Fire Trim Joint

Fire Trim Joint; Stoner Guide


Not only does this joint have the coolest way to trim off all the extra paper  gives you the purest tasting smoke possible with a joint. Simply light one end and let nature run it’s course. Be careful this ones a toughy.

Parts List:

  • 1 Large Rolling Paper
  • 1g of Ground Marijuana

Hold the paper in a V with the gum on the OUTSIDE distribute the herb evenly.

Roll the paper back and forth just as you would with a normal joint but the gum is on the opposite side.

Once desired density is achieved you are ready to lick and tuck  the gum under the other side. This is the hard part about the joint so practice makes perfect.

Now you are left with a joint that has a flag hanging off of it. Hold the Joint at a 45 deg angle with the mouthpiece down and light the bottom tip of the flag making sure to get an even burn. You may need to have a few touch ups but those are an easy fix by fire.


Fire Trim Joint; Stoner Guide