Fire Trim Joint

Fire Trim Joint; Stoner Guide


Not only does this joint have the coolest way to trim off all the extra paper  gives you the purest tasting smoke possible with a joint. Simply light one end and let nature run it’s course. Be careful this ones a toughy.

Parts List:

  • 1 Large Rolling Paper
  • 1g of Ground Marijuana

Hold the paper in a V with the gum on the OUTSIDE distribute the herb evenly.

Roll the paper back and forth just as you would with a normal joint but the gum is on the opposite side.

Once desired density is achieved you are ready to lick and tuck  the gum under the other side. This is the hard part about the joint so practice makes perfect.

Now you are left with a joint that has a flag hanging off of it. Hold the Joint at a 45 deg angle with the mouthpiece down and light the bottom tip of the flag making sure to get an even burn. You may need to have a few touch ups but those are an easy fix by fire.


Fire Trim Joint; Stoner Guide


Cannabis And Inflammatory Bowel Disorder

Cannabis And Inflammatory Bowel Disorder; Stoner Guide


If you’re not familiar with inflammatory bowl disease, it is when the gastrointestinal system becomes inflamed. Basically, your intestines get sick. This kind of condition includes disorders like Crohn’s, lymphocytic colitis, and ulcerative colitis. These disorders can cause extreme pain and discomfort for the person afflicted, sometimes even disrupting daily life and leaving the sufferer defeated and without hope. Crohn’s patients especially suffer if their condition doesn’t improve, with the issues like intense pain and diarrhea leading to other problems such as malnutrition and dehydration.


New studies, however, are giving hope to those who previously had none when the traditional meds didn’t work. The cannabinoid receptions that are found in the human nervous system (CB1 and CB2) assist in gut function and the endocannabinoid system that we possess has been found to be extremely important in maintaining the gut’s overall function in daily life. While there haven’t been too many studies conducted as of late, seeing as the plant remains illegal, there is some new information being released that cannabis may be an optimal treatment for those patients who have IBD.


In 2011, there was a study done that found that 51% of ulcerative colitis patients and 48% of Crohn’s patients are lifetime cannabis consumers, believing that the plant had more of an effect on their symptoms than the prescribed medicine. Since cannabis works in regard to pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, and nausea control, it seems like the plant would be the best medicine for those suffering with this condition. Of the numbers listed above, there were 33% of the UC patients and 50% of the Crohn’s patients actually using the cannabis directly for their symptoms, thanks to medical marijuana laws.


A retrospective study in 2011 observed patients with Crohn’s and found out that after starting a medical cannabis program, twenty one out of the thirty subjects found that their symptoms had greatly improved after started the use of the plant. In addition, they found that they needed less of their pharmacy prescribed medicine as well, leaving them to medicate naturally. There were also fifteen of the patients who needed surgery prior to the use of the cannabis. Those fifteen people collectively went through nineteen surgeries in a span of nine years but three years after the start of incorporating the plant in to their lifestyle, there were only two surgeries needed.


In order to back up the findings, another study was conducted of twenty one patients with Crohn’s. They were divided in to two groups, a control and an active treatment. The active treatment group was able to ingest medical cannabis while the control was not. More patients in the active treatment group managed to achieve complete remission, eliminating all of their symptoms but the result was not statistically significant and could possibly mean that the different was simply a chance occurrence. Regardless, there was a significant change in the results that showed patients were more likely to decrease their Crohn’s Disease Activity Index score, which means that their condition was on the upswing. Those in the placebo group didn’t have this decrease. Add in the fact that three of the eleven patients in the active treatment group were able to reduce or completely eliminate the use of their doctor prescribed steroid medicine.

Cannabis And Inflammatory Bowl Disorder; Stoner Guide

Five Reasons Why The Government Wants To Keep Weed Illegal

Five Reasons Why The Government Wants To Keep Weed Illegal; Stoner Guide


Even though there are tons of benefits to cannabis, the government doesn’t seem to want to let up on tossing people in jail for it. There are raids on dispensaries, arrests in illegal states for possession of less than a gram, and totally innocent people being thrown in jail for growing their own medicine. It doesn’t seem fair and with all of the new evidence coming out that weed is actually good for people, you would think that the government would really rethink their actions. Sadly, they don’t think the same as us. And here’s five reasons as to why.

1. The War On Drugs


Even though it looks like the government is losing a ton of money on this “war”, they’re actually making a profit. It may cost them money to raid and plunder peaceful weed farmers and shops but think of the mountains of cash that they make from the legal fees. Not to mention the tax money that comes in to fund the prisons where they keep these completely non-violent people for 25 to life.

