Indica Strains with Super High THC Levels in Canada

The Most Potent Indica Strains in Canada

Indica Strains with Super High THC Levels in Canada

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When it comes to Indica strains, there are many different variations, with each type having certain effects on the user. The most potent indica strains tend to be more sedating and provide users with a heavy body high that can induce relaxation and ease stress. It can also promote an appetite and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Indica strains are often used to treat chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress. If you’re new to smoking weed or have never tried an Indica strain before then keep reading!

We’ll be going over what exactly makes an indica strain so special, the potential side effects of this kind of cannabis, as well as our top five favorite indica strains in Canada right now.

You can find these strains on several online cannabis dispensary websites.

What Is an Indica Strain?

In general, indica strains are known for being more sedating, providing the user with a heavy body high that often relaxes the muscles, but can also be helpful in promoting an appetite.

Indica strains can also act as an anti-anxiety or a sleeping aid and are often used for treating chronic pain.

Indica strains are typically associated with having a lower THC level and higher percentages of CBD. The higher CBD levels in indica strains make them more relaxing, help with insomnia, decrease anxiety, and can help with certain kinds of headaches.

Because of their heavier effects, many people prefer indica strains if they have a chronic pain condition, are looking to relax after a long day, or just want to chill out on the couch and watch some Netflix.

How Does an Indica Strain Affect the Body?

As we mentioned above, indica strains are known for inducing a heavier body high, which can be useful for treating pain and some mental disorders.

Indica strains can cause your muscles to relax, which can be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain or are looking for full-body relaxation.

Additionally, indica strains can also help induce sleep, which can be beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia. Indica strains may also cause a reduction in motor skills, which can be especially problematic for those who drive or operate complex machinery, so be cautious when consuming.

Potential Side Effects of Indica Strains

Indica strains are known for being more sedating and having higher CBD levels.

While these qualities can be beneficial in treating certain conditions, they can sometimes cause unwanted side effects in certain users.

Indica strains can sometimes lead to feelings of lethargy, which can make it more challenging to complete tasks that require mental clarity, such as driving.

Additionally, if the indica strain has a low amount of CBD, the side effects of the strain can change drastically. For example, a high THC indica strain with low CBD can cause anxiety. Always check the ratio of THC to CBD in your flower, regardless of the type of plant.

5 Best Potent Indica Strains in Canada

There are thousands of indica strains out there, each with its own unique qualities and aspects. However, the following five strains are on the top of our list for potency/THC. All of these strains are readily available to order in Canada:

1.   Jelly Mint – 31% THC

Jelly Mint is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created through breeding Animal Mint and Jelly Breath (70% Indica/30% sativa). It is an excellent choice for either pain relief or watching a movie. Its gas flavour is wonderful with a subtle grape aftertaste.

This strain has heavy indica effects, leading to highly euphoric sensations followed by an intense couch-lock. It’s highly sedative effects are great for those looking to treat insomnia.

Reviews of this strain have shown it to be incredibly tasty and perfect for lovers of gassy diesel strains.

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2. Jetz – 31% THC

Jetz is a indica-dominant hybrid strain that produces a generous amount of resin and has a sweet, fruity aroma. It was derived from crossing the Blue Sherbet/Gelato Cross strain lines.

The flowers are powerful and relaxing, making them perfect for an evening toke before bed. Jetz is a hybrid strain with both Sativa and indica genetics. This strain provides you with a sweet, fruity taste accompanied by an energetic and uplifting feeling.

You will sense the difference with Jetz! It has an incredible family history and unmatched potency. It provides you with a relaxing, stress-alleviating effect, in addition to an unmatched ability to deliver powerful indica effects. These spectacular flowers offer an exclusive taste and unmatched ability to alleviate stress.

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3. Wagyu Pink – 33-35% THC

Wagyu Pink is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid cross of La Confidential and Pink Kush (90% indica/10% sativa), its superb appearance and pungent aroma make it a wonderful option for indica lovers.

Its flavour is sweet and flowery with a strong gassy overtone. The high of this strain begins immediately after you exhale, starting with mental effects before moving to the body. The THC levels in this strain are 33 – 35% THC.

In addition to making you feel lifted, it also creates a sense of calm that eliminates any negative or racing thoughts. As the calmness spreads through your body, your body will become physically calm and you will be immobilized from head to toe, resulting in deep sedation.

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4. Donkey Breath – 29% THC

Donkey Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% Indica/30% Sativa) that produces a mellow high and has a 29% THC content. This heavy indica provides a mellow high that’s perfect for a casual user.

The high starts with a euphoric lift that improves your mood and soothes mental discomfort. It then produces a body high that warms you without weighing you down or locking you to the couch.

You might feel a little sluggish or hungry at times, but that’s about it. It’s also good for treating patients with migraines, chronic pain, muscle spasms, or appetite loss due to its high THC content.

Because of the euphoric lift that boosts your mood and the chill haze that alleviates your mental pain, this blend is perfect for less experienced individuals. The body buzz that warms you without weighing you down or causing couchlock is what accompanies this lift.

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5. Kade’s Kush – 25-30%

Kade’s Kush is an OG Kush/Chem Dawg cross and has an average THC level of 25-30%, making it one of the heaviest hitters in the country.

This celebrity child contains the terpenes nerolidol, caryophyllene, and pinene in addition to its high THC content. Kade’s Kush is available across Alberta but you may have trouble finding it in other provinces.


We hope our top 5 list of potent indica cannabis strains that are available in Canada. These strains are some of the finest flower you will find across the country and they are all readily available to order. So what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on some dank chronic and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you right away. Happy blazing!