Stoner Dictionary | Male

Male: noun 1. the sex of marijuana plant that is not harvested for consumption

Example: “I bought a batch of seeds and was pissed when they were all males.”

Useless, good for nothin’, no bud havin’! Hey, hey hey, how about we take it easy on our guys here. Male marijuana plants do not produce the marijuana buds that we love to smoke, but that does not mean that they’re destined for the trash.

 It’s fact that male plants do not produce pretty green smokable buds, but they do still contain THC!

That’s right, the male counterparts still contain THC in its leaves and flowers, it’s just much less than that of a female. With that being said, in the event that a grower encounters a male plant they will most likely use the leaves and its trimmings to make cannabutter. The male cannabis can make for a tasty high treat but still take one or two males worth of plants to get your cannabutter potent. A female plant can have as much as 20% THC content in its flowers while males only contain about 3%. Still people use them to make hash and many other edible forms. Males play a very important role in marijuana society and deserve more credit for the green delicious outer space butter they bring to the dinner table.

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