Enhancing Foods With Cannabis

Enhancing Foods With Cannabis

Discovering foods while having the munchies is almost the best part of being physically & mentally stoned. There are 4 main taste buds on the tongue, salty, sweet, bitter and sour. The overwhelming taste of biting into a watermelon or destroying your favorite bag of chips, comes from cannabis heightening your tongue palate. But have you heard of the foods that intensify the high? Bonus there healthy foods.

Sweet Potatoes


The small orange weirdly shaped thing by the known potatoes. It’s odd either people eat them or they don’t. They are extremely healthy for you. This little veggie not only boosts your mood, contains vitamin A & B (the seritionan that helps production on the brain). A mix of soft and crunchy ( when cooked crispy) a little salty & sweet. Bake it in the oven with coconut oil, make sweet potatoes chips or fries. As a meal stuffed sweet potatoes. Bake the potato soft, scoop out the inside fill it with your mixing veggies, meat, sauce. Bake again add a little cheese of choice to seal it all in.



I hate broccoli. There’s something about it that just doesn’t sit well in my mouth. Maybe its because I’ve never had it cooked the right way. But nevertheless broccoli is another amazing veggie to add to your snack time before bake time. Ever heard of the word “inflammatory”? If you have good on you. If you haven’t you have been living under a rock. Inflammatory – its when a part of the skin gets hot, spicy, red. At one point in your life you have had or will have some sort of degree of it. Not only does cannabis help with this. But broccoli is one of its main healer. (If you know how to cook it let me know)

Beer & Tea


Now first and foremost. To much of anything is a bad thing. They do say that a glass of red wine is healthy for you. To some it is obvious even has its own name “ cross faded”. But yes mixing an alcoholic beverage with you nightly join will giving you a higher THC level in your blood. Is it healthy? Meh a drink or 2 could be good for you. I sure do love my wine. And tequila does have properties/compounds that do help manage your weight and fight viruses. Tea, like Lavender Green tea Lemongrass & Ginger are all world known teas that carry many properties/compounds that are naturally healing to your body inside and out.



Holy shit. Mangoes are so good. I mean it’s got this crazy taste to it that makes you feel like your sitting on the beach with a daiquiri and an big fat blunt. Mango chunks on ice. Yes please. For this one you have to be a bit of a nerd. Drink it or eat it at least an hour before you smoke up. Mangoes have compounds/properties when infused with cannabis it intensifies your high. This compound is called myrcene terpenes. The only fruit that has the same compound found in cannabis.


The best part of legal cannabis is working with legal cannabis. And I don’t mean working in a pot shop. I mean working. Understanding and moving forward with cannabis. We now have such an amazing opportunity to really see what cannabis can do for our systems the environment and even our wallets.

Writer: Megan