Stoner Apparel – Staying Blazed

Stoner Apparel – Staying Blazed


If what you wear is a reflection of what you love, then what stoner doesn’t love staying blazed? Our new clothing line offers a range of Mary Jane friendly designs, all created by different artists with different styles. Many stoners are not afraid to openly display their love for Mary Jane. This particular graphic is simple in its monochromatic color scheme but detailed in its design. Perfect for the male or female stoner, it is all-seeing and flying high.

The earliest symbol of the eye dates back to ancient Egypt with the heiroglyphic Eye of Horus. Also known as the Eye of Ra, this symbol represents protection and good health. The masonic perspective of the human eye which is often framed by a pyramid, represents seeing the truth or an all-seeing omniscient view of the world. The eye is not only significant in looking out but also looking in, as many consider it the window to our souls. It is also symbolic in the stoner world as oftentimes we may be able to act sober, but our eyes can never lie. Be it the redness, the dilated pupils, the droopy eyelids or the euphoria, a stoner’s eye is the is the microscope into our higher minds.

Combining this loaded symbol with wings, the symbol of Mercury (or Hermes) who represents transition and boundaries, achieves the idea of a higher consciousness. There are many interpretations of the symbols on this shirt, especially when the mind is being caressed by Mary Jane, however the one binding stoner symbol that brings this imagery full circle, is 420.

This shirt is offered in different flavors for different stoners. We’re talkin’ tank tops, we’re talkin’ crew necks, we’re talkin’ sweatshirts and long sleeves, we’re talkin’ girls, we’re talkin’ dudes, we’re talkin’ phone covers, we’re talkin’ colors. Peruse and choose, explore all that StonerDays has to offer. Represent our symbols of the sacred herb and help us share our message. By supporting StonerDays, you are supporting more than just a website. You are supporting artists, writers, dancers, singers, lovers, activists and of course, stoners like you. Treat yourself to our 420% Staying Blazed apparel and click me!


Stoner Apparel – Staying Blazed

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