Stoners Guide: Marijuana For PMS

Stoners Guide: Marijuana For PMS

PMS is a serious issue for women and men alike! Not only does it suck for females but I can’t see guys enjoying a cranky girlfriend! It’s an unfortunate part of life that girls have to deal with. But since it happens, we should know how to fend off cramps and cranky attitudes!

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What better way to solve these problems than smoking cannabis!? Well I’m here to let you know that when you’re feeling the annoying symptoms of PMS, Mary Jane is here to he safest, fastest way to combat Mother Nature!


Cannabis has been used as a cramp relieving substance since the 1800s. When marijuana was in the worst of the drug war, women were given all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs to “help” them cope with the symptoms of PMS. Doctors were prescribing painkillers, anti-depressants, and muscle relaxers for the symptoms of the condition and ALL of those pills have seriously negative side effects, including addiction and the possibility of overdosing, coupled with the potential of suicidal thoughts.


Besides that, I know that chocolate is good for PMS and what will make you eat more chocolate than pot? It will let you chill out and relax instead of your writhing in pain. Exercise is also good for PMS and getting high before a work out is a personal favorite of mine, especially if I’m going for a run or doing something outside. It will help dull the pain long enough for you to get outside and get your muscles working rather than cramping!


While the drugs mentioned above may assist the pain associated with PMS, they don’t take effect right away. Some girls get such severe pains that they’re stuck on the couch, curled up in the fetal position. Marijuana is an immediate, healthy way to counteract the symptoms brought on by PMS that really has no negative side effects. It’s much easier to get a hold of than most perscription medicines, not to mention much less dangerous.

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So, ladies, next time you need some relief, smoke a bowl. And for all the guys out there that cower from their PMSing girlfriends, just bring her a bushel of bud, bring her a silly movie, and roll her the best blunt she’s ever smoked!

Writing By: Miss Botwin

Stoners Guide: Marijuana For PMS

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