Stoner Dictionary | Swisher 

Swisher: noun 1. a nickname for a brand of cigar called Swisher Sweets

Example: “I rolled a fatty blunt out of a swisher.”

Originally the name comes from the brand  which is a cigar company that dates back to 1861. For many smokers, they are a favorite for rolling up marijuana. The process of gutting out the tobacco and then filling it with grade A bud, is like second nature to swisher smokers.

One great feature about them is the flavors they come in, giving the marijuana a bit of flavored sweetness that so many enjoy.

They are not expensive and burn a little slower than papers according to many smokers. This is why they can sometimes be more alluring than papers. Still, swish are a tobacco product, and may cause some harm. At the same time, life is too short to live afraid. A great cigar to pack and roast as a blunt.

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