Five Pieces You Can Make Yourself

Five Pieces You Can Make Yourself

Everyone winds up in a pinch sometimes and needs to make a household piece… Or maybe you’re just feeling creative! Either way, I’ve picked five dope ideas on how to get super baked if you ever find yourself stranded without a piece!

1. The Apple Pipe


Everyone knows about the apples! Drill a small hole down through the stem, about halfway down the inside of the apple. Then, make two more holes on either side of the apple that connect to the vertical hole in the center. Now grab a screen, stick in it the top, fill it with weed and smoke away! I like to smoke these every so often just because I think it’s cool to smoke out of a fruit.

2. The Gravity Bong

So you’ll need a lighter, some tinfoil, two bottles (one must be bigger than the other), a tool to make small holes with (like a needle), and a knife (or scissors). Start off by taking the cap off of the smaller bottle and puncturing a hole in it. Use your knife to make the hole bigger. This will be where the bowl is so don’t make it too big. Tear off a piece of tinfoil and gently mold it to the inside of the cap. Make sure that the tinfoil bowl fits snugly in the hole in the cap. Take your hole poking tool and make a few small holes in the bottom of the tinfoil bowl. Don’t make them too big or your weed will just fall through. Now, cut off the bottom of the smaller bottle that you have. You can either use a sink, a bucket, or a larger bottle for the second piece. If you decide to use a bottle, make sure it’s a decent amount bigger than the first bottle. Cut off the top of this bottle. Fill it about halfway up with water. Place your weed inside the bowl on the cap and place the smaller bottle inside the larger bottle. Make sure you don’t twist the cap on before putting the bottle in the water. Otherwise, your weed will fly out all over the place. Light the herb and slowly pull the bottle up out of the water (the chamber should fill with smoke). Unscrew the cap on the bottle and push the bottle back down, inhaling the smoke as you do. There you go! Your own gravity bong!

3. A Snowball Pipe


I’ve never heard this but I stumbled across it on the Internet and since I’m a snowboarder, figured that people who like outdoor winter sports would appreciate this. So have you ever been out on the mountain and realized that you forgot your piece? It’s definitely happened to me and this guy on the web said that when it happened to him and his friends, they would make little snowball bowls, basically the same way that you would make an apple bowl. Just made out of snow! I recommend taking off your gloves though. While your hands might be cold for a bit, it’s better than soggy mittens!

4. Jäger Roller


As a bartender, I see a lot of glass bottles get tossed out and let’s admit that liquor bottles are pretty awesome. My boyfriend asked me to bring some home one day and I managed to score a huge Jager bottle. I brought it home and my boyfriend took a diamond drill bit (you have to use diamond! Anything else will shatter the glass and the bit must be hollow!) and some molding clay and went outside. He molded the clay in to a small doughnut and placed it on the bottle. Then, you slowly start drilling in to the bottle at an angle, making sure to pour small amounts of water in to the small center of the doughnut as you drill. GO SLOW! The glass will crack if you try to rush through this. After you drill the hole, rinse out the bottle. You can either use a bowl head from another piece or make one out of tinfoil for this but just stick it in the hole that you drilled and bam! You have a dope Jager bottle steamroller. Trust me, this is a piece that is totally worth making!

5. Pill Bottle Pipe


You’re going to need an empty pill bottle, two 1/4” metal tubing cut at 2′, and a metal bowl (the bowl, 1/4′ tubing should be threaded female and male ends). Carefully insert 3 holes into the bottle. One in the top, this will be used for the your metal bowl and tubing. Any hardware store should have what you are looking for and it wont brake the bank. Next insert two holes on the side, one on top of each other. Insert the second 1/4′ tubing into the top hole.

So there you have it! Five ways to get yourself out of a pinch or just to have a piece that no one else does! Make sure that you’re careful while constructing these and don’t try to get too crazy creating new ways to smoke out of house hold items! I hope that you find these useful!

Stay high!
Miss Botwin

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  1. Luke says:

    Actually to make a better/healthier GB. All you need is to make two holes at the bottom of a water bottle. Then with the cap get a Socket wrench piece ( Easier and healthier than tinfoil ) and light the cap until it is soft enough to just push the socket piece through (Dont burn it to much or the whole will be to big). It normally only takes a try or two but it doesn’t break or burn like tinfoil.

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