2. Loss Of Control


Fear of consequences keeps the general public in line. By making enlightening, helpful substances like cannabis legal, the government would lose control over the people. New ideas would spread and the government could possibly face extreme changes if too many people opened their eyes.

3. Confiscate For Resale


It’s highly probable that a lot of the marijuana confiscated in raids and arrests makes it’s way back in to the illegal market somehow. And by somehow, it’s assumed that the government themselves sends the plant back in to circulation, making a profit for themselves. Get it for free, sell it for a pretty penny.

4. Loss Of A Scapegoat


Marijuana has posed as a scapegoat for the government for years. It makes people crazy, causes women to be promiscuous, and will likely cause you to kill yourself (or so they say). Without cannabis to blame, the government loses the ability to scare the young in to their close-minded way of thinking, creating a new generation of free thinkers.

5. Pride


For years, the government has been against marijuana, arresting people for it and publicly shaming it. After all of those years, do you think that admitting they’ve been wrong the whole time would be easy? Absolutely not. In order to save face, the government can’t really just come out and say “Hell yeah, weed!”, am I right?

Five Reasons Why The Government Wants To Keep Weed Illegal; Stoner Guide

What’s In Your Weed

What’s In Your Weed? Stoner Guide


THC: This compound in marijuana is good for the relief from pain, while simultaneously reducing nausea and vomiting. It also stimulates the appetite and can suppress muscle spasms. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that makes you get stoned.


CBD: Get ready to read because the list of what CBD helps with is a long one! Starting at being a pain reliever, CBD will also help with killing the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the levels of blood sugar, reducing nausea, relieving seizures and convulsions, reduces inflammation in joints and muscles, reduces the risk of artery blockage, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, treats psoriasis, manages psychosis, suppresses muscle spasms, relieves anxiety, promotes bone growth, reduces function in the immune system, reduces any contractions in the small intestine, and also protects to neurological system from any outside threat. Needless to say, CBD is a total asset the human body and should be utilized in order to better human life.



CBG: Cannabigerol is found in plants most commonly grown for hemp, rather than the desired stoned effect from plants high in THC. This substance helps to kill growing bacteria, reduce inflammation, prevent growth of tumors, kill cancer cells, and promote bone growth.



CBN: Cannabinol is the substance in marijuana that makes you tired. So if you have problems sleeping, this is what you should be trying to track down. The CBN in cannabis is a pain reliever, it aids in sleeping, and suppresses muscle spasms. Basically making it easy for you to all asleep and stay that way until the morning arrives.



CBC: Another not-so-known substance contained in our favorite plant, CBC (or cannabichromene) is responsible for a few things as well. The benefits of CBN are as follows with relieving pain, anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits cancer and tumor growth, and promotes healthy bone growth.

These are just a few of the important pieces of the cannabis plant. With over 60 cannabinoids found in the magical weed, I can’t go through and list them all but these are some of the important ones. Of course, they’re all important. You should be aware of all of these compounds, as every single one contributes to the plant that we love so much. Knowing these things will also help you to convince non-smokers that the plant isn’t nearly as bad as everyone has been led to believe.

What’s In Your Weed? Stoner Guide

The Business Of Marijuana

The Business Of Marijuana; Stoner Guide

Many people who are pro marijuana use the argument “There’s so much money to be made!” when combating someone who doesn’t see the plant the same. And while it is a valid point to say that there is money to be made, there are plenty of people that will be “that guy” and ask you how. How is there money to be made? What does one have to do to make money in the marijuana business? The following is a few guidelines to what will create revenue in the marijuana industry.


People at See Change Strategy were curious to know exactly how much money would be made in the cannabis business, which seems to be pretty profitable even now when it’s in the emerging stages. The company decided to analyze the legal market of marijuana, asking where things are, where they’ll be in a few years, and what we have to fight against. The study shows staggering numbers in favor of the plant, as you can see outlined briefly below.


As of right now, the medical marijuana business is pulling in about $1.7 billion. That’s the market value of the plant right now, as I type this. Considering that the national debt is somewhere around $17.9 trillion, I would say that we need all of the help that we can get when it comes to making money. In addition, the project marijuana business profits will reach above $8.9 billion in the next five years, pouring money back in to schools, roads, and other programs while the feds figure out who got all that money they spent.


With the implementation of a medical cannabis program nationwide, patients everywhere will be able to get a substance that will actually work to cure their ailments. 24.8 million people in the United States are eligible for marijuana medicine under current laws, which means that close to that amount will be able to say goodbye to prescription meds once and for all. The legalization of medical marijuana would also lead to new business ventures in paraphernalia, marijuana infused products, and the wholesale distribution of the plants, flowers, leaves, and seeds.


