Stoner Dictionary | Spice


Spice: noun 1. a synthetic substitute for marijuana

Example: “I’m only smoking spice right now because I have to get drug tested next week.”

Spice is a relatively new brand of synthetic marijuana which is legal and available to purchase at various head shops. It contains no cannabis and is a mixture of herbs, some natural and some chemical.

It is usually smoked by those who want to get high but are unable to because of a job or the possibility of drug-testing.

There has been very little research on the long-term effects of Spice because it is so new in the psychoactive world. However, there have been reports of negative effects from smoking large doses. It has a higher probability of physical addiction than cannabis and has in some instances caused withdrawal symptoms from excessive use. So if you’re at the smoke shop and are curious about trying Spice, I would just leave and go to your nearest dispensary cause no one treats you kinder than your sweet friend, Mary Jane.

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