Pot Head

Stoner Dictionary | Pot Head

Pot Head: noun 1. a person who habitually consumes marijuana on a daily basis

Example: “I smoke weed every day and am proud to be a pot head!

To be or not to be a pothead? That is the question. Nowadays, to bare the name pot head is a badge of honor and should be worn proudly. If you have someone calling you a pot head then it means that you have the privilege of smoking sweet Mary Jane, and pretty often at that. A pot head is a continuous and frequent user of marijuana. Someone who you will see stoned more often than sober. While too much of anything is never a good thing, that is for the pot head to decide. Many have tried to turn this into a derogatory statement against the men and women of all ages who like to revisit a state of being high, claiming that all pot heads do is get high. In fact, this is originally what the term pot head was created for, placing judgement on those who smoke pot all the time by those who do not (also known as squares). Realistically though, we all know that this cannot be true. There are bathroom breaks, food and liquid breaks, jobs, and all the accumulated time it takes a pot head to find things that they have misplaced and/or forgotten. Whew! That sure sounds like a busy day. Seriously though, being a pot head is an awesome choice and as for those who haven’t tried it, they are majorly missing out.

Pot heads are more complex than they seem.

There are many subsets of pot heads beyond your stereotypical snack munching couch potato. There is the creative pot head who feels he or she can only create true art or literature when under the influence of marijuana. Whether it acts as a source of inspiration or breaking through that writer’s block, the creative pot head needs his or her muse, and that is Mary Jane. There is also the medicinal pot head, who has to stay consistently stoned to get through an average day. Some people who are less fortunate in their health must medicate frequently throughout the day to relieve their pain so that they can carry on with their daily lives, happily and unhindered. Everyone deserves to live a pain-free life, regardless of whether you are a pot head or not. The most common type of pot head is, of course, the recreational pot head. This pot head does not have medical condition nor is he or she an artist of any kind. They simply choose to be high the majority of the time because they like the way it feels. That is the beauty of being a human, we have the power of choice. Sometimes they want to smoke with friends, sometimes they want to smoke because they had a long day, or sometimes they want to smoke just because they want to smoke. Whatever the reason, whoever the pot head, embrace it! Marijuana is a gift that never stops giving and we all have the right to enjoy it as little or as much as we want. POWER TO THE POT HEADS!