The goal of the so called “Drug War” was to turn people away from using substances like marijuana. Thousands of dollars spent on “preventing” use, when they could have been making all of that money back and then some. Those involved in the marijuana industry that participated in this study said that they expect the business to grow at least 90% in the next few years, as more states lean towards full legalization. Cannabis is here to stay and people need to learn that. The plant doesn’t harm anyone and can only bring good in to a bleak looking world.

The Business Of Marijuana; Stoner Guide


CBD or THC; Stoner Guide


THC is the active component in cannabis that gets the user high. Most people who smoke weed are solely after the THC. But this substance isn’t what cures cancer or other illnesses. The curing element of cannabis is CBD. This incredible compound is responsible for the reduction of tumors, decreases in seizures, and the curing of other ailments such as muscle pain, headaches, and eating disorders. So what’s important to know about CBD?


– It’s still very illegal. Even though the substance doesn’t get the user stoned and instead, promotes a healthier body while at the same time curing current problems, the government still sees it as a schedule one substance, making it extremely illegal to possess and ingest cannabis oil containing CBD in most states.


– CBD is non psychoactive, meaning that it will not get you stoned. Since there are no mental effects on the user, CBD represents more of the medical side to cannabis, as it is the compound that cures cancer and other illnesses. Since marijuana is looked at for the “negative” effects that it has on people because it gets the user high, CBD shouldn’t be looked at in the same light at all, considering it is for pure health benefits.


– Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t need to be heated to take effect nor does it need to be smoked, negating the idea that ingesting CBD can still be bad for you. Most patients that take CBD for ailments use an oil form, making it easy to eat or add to already prepared meals. Ingesting CBD in oil or capsule form has absolutely no ill side effects.


– Medical benefits of this substance are endless, as stated above. CBD is just now starting to be studied by scientists and doctors, something that definitely should have been done a long time ago. CBD can treat cancer, seizures, anxiety, inflammation, neurological issues, arthritis, and numerous other disorders that effect the human body.


– When THC is ingested, the human mind becomes more in tune to smaller details, which can lead to the “everyone is staring at me” or “why am I doing this wrong” kind of thinking. Strains that are more even in the CBD/THC ratio prevent this over analyzing stoner problem. This is how CBD can really help with anxiety, as it is the compound in marijuana that allows the user to slow things down.

CBD or THC; Stoner Guide

The Purse Of A Female Stoner

The Purse Of A Female Stoner; Stoner Guide

Girls are pretty prepared for whatever for the most part. We carry around these huge purses that seem to hold every single necessary item that a human could use during the day from floss to makeup to a pad of paper and pencil. A girl’s purse is an amazing thing. For stoner girls especially, there are some very specific items that should be carried at all times. Not only will you save yourself with these things but you’ll look awesome to your friends when no one has a lighter and BAM! Your purse produces a Bic that saves the day.

1. The Bic

Of course you should carry a lighter in your purse! Or at least matches. Something to light weed on fire with. I have lighter as well as hemp wick in my bag, just in case someone around me is smoking and needs a flame.

2. Eye Drops

Not everyone uses them but for those stoners that do, eyedrops can be your best friend. Especially for those stoners that live in hotter climates with dry air, some relief from dry, itchy eyes will leave you to enjoy your high completely.

3. Perfume Or Oils

Not everyone likes when a lady smells like good kush. It’s important to keep some sort of good smelling substance in your bag just in case someone feels like hot boxing. Trust me, people will like you a lot more if you smell like a field of daisies as compared to a smoked bowl.

4. Knife

Whether you’re cutting blunts open or in a bad part of town, having a knife can come in way handier than a lot of people think. It’s really not just a weapon and can double as a screwdriver, a lever, or to remove small bits of weed from under your nails after you roll a blunt.

5. Rolling papers/Crutches

Even if you prefer glass, there are occasions where a glass piece is just not practical. In these events, having rolling papers and some crutches on you will help out a lot. You’ll have a way to smoke your weed and your friends will love you for it.

6. Gum

Cures cottonmouth and makes your breath smell great? Sounds perfect! Be sure to keep a pack or two of gum in your bag. I say two because if you pull out a pack in a car of stoners, you will be sharing. Or you’ll be listening to complaining potheads the whole ride.

7. Extra cash

You never know when you’re going to run out of weed. Or need to grab a cab. Maybe extra gas. Or you need emergency munchies. It’s super important to keep spare cash in your bag somewhere. It will definitely come in handy one of these days.

