Mars OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain’s Review

Mars OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain’s Review

THC content 16.53-21.75%, CBD content 0.09-0.6%

Mars OG is a rather mysterious strain. One of the many so-called planetary strains such as Jupiter and Earth, the genetics seem to, quite possibly on purpose, remain somewhat of a mystery. One theory is that Mars OG is a Fire OG phenotype. Grown in San Diego, California, Mars OG is one of the few hybrids that smokes as if it were a perfect 50/50 with the heavy body high of an OG Kush and the lively and energetic head buzz of a sativa. It best relieves stress, nausea, insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain and anxiety. Many have jested, however, that similar to the red hue of its nomenclature, one may experience extremely red eyes, so be sure to keep those eye drops handy if you are planning to breach the public sphere.


The Review:

The nugs appear as a medium to dark green with an almost golden hue. Covered in reddish orange hairs and lightly glistening trichomes, these buds closely resemble our beloved red planet. Mars OG possesses the classic aroma of an OG Kush with a diesel undertone. The flavor is also very close to a classic OG Kush with a hashy note upon exhaling.

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