Blunts Vs Joints

Blunts Vs Joints

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Blunts Vs Joints


It’s time to smoke and time has officially run out, you have to make a decision and now! So which will it be blunts or joints?

This age old question seems to be the only thing that separates the pot head generation. What is it that makes blunt lovers run to the Philies when it’s four twenty, or doobie lovers pull out the rolling papers whenever there’s Mary around? So many deciding factors to look into when choosing the smoking apparatus of your choice, is there really one that’s better than the other? Let’s take a look at some of their features that really get us going.



Blunts are a strong feel good smoke that have gangsta appeal, yet also the allure of a classic black and white film.

The aromatic scents that can be produced from a blunt are purely hypnotic, they tickle nostrils and taste sweet. There’s nothing in the world that could be more precise and perfect than the moment that you place that lit fat Swisher to your lips. Blunts are slow burning and can last extra long depending on your rolling techniques, this makes for longer sessions and more time playing amongst the clouds. These guys are also perfect for packing lots and lots of medicinal dank herb into without the worry of tearing….fatty’s here we come.



Joints are calm, cool, and collected, and they always will be.

They’re great for a quick smoke on the go, and are easy to pre-roll and take with you wherever you go. Doobies have always been the choice for the health concious smoker because there are less harmful chemicals involved when smoking. There are plenty of all natural rolling papers that the smoker can buy for a complely natural toke. Many smokers like lighting their joints with a hemp wick, making sure they’re not inhaling any harmful carcinogens, this is a major plus for medical marijuana patients.  Joint lovers swear by the clean smoke and natural taste that allow them to completely taste their Kush rather than any artificial flavors.


All of these reasons and more add to the factors that lead you one way or another at the head shop counter. No matter what you’re style is the main focus is to get higher than you thought you ever could, and to smile while doing it, happy blunts and doobs stoners!

Blunts Vs Joints

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