Power Plant

Power Plant – Marijuana Strain Review

Sativa dominant hybrid


THC content 12.6-15.2%, CBD content 0.08-2.15%

Power Plant was created in 1997 by Dutch Passion Seed Company in Amsterdam. It comes from a new strain of South African sativa and has been inbred only. With an enormous yield, it is best grown indoor or in a greenhouse. Power Plant can be grown outdoors, however that starts her flowering late. It provides a powerful social head buzz, making the patient extremely loquacious. Power Plant is best for treating social anxiety, depression, ADD, stress, and chronic pain. Because of its sativa heritage it is best to consume it in the daytime because of its high energy effects.

The Review:

The nugs are dark green with orange hairs and plenty of hypnotic trichomes. Power Plant’s aroma as well as its taste is very subtle and piney. A very mellow and uplifting sativa that can be enjoyed even by avid indica smokers.