Seven Dabbing Terms You Should Know

Seven Dabbing Terms You Should Know | Stoner Guide

Even though cannabis concentrates have been around for a long time now, there are still some people that it’s new to. Not everyone has access to medical or recreational cannabis and concentrates can be hard (and expensive) to get if you don’t live in the right area. So since the act is fairly new to some people, there are still some terms that people aren’t familiar with that they should know if they’re going to be indulging in cannabis concentrates.

  • Low Temp – When you heat a nail to a lower than normal temperature, the taste of the concentrate is much more flavorful than dabs at high temps. Lower temp dabs are why carb caps are so useful.
  • Carb Cap – These can be made of ceramic, glass, titanium, or quartz. The device traps air and activates any non vaporized oil that is left on the nail.
  • Dewaxing – The process in which you separate plant fats and the waxes.
  • Winterizing – This is the process of using a secondary solvent to separate the fats and waxes. Alcohol is commonly used solvent for this.
  • Rig – a simple one but still something that some people are’t familiar with. This is just the piece in which cannabis concentrates are smoked out of. They look different from the traditional water pipes.
  • Dabber – This tool can sometimes be combined with a carb cap and is usually made out of the same materials; quartz, titanium, ceramic, or glass. A dabber has a sharp or flat end which is used to pick up cannabis concentrate and drop it on the heated nail/banger.
  • Solventless – When making concentrates, a solvent is usually used to extract the THC from the plant matter. However, it can be done without using a solvent. This includes ice hash and rosin, making these types on concentrate highly desired and extremely flavorful, which can be seen in their price tags.

Seven Dabbing Terms You Should Know | Stoner Guide

Is 710 the new 420?

Digital vs Analog: Oils vs Flowers

The great debate simmers on…


If you haven’t already tried by now, you’re at least probably familiar with concentrates and dabbing as a smoking alternative for fortifying your vitamins T, H, and C.  And if not, feel free to share down below what’s been stopping you.  Dabbing may not be to everyone’s preference, that’s perfectly fine too – to each their own!  In our ongoing ‘Digital vs Analog’ series examining the current state of the cannabis union, we start by examining the newest frontier in the stoner game: BHO (butane hash oil).  Is 710 becoming the new 420?  (710 = ‘OIL’ inverted)

wonka dabs
Don’t be a hardo…


Dabs generally fall under three main kinds of concentrates: oil, shatter, and wax.  These 3 forms are all just different styles of weed concentrates extracted from the plant using butane (other names you may have come across: hash oil, sativa / indica bho, crumble, budder, honey oil, dabs).  By using a solvent-based process to extract the THC, the resulting product can achieve much higher potency (pun not intended but intended).  As a general rule of thumb, THC concentration in dabs is roughly double the yield of what you’d typically find in marijuana.


Goopy and translucent, oils and shatters typically exhibit the highest potency by virtue of the purity achieved through the solvent extraction process.


Think of this as Heisenberg’s blue magic, but for potheads instead of methheads.


Earwax…or delicious golden nuggets of THC?  Wax makes me think of those crumbles that top Entenmann’s coffee cakes…

entenmann's coffee cake
Did someone say Entenmann’s…

For those of you who have already dabbled, do you prefer it to burning greens?  Or are you more a traditionalist at heart, content to keep smoking your herbs like sticking with vinyl and leaving digital to others?  Either way, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.  Personally, I find that smoking weed gives you a more muted but well-rounded high while dabbing produces a sharper, more intense high that leaves you with increased Rip Van Winkle potential.

Turned off by the blowtorch and smoking off a nail involved with dabbing?  Totally understandable, however it’s our hope that we can open your mind by shedding more light on the subject (think of it more like you’re a welder doing work on your rig).  Speaking of rigs, we’ll be covering best practices and what to take into consideration when assembling your dab accessories and equipment.  Plus, technology has now advanced to alleviate these concerns, with currently much more streamlined solutions at your disposal like vape pens.

We’ll be diving deeper into both of these and more in our ongoing unfolding ‘Digital vs Analog’ series.

Stay tuned and stay blazed out there…

#TeamDabs vs #TeamBuds hashtag your fav and let the battle begin!


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Digital vs Analog: Oils vs Flowers