The Business Of Marijuana

The Business Of Marijuana; Stoner Guide

Many people who are pro marijuana use the argument “There’s so much money to be made!” when combating someone who doesn’t see the plant the same. And while it is a valid point to say that there is money to be made, there are plenty of people that will be “that guy” and ask you how. How is there money to be made? What does one have to do to make money in the marijuana business? The following is a few guidelines to what will create revenue in the marijuana industry.


People at See Change Strategy were curious to know exactly how much money would be made in the cannabis business, which seems to be pretty profitable even now when it’s in the emerging stages. The company decided to analyze the legal market of marijuana, asking where things are, where they’ll be in a few years, and what we have to fight against. The study shows staggering numbers in favor of the plant, as you can see outlined briefly below.


As of right now, the medical marijuana business is pulling in about $1.7 billion. That’s the market value of the plant right now, as I type this. Considering that the national debt is somewhere around $17.9 trillion, I would say that we need all of the help that we can get when it comes to making money. In addition, the project marijuana business profits will reach above $8.9 billion in the next five years, pouring money back in to schools, roads, and other programs while the feds figure out who got all that money they spent.


With the implementation of a medical cannabis program nationwide, patients everywhere will be able to get a substance that will actually work to cure their ailments. 24.8 million people in the United States are eligible for marijuana medicine under current laws, which means that close to that amount will be able to say goodbye to prescription meds once and for all. The legalization of medical marijuana would also lead to new business ventures in paraphernalia, marijuana infused products, and the wholesale distribution of the plants, flowers, leaves, and seeds.


The goal of the so called “Drug War” was to turn people away from using substances like marijuana. Thousands of dollars spent on “preventing” use, when they could have been making all of that money back and then some. Those involved in the marijuana industry that participated in this study said that they expect the business to grow at least 90% in the next few years, as more states lean towards full legalization. Cannabis is here to stay and people need to learn that. The plant doesn’t harm anyone and can only bring good in to a bleak looking world.

The Business Of Marijuana; Stoner Guide