Vaping Wax vs. Dabbing Wax What’s the Difference?

Vaping Wax vs. Dabbing Wax What’s the Difference?

The ban on smoking tobacco in public places gave rise to an entire new pastime and industry – vaping. Big business already and growing at an alarming rate, the vape industry is a lucrative one for manufacturers and retailers of an ever-expanding range of equipment and products. Initially aimed at people who wanted to come off the tobacco but still wanted to ‘smoke’ – although vaping produces vapour as opposed to smoke – e-liquids became the popular choice. 

Recently, however, there has been a growing trend in smoking cannabis in various forms as we are going to discuss here, as well as CBD products used for the relief of pain and also for stress, anxiety and recreational purposes. In the article we’re going discuss the difference between vaping wax and dabbing wax, to help you get to grips with what can be confusing. Let’s start by talking about vaping and vaping wax.

Why Vaping Wax is Popular 

Why has vaping become so popular? Put simply, it’s enjoyable, it’s affordable and it’s safe. You may have read some scare stories a year or so ago about many young people with lung conditions linked to vaping. An investigation was undertaken that linked all those cases to black market THC products that were illegal and unsafe. The vape market is regulated and monitored so if you buy from a reputable and established retailer, you’re safe. 

It’s also convenient to vape. Whereas smoking weed, for example, can be a chore with all the preparation needed, products such as vaping wax make life a lot easier. Used with a vape pen – a simple device that further adds to the convenience and simplicity of vaping – it’s the most effective way of getting your hit. If you’re not up to speed, then you should look at these various vape pens for further information. 

So, what is all the fuss about vaping wax? What you have to think about is the traditional rig used for getting a fix. It’s large, cumbersome, and requires an external heat source. You can’t exactly pull a full rig out during your lunch break and have a quick smoke. It also produces just that – smoke – which you want to avoid. Marijuana itself doesn’t cause the problems that smokers suffered, that’s the carcinogens produced by burning that remain in the smoke.

So, vaping wax is safer than smoking weed. The wax is a cannabis concentrate, present not as dry leaves but as a sticky sort of substance that comes from your retailer. How do you take it? You get yourself a vape pen. This is a simple device that consists of a thin tube in which there is chamber where you put the wax. It has battery, a coil; of atomizer, and a mouthpiece. You put it in the mouth and, depending on the model, either take a draw or press a button. The battery heats the coil quickly to a temperature that vaporizes the wax, which you inhale and get your hit. That’s how easy it is.

The developments we’ve seen in vape pens means you can now get far more sophisticated models with, for example, temperature controls so you can find the optimum heat, but that’s a subject for another time. So, what’s the difference between vaping wax and dabbing wax?

Why Dabbing Wax Is Popular

There are many different opinions on the best way to get your cannabis hit. For example, some people will tell you that you can’t beat vaping shatter with a wax pen for the experience. We’re not sure, because it’s always going to be a personal choice but what we do know is that Dabbing wax is becoming very popular indeed.

But it is not without its drawbacks. Dabbing traditionally involves a full rig. This is a piece of kit comprising a mouthpiece, a bowl with water, and a ‘nail’ – the part into which the dab wax goes to be vaporized. The wax is vaporized by way of external heat, usually with a butane torch.

Now that’s all great but as we said above a dab rig is not something that is particular portable, and nor is it compact and discreet. So given that vaping wax is easy and effective, why would you want to use a traditional dab rig?

The main reason is that a dab rig is a more powerful device. You will get a much better and more notable hit when using a rig, without any doubt at all. It’s favoured by people who have been smoking weed for a long time and want what they consider the ‘real’ sensation of it. These are devices for use in the home, or at parties, and as such come highly recommended by us and others. A dab rig also requires less maintenance than a wax vape pen, but there’s not much in it. So, which should you be using: the traditional, powerful and full-on dab rig, or the cheap, convenient and effective wax vape pen? 

Which One is Best?

Let’s be honest here: we’re talking about two different things. Comparing vaping wax to dabbing wax is like comparing a compact car to a Camaro. Each does their own thing, and each does it well. The seasoned marijuana lover who likes to take their hit at home will likely enjoy the ritual – for it is one – that comes with setting up a dab rig, putting the wax in the nail and heating it, and then taking the hit as beautifully as can be. But what if you’re out and about, having a hard day and want a discreet, quick vape of some weed?

This is where the wax pen comes into the picture. Small and light, easy to use and effective if not providing as strong a hit, it’s the portable vaping device of choice. If you go for one of the later models you can even adjust the heat to your preferred taste and potency. So, both vaping wax and dabbing wax have a role to play, and you should enjoy either one as you wish.