What Is THC CBD and CBN

What Is THC CBD and CBN – Stoner Guide


To be one with Cannabis Sativa means that you know her inside and out, you know how she makes you feel and just how she goes about doing it.

MJ is filled with wonderful little things inside of it that make it the wonderful super plant that it is. Without these special ingredients people from all over the world may not even know her name. THC, CBD, AND CBN are just three of these ingredients that  work together as brothers in this marijuana thing. They use teamwork to strategically get smokers and high and happy through a series of checks and balances. Depending on the percentages of these three things, determines how your high will be felt, how long, and how strong it will feel.



THC is the main psychoactive active ingredient in Cannabis Sativa. THC or tetrahydrocannibinol is what gets you high, the higher amount of THC your bud has, the higher you’ll be.  This snazzy little ingredient is all of our best friend, and without her there would be no rocketships to the moon.



Cannabidiol or CBD acts like a booster for the THC, it can increase it’s effects but can also work to decrease them as well, all depending on the percentages in the ganja. A high THC content mixed with low CBD levels is a winning combination for a strong and potent high that’ll have you loving your trip to the sky. CBD is a psychoactive ingredient meaning that it has a wide range of medicinal issues that it works great for, including schizophrenia, other persoanality disorders, and epilepsy. CBD is also said to increase your reaction time and alertness, without this little guy things in Mary’s life would be a lot more boring.



Cannabinol aka CBN is what is produced when the THC begins to break down and become older. This is all part of the oxidation process, when this is happening the user often feels “sluggish” or stuck as the high is coming down. Couch lock isn’t just another reason to be lazy, but actually  the active ingredients inside MJ doing their thing and pretty much making you glue your buns to the seat and eat all those donuts….it’s science!

What Is THC CBD and CBN

Blunts Vs Joints

Blunts Vs Joints

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Blunts Vs Joints


It’s time to smoke and time has officially run out, you have to make a decision and now! So which will it be blunts or joints?

This age old question seems to be the only thing that separates the pot head generation. What is it that makes blunt lovers run to the Philies when it’s four twenty, or doobie lovers pull out the rolling papers whenever there’s Mary around? So many deciding factors to look into when choosing the smoking apparatus of your choice, is there really one that’s better than the other? Let’s take a look at some of their features that really get us going.



Blunts are a strong feel good smoke that have gangsta appeal, yet also the allure of a classic black and white film.

The aromatic scents that can be produced from a blunt are purely hypnotic, they tickle nostrils and taste sweet. There’s nothing in the world that could be more precise and perfect than the moment that you place that lit fat Swisher to your lips. Blunts are slow burning and can last extra long depending on your rolling techniques, this makes for longer sessions and more time playing amongst the clouds. These guys are also perfect for packing lots and lots of medicinal dank herb into without the worry of tearing….fatty’s here we come.



Joints are calm, cool, and collected, and they always will be.

They’re great for a quick smoke on the go, and are easy to pre-roll and take with you wherever you go. Doobies have always been the choice for the health concious smoker because there are less harmful chemicals involved when smoking. There are plenty of all natural rolling papers that the smoker can buy for a complely natural toke. Many smokers like lighting their joints with a hemp wick, making sure they’re not inhaling any harmful carcinogens, this is a major plus for medical marijuana patients.  Joint lovers swear by the clean smoke and natural taste that allow them to completely taste their Kush rather than any artificial flavors.


All of these reasons and more add to the factors that lead you one way or another at the head shop counter. No matter what you’re style is the main focus is to get higher than you thought you ever could, and to smile while doing it, happy blunts and doobs stoners!

Blunts Vs Joints

Difference Between Indica Sativa Hybrid

Difference Between Indica Sativa Hybrid

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, July, 5th 2013 by THCFinder


Mary Jane is a beautiful and indepth lady that comes in three main clasifications, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Depending on which one of these you have the pleasure of feasting on determines what kind of high ride you’ll experience. Some strains make you feel more upbeat while others slow you down a bit, this all has to do with it’s indica, sativa, or hybrid classification.



Indica strains have a very mellow feel to them. They have the potential to chill out the vibe of the entire room, most often felt in the form of a nice body buzz. Muscles begin to relax and stress completely leaves the equation as an option. Medical marijuana patients that have issues with insomnia will often be prescribed heavy indica strains to help them get to sleep and stay sleep, it’s really no match for the chill vibes that this bud brings to the table. Arthritis patients and people suffering from other muscle ailments benefit from indicas as well, that body buzz isn’t just making you feel insanely good for no reason, but it’s also pain relieving as well. When you’re in the mood to do nothing but let the smooth THC tides wash over you, inhale deep because that’s what’s to follow.



Sativa is the kind of tree you want if you’re looking for a jump start kind of high, these strains are good for any kinds of outdoor activites, or any instance where you’d want to be more active or alert. Saitva’s are known for taking your toasty-ness straight to the brain and giving you a very intense head high. These rides are often paried with a face numbing “mask” like feeling that likes to start at your eyes and work its way through all the canals of your brain….and gut busting giggles. The climax of a sativa high will have you more on the hyped up side, wanting to do nothing more than love the world and be free.



The best of both worlds is what you’ll get with a hybrid. These are strains that are both Indica and Sativa. Hybrids can either be indica or sativa domianat, meaning that one percentage is higher than the other. Some hybrids are so well bred together that the percentages can be pretty close to equal. The advantage to this is that you get to feel both kinds of exciting highs with just one bowl. What you usually end up with is a unique high special to both parents where you’ll experience a head high accompalnied by a smooth body vibe as well. With tons upon tons of Mary Jane to smoke the hybridds list is pretty long, and just waiting for you to explore her.

Now that you’ve got the 411 on what you’ve been smoking, it’s time to get to the 420 and feel what all the talk is about.

Difference Between Indica Sativa Hybrid