points and secret locations that only become clearly relevant in years to come.
Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World: The Simpsons
Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World: The Simpsons
Deep levels of thought occur when Mary Jane is your best pal, and the chronic has you so intensely aware you actually become the pineal gland you’ve worked so diligently to open. Scholars could argue that one might be able to pin- point future events if blitzed enough.
Thanks to the hard working immigrants that built this great nation the Quick-E-Mart was born. It’s a corner store, liquor store, Bodega, and hang out spot that is clearly King of all things munchies monster. Apu is just the loving family man and entrepreneur for the job and although stern with the customers , never fails to show himself as team Springfield all the way. From hot dogs to donuts and brews, all ages come to the Quick-E-Mart for supplies and all leave satisfied.

StonerDays Presents Cartoon Classics in a Chronic World

Life would be incomplete without Homer Simpson. DOH!!! Doh is short for doja, and when in turmoil of course that’s who you turn to. He represents the stereotypical stoner, one who refuses to engage in physical activity or be removed from the jaws of couch lock. Homey eats, breathes, and lives in front of the boob tube. Homie never takes a moment to think. He also displays traits of a loving husband and father that has flaws and vices no doubt, but is filled with genuine love regardless..

Homer hits the Doobie Right before kissing Bart, Lisa, and the murdering Maggie then climbs in bed with wife Marge. And lastly letting out one last MMMMMM….GANJA.

Being lost in a chronic cartoon means a D.U.I. is no longer relevant. No trippy Simpsons feature would be complete without mentioning Otto. The infamous bus driver with the hots for Miss Mary Jane. This tie dye wearing smoker has been spotted on many occasions. Emerging from the drivers seat swaddled in a cloud of smoke.
Blazing blunts and choking on dabs and bowls is what we do best, and quality televisions is what the Simpsons brought us to accommodate that great feeling. Thank you Matt Groening, you are now and will forever more be appreciated.