Stoner Dictionary | Joint

Joint: noun 1. a rolled, either by hand or with a roller, marijuana cigarette

Example: “I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night. I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright. I smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war. I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and then I smoke two more.” -Bradley Nowell

With so many different ways to express yourself in the marijuana world, the joint is undoubtedly a timeless classic. A joint refers to a marijuana cigarette and is commonly hand rolled using rolling papers. This term is most widely used today when mentioning a Mary Jane cigarette.

Everyone from the pastor of your local church to the senior citizens down at the nursing home knows what a joint is.

Whatever your personal smoking method preference, if you’re a smoker a joint is sure to cross your path sooner or later in your cannabis journeys and chances are, you’ll hit it.

How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint; Stoner Guide


The joint is the most versatile ways to ingest marijuana. Ranging for The Cross to The Tulip to even an Airplane they come in all shapes and sizes. Being the easiest way to get a natural tasting smoke majority of people have had the opportunity of enjoying one.

Parts List

  • One paper
  • About 1g of Marijuana

Start by grinding and removing all the stems from your marijuana. You can either use a grinder method or doing it by hand. Both will work fine it’s  just up to your preference.

The quality and shape of the joint depends on how evenly the marijuana is distributed throughout it. Take the paper holding it in a V shape spread out your favorite smoke.

Using your thumbs to push and your fingers as backing, in a sliding motion work your way from middle to edge compacting the pot evenly along the entire joint.

Now you are ready to tuck the edge without gum under the edge with the gum. The best way to do this is in the same motion as the previous step. After you have a consistent tuck lick the gum and roll it over sticking in to body of the joint.


How To Roll A Joint; Stoner Guide


Fire Trim Joint

Fire Trim Joint; Stoner Guide


Not only does this joint have the coolest way to trim off all the extra paper  gives you the purest tasting smoke possible with a joint. Simply light one end and let nature run it’s course. Be careful this ones a toughy.

Parts List:

  • 1 Large Rolling Paper
  • 1g of Ground Marijuana

Hold the paper in a V with the gum on the OUTSIDE distribute the herb evenly.

Roll the paper back and forth just as you would with a normal joint but the gum is on the opposite side.

Once desired density is achieved you are ready to lick and tuck  the gum under the other side. This is the hard part about the joint so practice makes perfect.

Now you are left with a joint that has a flag hanging off of it. Hold the Joint at a 45 deg angle with the mouthpiece down and light the bottom tip of the flag making sure to get an even burn. You may need to have a few touch ups but those are an easy fix by fire.


Fire Trim Joint; Stoner Guide


The Tulip Joint

The Tulip Joint; Stoner Guide

The Tulip Joint is one of Amsterdam’s most famous joints. This iconic joint is one the smoothest and easiest to roll out of the specialty joints


Parts List

  • 2″ x  6″ Piece of Cardstock
  • 4 Large Rolling Papers
  • Small Piece of Hemp Wick
  • 3-7 Gs of ground Marijuana

Start by rolling a piece of card into a tube the length and diameter of a pencil. Finish it off with a few papers wrap and seal to hold it together.

Lick the gum of one paper and stick it to another making the joint wider not longer. When finished it should be a square with gum on one side of it.

Take the square you just made and fold it diagonally making a triangle. Lick the remaining gum and seal over. Now you should have a pocket shaped like a cone.

Now you ready for the good stuff. You want to pack your cone evenly and tight about a finger’s thick from the top. The better you do this will ensure the best experience preventing running which can be a chore on The Tulip.

Final we need to secure your card straw to the cone. Start by  twisting the open end to make a hole the size of the tube. Finish it off buy tying your hemp nice and tight so there is no leaking.


The Tulip Joint; Stoner Guide