The Purse Of A Female Stoner; Stoner Guide

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis; Stoner Guide


“It’s bad for your health,” they said. “If you smoke it, you’ll go crazy,” they said. Well these days, we all know that these two things (among the many other nonsense statements about weed) aren’t true. The government has lied about this plant since they realized what effect it would have on people in regards to health benefits and enlightenment. So for years, we’ve shunned the use of this plant much like we shun the use of cocaine and heroin. Unfortunately, we’ve been outcasting a plant that could have not only changed our history, but could have greatly changed the way that we live and function today.


1. Relieves symptoms of chronic disease that can cause death in some people. This includes irritable bowl syndrome as well as Crohn’s, along with any other abdominal malfunction.

2. Our world is full of stressors… And stressors can cause some massive headaches. Thanks to cannabis, most of these migraine sufferers were able to cure their pain with some cannabis. Doctors in California backed the claim up, saying that more than 300,000 of migraines have been treated using cannabis.

3. Suffering from PMS? Or maybe just cramps? Whatever the case, cannabis is shown to improve overall feeling and health for menstruating females. And for some people, that can be a debilitating time of the month.


4. Since cannabis possesses compounds that effect how our brain functions, the plant can calm down those who suffer from OCD and Tourette’s. The plant makes some people slow way down, which would help those suffering from OCD to chill and stop cleaning as well as preventing muscle spasms and twitches that are sometimes associated with Tourette’s.

5. In 2009, a study was released that stated that cannabis was a perfectly logical and acceptable alternative for Ritalin, one of the primary medications given to those who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. However, with ingredients comparable to the active ingredient in the street drug speed, Ritalin’s health effects have been questioned.

6. Multiple sclerosis doesn’t stand up to cannabis either. The cannabinoids found in the plant work to stop the effects of the sometimes deadly disease by protecting the damaged nerves from getting even more damaged.


7. Tumors and cancerous cells have been shown to drastically decrease when cannabis is introduced in to the system. With more research, it is likely that scientists will develop some sort of cure for cancer using the cannabis plant.

8. Some patients that suffer with epilepsy never find relief for their symptoms and are forced to suffer and ingest sometimes harmful medications that don’t always work. Marijuana actually helps to decrease the amount of seizures that a person has, seeing as how the plant is a muscle relaxer.


9. A 2006 study showed that cannabis had an effect on those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The study stated that THC clogged the holes that lead to the formation of Alzheimer’s in the brain, therefore preventing the degenerative nature of the disease.

10. Glaucoma puts extreme pressure on the eyes and scientists are beginning to think that the cannabinoids in marijuana can reverse that pressure and make it easier and less painful on the patient. Marijuana lowers the intraocular pressure in the eyes, reversing the effects of the glaucoma.

Ten Health Benefits To Consuming Cannabis; Stoner Guide

Top Five Apps For Stoners; Stoner Guide

Top Five Apps For Stoners; Stoner Guide

In the age of smartphones and speed, stoners need to be able to access information at the touch of a button. Everyone knows about Instagram and Facebook but what do you have on your phone to help you smoke easier? The following apps have not only been approved by me but also by stoners everywhere. Hopefully they’ll assist you in the never ending quest to find the best weed, as well as the best munchies…

1. Leafly

Deciding on what strain to smoke? Having a tough time figuring out what bud works on which symptoms? Leafly has all of the information that you need, not to mention where to get it closest to you. The site supplies photos, as well as stoner reviews that other smokers have left to help you out.

2. Kush Common

Much like Facebook, Kush Common is a social site designed for smokers only. Sign up easily and quickly to not just meet other stoners but there are forums to discuss cannabis topics, music sections, and all of the advertisements have to do with cannabis as well, which can be extremely helpful if you’ve been looking to change up the nutes you’ve been using or the lights. The site is full of friendly people that you’re sure to like an the app is highly recommended if you’re looking for a new social outlet.

3. Weedlaws

If you’re looking for legal help and have questions about the different laws that surround cannabis consumption, Weedlaws is definitely an app that you’ll want to have. It gives the user a list of states, as well as information on possession, distribution, and cultivation penalties.

4. THCFinder

Much like Leafly but it does a little better. Not only does the site possess a dispensary locator, it has symptom lists, bud ratings, user reviews, menus, plus a blog dedicated to all things cannabis. Complete with maps, this app is free for both Apple and Android and is sure to make your hunt for marijuana a little easier.

5. Binaural Beats

This app costs a bit in the iPhone store I believe but it’s worth it (and available for both types of phone). To be used with headphones, the sounds produced by binaural beats are supposed to help the listener achieve extreme relaxation. Getting stoned and listening to these is sure to erase any negative, stressful thoughts from your mind… And it may cause you just to fall asleep!

Top Five Apps For Stoners; Stoner Guide