Blow One

Stoner Dictionary | Blow One

Blow One: verb 1. the act of smoking marijuana

Example: 1. “Hey Jill, I was thinking maybe we could get together later and blow one,” the romantic. 2. “Yeah we won the game! The guys and I are going back to my place to blow one,” the jock. 3. “Life is like a falling tree, let’s blow one and talk death scenarios,” the goth.

Sometimes you just need to blow one; light up that doobie and start the inhale and exhale process. It is a commonly used term which means to smoke weed. No specific method is excluded in this term, you could use a bong, pipe, vaporizer, blunt, joint or whatever!

If it contains M.J. then you’re blowing one.

The term comes from the act of one actually blowing out smoke once it is inhaled and until it is gone. It’s a perfect term to describe smoking and is still a favorite used by many. As diverse as you may be, there’s always room in your life to blow one. As a matter of fact it is mandatory here at StonerDays to go outside whenever one feels the need and to go partake. It’s probably the best place to work in the world. 


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