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Blunt: noun 1. A cigar leaf (or wrapper) filled with ground marijuana instead of tobacco

Origin: a popular cigar brand, Phillies Blunts, gutted of tobacco and filled with cannabis.

Example: “Smoke a blunt, nice and slow, hold the smoke then let it go.” – Afroman

You may not have read the comic book “Blunt Man and Chronic,” but one thing is for sure, when you show up at a friend’s house with a cigar sized dose of your favorite cannabis variety, your intentions could not be any blunter. The term blunt was coined during the 19th century because of the rounded tip as traditional cigars have a tapered tip because tobacco leaves are naturally tapered. There are two parts that make up a traditional blunt wrap and that is the inner leaf which is primarily made of tobacco, and a thicker outer leaf which is, quite literally, made out of a single tobacco leaf. Modern blunt wraps are now made with tobacco pulp rather than pure tobacco, making the flavor a little more concealed and not masking the taste of the marijuana.

Phillies Blunts were one of the first brands to make the wraps out of a single leaf instead of the traditional two leaf structure.

In addition to the differentiation between the rounded tip and the tapered tip, the definition of a blunt also pertained to the single leaf structure made popular by Phillies Blunts. In the 1970s, the single leaf structure evolved into a process known as spiral binding. Spiral binding is the method of a continuous spiral wrap from the mouthpiece to the tip making this blunt wrap better sealed and cheaper to produce.

The practice of rolling, or packing a cigar with sweet Mary Jane, has been popularized by music and film. Blunts are especially popular amongst the hip hop community as they are mentioned in several rap and hip songs as well as smoked by several famous hip hop artists. So much that even mainstream corporations have jumped on board this bold trend with exciting new products targeted towards tokers. From flavored “blunt wraps” to “blunt splitters,” stoners can easily and tastefully join the blunt revolution. Many of the flavored blunt wraps now come in exotic flavors ranging from wild honey to gin and juice, adding a tasty bonus to your normal weed smoking experience. To some, the rich tobacco flavor of traditional blunt wraps is enough and to purists, any flavor other than weed is undesirable. Before the multitude of blunt wraps available at most head shops and convenient stores, the process of “gutting the blunt” was splitting pre-rolled Phillies, Swisher Sweets or many other brand names, tossing the tobacco inside and replacing it with cannabis. Moistening of these wraps, usually with saliva, is often necessary as they are generally a little drier and tend to crack and peel. Pick up a pack of “Green Apple Skins” or roll it up old school with a Phillies Blunt or Swisher Sweet,

and wherever you go be bold, be brave, and be blunted.

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