Thai Sticks

Stoner Dictionary | Thai Sticks

Thai Sticks: noun 1. high grade cannabis that is tied to bamboo

Origin: Thailand

Example: “I took one hit of some Thai stick and felt like I was literally flying to Thailand.”

Thai sticks are an exotic luxury that not many get to experience on a regular smoking basis. Thai sticks are very high quality Mary Jane that is tied to bamboo sticks with hemp rope and sold in this way. This method of tying the cannabis to the bamboo actually happens during the drying process of the buds. Doing it this way slows the drying process which allows for a greater THC content as the result.

They are so potent in their high effects that it has been rumored that after being dried, the sticks are dipped into opium for its major effects.

This, however, is not true and one should never under estimate the power of perfect cultivation techniques. Thai sticks gained their name from the way they are packaged and where they’re created, Thailand! These sticks are known for being a very rewarding luxury.

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