Cannabis And Social Media; The Connection

Cannabis And Social Media; The Connection

In recent years, cannabis support has gained an enormous amount of support around the world. There are plenty of speculations as to why this has occurred but I believe that the main reason is the absolute takeover of social media. With a single, simple click, a person can share thousands of pages of valuable information that can change minds and lives. Since the majority of American youth are somehow plugged in to the pipeline of sharing, liking, and reposting, the uprising in cannabis support can only be contributed to the social media movement.


Those the regard social media as a simple fun past time are clearly missing the point. Using social media in this way can be fun and people do enjoy just goofing off, posting silly photos and bitching about who knows what. However, in the cannabis community (and for other reasons as well), social media becomes a puppet, something that can be molded and manipulated to the individual’s advantage. And in this case, the advantage is the advancement of a positive outlook on cannabis and the people that choose to use it.


Even with the quickly diminishing attention span of today’s youth, social media provides a way for someone to send a message in as little as a few words. Some people think that posting memes repeatedly is immature. But have you ever thought that a meme can pack a powerful punch and – while it may seem goofy – can leave a lasting impression on some random person who happens to see it? With the help of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, these quick little messages are shot all around the world. It’s an extremely simple idea but can be overlooked easily, when just scrolling around the vast wasteland of the internet.


Stoners love social media. Getting baked and just surfing can pass hours of time, with your only companion being the bong… And perhaps a dog or cat. If there are important messages being read, then social media is being used to its full potential. Without social media, it’s easy to assume that the 58% of Americans that support cannabis legalization might be a considerably lower number without the help of social sites. Whether it be memes on Instagram or links to articles on Facebook, the helping hand of social media will continue to assist in the cannabis legalization movement.

Cannabis And Social Media; The Connection

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