Cannabis Pleasure Lube

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews

We’ve gone over the subject of cannabis and sex, two things that seem to go very well together. You can’t deny that, am I right? But while sometimes, you just smoke too much bud and pass out or the added annoyance of passing a joint back and forth while you’re banging can be a nuisance. Fortunately for stoner couples everywhere, there is a new product coming out that is surely going to enhance the time you spend in bed with your partner!


The Aphrodite Group is a California based medical marijuana collective that has taken on the task of creating a lube that will not only add some grease but will enhance the feelings of both parties as well. The lube is called Foria and the Aphrodite Group states that the purpose of this lube is to “benefit women’s health and well being by opening the door to natural and euphoric pleasure”. The product won’t get the user high if you’re planning on using it just as lube but will enhance the sensual nature of the act. However, the lube is also edible. When ingested, it will give the user the same kind of high that one would get from weed brownies. The only downside? The price! Running at $88 a bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap. But with such awesome sexual effects, it’s pretty worth scrounging up the money to buy a bottle, right?


Sprays like this are great for the cannabis industry, as it shows the many different uses for the plant. Instead of popping pills like Viagra and other drugs, a person can simply use a plant based substance that will enhance physical feeling, as well as the spiritual feeling of sex. With more cannabis based creams, sexual lubricants, and other beauty product emerging, it just gives the plant more credibility. Not only is it a medicine, but also a way to improve your cosmetic/sex life as well, plus the hundreds of other benefits.


Marijuana has long been used as a sort of aphrodisiac, especially in the country of India, where ancient tribes used the plant in order to boost libido. Basically, the original idea of what the Aphrodite Group is doing now. While the lube can only be sold to those with their medical marijuana license as of right now (and is only available in the state of California), it will hopefully spread to other states as well as to people who don’t currently hold a license to buy cannabis. As said above, drugs such as Viagra are not natural and can have adverse side effects for some users. A natural, more positive medicine to assist with loss of sexual appetite could absolutely benefit people of all ages.

Cannabis Pleasure Lube; Stoner Reviews


Budsuds; Stoner Reviews

There’s a lot of products out there that stoners in illegal states can’t get their hands on. This includes concentrates and correctly made (and dosed) edibles but also extends to skin care, makeup, and hair products. Even products with the smallest amounts of THC can’t be obtained by those in illegal states, which is extremely unfortunate seeing as how cannabis has amazing effects for people suffering from eczema, uneven skin tones, rashes, dandruff, and other skin/beauty problems that seem to plague the everyday stoner. So for those that are stuck in places where cannabis is still illegal, thankfully, there’s a company that makes completely legal, absolutely amazing soaps that anyone, anywhere can purchase without worry of breaking the law.


Budsuds is a small company set on making the best soap for today’s stoner. And they’re doing a really good job at it! The soaps come in a multitude of different scents, all of which are amazing for when you just want to relax in the shower or bath. From AK-47 to Trainwreck to Honey Spice, these aromas are sure to appeal to everyone. The soaps don’t smell like the strains they’re named after but utilize other organic materials to make their soaps, providing a natural way to keep clean. The soap also doesn’t leave that normally slimy residue that store bought soaps do. Trust me, your skin will absolutely love this stuff. Especially for those stoners who suffer with dry skin in the colder areas, this soap is highly recommended for it’s moisturizing effects.


Considering that there are so many soaps out there that contain dangerous chemicals and perfumes that can cause rashes, broken skin, and other skin surface issues, making the switch to something organic should be something you consider. Especially Budsuds. Every bar is made with stoner love and hard work, not only making the soap a great product but therefore making Budsuds a great company to support. You won’t be disappointed by snagging a bar of this stuff, if you have a skin issue or not. Using Budsuds soap on your skin is far better then what you can purchase in stores so be sure to check out their store at

Budsuds; Stoner Reviews

Rollaboard Shirts

RollaBoard Shirts; Stoner Reviews

Everyone is on the go these days, including stoners. Hey, we have to pay for our weed somehow, right? So when you’re sitting in your car, waiting for your next shift to start and you want to smoke but all you have are papers, what are you supposed to do? Rolling a joint or blunt on a dashboard is extremely inconvenient… And conspicuous. Thankfully, some stoners are incredibly creative and one in particular has created something that will help smokers everywhere roll joints literally whenever they want.


Rollawear is a company that was formed May of last year, when the founder was attempting to roll a joint on a ticket. Definitely not an easy feat. So he thought, “well what if this was a shirt… and you could roll on the shirt?” The idea was born. Rollawear produces shirts that have a built in piece of material near the bottom hem that serves as an impromptu rolling board whenever you need it. No more stealing McDonalds trays! Not only that, but a shirt is super sneaky and from the outside, you can’t tell that the material is there.

The shirts are totally safe for machine washing and drying. They come in a couple of different colors and the logo is tucked in to a corner of the shirt so you can wear them everywhere. There’s also plenty of space left for a company to add a logo or name to the shirt if they so desire. Each shirt is made with the customer in mind and all attempts to keep pricing fair are made. Not only that but 10% of profits are donated to marijuana related causes, among others. Can’t really argue with a company that actually gives back to the movement!


You can purchase the Rollawear shirts online on their website (please excuse the construction!) at Innovative stoners that create things like this are definitely a huge asset to the marijuana community. If we support each other, it looks better to the people that are constantly scrutinizing us. Plus, how can you argue with being able to roll up whenever, where ever you want because there’s a rolling board build in to your shirt.

RollaBoard Shirts; Stoner Reviews