Stoner Dictionary | Bogart

Bogart: verb/noun 1. to keep for oneself, to hoard 2. to be a selfish person

Origin: Humphrey Bogart was a very popular movie star in the 1950’s rarely seen without a cigarette dangling in his mouth.

Example: “Don’t bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me.” – Fraternity of Man (1968)

If you’re not singing along by now then I recommend you go out and pick up a copy of the stoner cult classic Easy Rider. This late 1960’s film, starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, put the word “bogart” in the mouths of every “head” that didn’t have a fat dack in it. Like most of the cannabis culture’s lingo, this particular term not only stuck but seems to be deeply rooted in stoner society. Not only referring to being “slow with the dro,” the word has seemingly become a philosophy of sharing and caring for one another. From a couple of bucks for breakfast to a place to crash for the night, smokers continue to be examples for compassion,

because after all, no one likes a bogart.

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