Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis; Stoner Guide


“It’s bad for your health,” they said. “If you smoke it, you’ll go crazy,” they said. Well these days, we all know that these two things (among the many other nonsense statements about weed) aren’t true. The government has lied about this plant since they realized what effect it would have on people in regards to health benefits and enlightenment. So for years, we’ve shunned the use of this plant much like we shun the use of cocaine and heroin. Unfortunately, we’ve been outcasting a plant that could have not only changed our history, but could have greatly changed the way that we live and function today.


1. Relieves symptoms of chronic disease that can cause death in some people. This includes irritable bowl syndrome as well as Crohn’s, along with any other abdominal malfunction.

2. Our world is full of stressors… And stressors can cause some massive headaches. Thanks to cannabis, most of these migraine sufferers were able to cure their pain with some cannabis. Doctors in California backed the claim up, saying that more than 300,000 of migraines have been treated using cannabis.

3. Suffering from PMS? Or maybe just cramps? Whatever the case, cannabis is shown to improve overall feeling and health for menstruating females. And for some people, that can be a debilitating time of the month.


4. Since cannabis possesses compounds that effect how our brain functions, the plant can calm down those who suffer from OCD and Tourette’s. The plant makes some people slow way down, which would help those suffering from OCD to chill and stop cleaning as well as preventing muscle spasms and twitches that are sometimes associated with Tourette’s.

5. In 2009, a study was released that stated that cannabis was a perfectly logical and acceptable alternative for Ritalin, one of the primary medications given to those who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. However, with ingredients comparable to the active ingredient in the street drug speed, Ritalin’s health effects have been questioned.

6. Multiple sclerosis doesn’t stand up to cannabis either. The cannabinoids found in the plant work to stop the effects of the sometimes deadly disease by protecting the damaged nerves from getting even more damaged.


7. Tumors and cancerous cells have been shown to drastically decrease when cannabis is introduced in to the system. With more research, it is likely that scientists will develop some sort of cure for cancer using the cannabis plant.

8. Some patients that suffer with epilepsy never find relief for their symptoms and are forced to suffer and ingest sometimes harmful medications that don’t always work. Marijuana actually helps to decrease the amount of seizures that a person has, seeing as how the plant is a muscle relaxer.


9. A 2006 study showed that cannabis had an effect on those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The study stated that THC clogged the holes that lead to the formation of Alzheimer’s in the brain, therefore preventing the degenerative nature of the disease.

10. Glaucoma puts extreme pressure on the eyes and scientists are beginning to think that the cannabinoids in marijuana can reverse that pressure and make it easier and less painful on the patient. Marijuana lowers the intraocular pressure in the eyes, reversing the effects of the glaucoma.

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis; Stoner Guide