Cannabis & Cervical Cancer

Cannabis & Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the second leading type of cancer in women. It is a slow growing cancer that sometimes doesn’t even show symptoms so it’s onset can be the sufferer’s downfall. With no way to tell that the cancer is there, it can spread and become unstoppable if not caught in time.


Cervical cancer can only be found with test administered by doctors so it’s important to stay up to date with doctor appointments. Cervical cancer is usually linked to human papillomavirus, or HPV. As with most cancers, cannabis seems to have a very positive effect on the behavior and reproduction of cervical cancer cells.


The cannabinoids in marijuana slow the reproduction of the cervical cancer cells to the point where the cells no longer reproduce and die without spreading. This process usually utilizes the cannabis oils, made specially for the patients by scientists and doctors. The oil is taken orally and it is quickly becoming known as a cure for cancer, since the process rids the body of the dangerous cells. Even low amounts of THC along with methanandamide slowed the invading cancer cells considerably. Without the ability to reproduce/multiply, the cells die off.


Another well known use for the cannabis plant for cancer patients is the fact that it helps with patients going through chemotherapy. The effects of this medical treatment are almost as bad as the cancer itself. The person looses their appetite and they begin to drop weight and they feel constantly sick to their stomach, every move creating rippling nausea that can leave a person bedridden for days. With the cannabis, these patients feel like they can live a somewhat more normal life, eating and doing small daily activities to the best of their abilities. Thanks to cannabis, not the prescription poison that the pharmacy gives people who are suffering.


Ladies, be sure that you are seeing your doctor regularly and be aware that cervical cancer exists. While cannabis may be said to be the future cure for cancer, it’s still not perfect and the best medication is prevention. Stay healthy, be active, and of course, you should always stay high. Being a healthy, smart stoner is extremely important, not only for your own well being but because it shows that stoners are just lazy bums that sit around watching cartoons all day, but that we are aware and intelligent. Stay high and happy, my friends!

Cannabis & Cervical Cancer