California Grapefruit

California Grapefruit – Marijuana Strain Review



THC content 12-15%

One Hit Goes a Long Way

California grapefruit is a unique blend of many of the famous indica strains such as skunk #1, northern lights, and Afghani. This has quickly become a favorite amongst growers for its auto flowering trait and relatively short growing time, being about 7 ½ to 9 weeks. The size of this cannabis plant is on the shorter side, making it ideal for indoor growing. It’s also easy to trim and each plant can produce at least an ounce. This Cali native has a long lasting high and great body response that is perfect for alleviating muscle tension, inspiring creativity, and putting your mind to rest, cancelling depression.


The Review:

The lengthy stone that California grapefruit gives is enough to make any marijuana smoker giddy from the thought. This high can last up to 4 ½ hours maybe longer, and knows how to peak in all the proper places. It has the tendency to silently creep up behind you and whisper, “you’re high”. The way it unexpectedly hits you is exciting and leaves your body feeling satisfied. It lives up to its name and does have a mild grapefruit taste to it that adds a sophisticated quality to the smoke. Earthy undertones and other citrus flavors accompany the taste as well. This is an intense body stone that tingles and sends you into an instant state of well-being.

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