420 Tee Shirts

420 Tee Shirts – Stoner Shirts 

When that special time of day rolls around you want to breathe, be, and feel the 420, and there’s no better way to do that than to wrap yourself inside some sweet 420 shirts.


It’s more than being high, more than simply smoking weed, but a billboard to everyone around you that Mary isn’t just an acquaintance, but a very dear lover.

With so many daring and new styles to get your hands on, there’s no reason for you to not to feel right at home in these awesome THC threads. It doesn’t matter how you like to toke,

“getting lifted is all about the journey and what it takes to get you there.”


Just like we find new strains that excite us and bring us to that happy place, clothing should be the same way. Find one that speaks to you and run with it, throw it on for every session and bring it in as part of your ritual.

Four twenty has been being passed down from one stoner generation to the next, never skipping a beat. The story of a group of Cali friends secretly getting together on campus to get toasted is legendary and always will be. 420 shirts are a way to honor those monumental smokies that came before us,

“paving the way to ecstasy.”


This is a new day and age for us, so many new horizons and new heights to be reached. The time has passed where stoners were stereotyped as tie-dye wearing bums, oh no, we’ve got style. As stoners we’re filled with creative flare and pizzazz, personalities that shine like gold and nugs just as bright.

“Shake things up with 420 Shirts and leave the tie-dye for the hacky sackin’ later.”


When you decide to step out in these shirts you actually decide a lot of things at once. You choose not to worry, not to stress and think but let go and be free. No longer caught up in chasing a high, but actually being it. Comfortable space expeditions deserve to be done in comfortable clothing… live it up stoner.


420 Tee Shirts – Stoner Shirts