Top 10 stoner icons

Top 10 stoner icons

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is 100% a pot smoking legend and was a true stoner through and through. He still represents marijuana culture in a very major way today and can be found on lighters, bongs, rolling papers, t-shirts, you name it. There are countless amounts of pictures of Marley with a fat doobie hanging from his mouth that he was rarely without. His great soulful music is a reflection of the things he believed in, and he mentions smoking ganja more than just a lot.

For Bob Marley,weed wasn’t just about getting high, or using it as a means of medication, he believed that marijuana was very spiritual and played a big part of the openness and creativity he was able to tap into as an artist. He once said, “when you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Pot smokers around the world identify with Bob Marley for his cool laid back vibes that penetrate through his music and his messages of smoking hella weed while staying positive and uplifted.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix-marijuana
The music of Hendrix could have easily supplied an entire psychedelic stoner soundtrack. His music is background to a life filled with music festivals and lots of weed. Part of who Jimi Hendrix was, was reflected by his rocker lifestyle and party stoner attitude.

He chronically smoked marijuana and used LSD and both of these influences played a big role in the directions he took with his music and he felt that cannabis added another creative dimension to his art.


Cheech and Chong

This comedy duo is notoriously known for two things, being outrageously funny, and their passionate love for cannabis and getting stoned. Their movies rocked the 70’s and 80’s and in an era filled with drugs and free love they fit right in. Their movies are great to get stoned to, all four movies being co-written and directed by Tommy Chong obviously and written from a stoner’s point of view.

Even though there was plenty of weed smoke in their scenes, Cheech and Chong both say there was no lighting up when the cameras were rolling. “We tried and we wasted so much film”, said Tommy Chong when referring to a scene in their movie “Up in Smoke”. “We were in the car waiting for the cue, you know and the camera’s rolling and we’re sitting there you know, and neither one of us heard the cue”. You can bet that when the cameras were turned off they were getting baked out of their minds. Cheech and Chong helped bring a piece of marijuana culture to the big screen with a big bang, and lots of weed smoke.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a true country-rock star to the core, but has also proven to be a strong activist for the legalization of marijuana. In Nelson’s book entitled, “Roll me up and Smoke me When I Die”, he further expresses his love of smoking pot and how he clearly has no plans on hanging up his bong anytime soon.

In a recent “Today” show interview while discussing his marijuana use of course, Willie said that he’s never stopped smoking cannabis due to the fact that he has “never seen any side effects that really are harmful to me.” Still there are those that maintain the idea that weed smoking is harmful to your health with continuous use, and to that Nelson responds, “I’m the canary in the mine, I’m 80 years old, check me out.” He stands to have a very valid point and continues to stay vibrant in his old age with his long braids and stoned face as always.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator turned Governor has also had some experience as a stoner as well. Schwarzenegger is quite known for smoking herb in the 70’s  when he was heavily involved with body building. Arnold says yes, he smoked a lot of weed back in the day, especially during the filming of his bodybuilding documentary, “Pumping Iron”. To this day he maintains that he’s never taken any drugs, and that “marijuana is not a drug, it’s a leaf.”

While Governor of California he signed the California Decriminalization Bill that changed the crime of possession of an ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a mere infraction, thanks Arnold! This should send the message that as stoners, more of us need to seriously consider going into politics.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has made it very clear over the years that she smoked weed, loves weed, and continues to smoke weed. As one of the co-star hosts of “The View” she has openly admitted to smoking herb and voices her opinion as an advocate for the legalization of Mary Jane.

Controversy stirred when a video  of Whoopi Goldberg admitting to smoking a fatty before her Oscar acceptance speech in 1991 went viral. She said that during the show she just had to relax, ” So I smoked this joint that was the last of my homegrown, and honey when he said my name I was like, oh fuck, oh fuck, up the stairs, onto the podium, grab the statue, I knew I shouldn’t have done it”. She also said, ” I learned a great lesson though, never smoke pot before there’s the possibility of having to talk to one hundred million people”. Pretty funny story! Every pot head has at least one story where getting toasted has led to some type of social mishap, Whoopi sure has hers.

Sir Richard Branson

With a name like “Sir” as the suffix to his name, it’s obvious that he means business and today he manages to be the 236th richest human in the entire world, and also a stoner. Branson is owner and founder of his Virgin empire and knows how to make money in everything form record labels and stores to cell phones. He’s very well known for the outspoken position he plays in the petition to decriminalize marijuana.

He’s stated that he loves smoking weed with his 21 year old son, that’s there’s absolutely nothing wrong with smoking it, and says that in the event that it’s ever legalized he would of course, sell it.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee
Being the master of his craft like he was, and simply good at being overly cool, of course Bruce Lee smoked weed! In the book, “Tao of Bruce Lee” it says that Lee would arrive at a party and start passing out joints, but his personal favorite was eating hashish and brownies. He also chewed cannabis root and believed that it helped his muscles to be more relaxed and fluid in his fighting.

At the time of his death the autopsy revealed lots of hash in his stomach, a true stoner to the end. Some people would like to argue that hash was somehow the reason behind his untimely departure, when this in fact is not true and holds no water at all. Bruce Lee died of a cerebral edema said to be the severe reaction of him taking medicine for a headache. Knowing that Bruce Lee himself was down with MJ is cool trivia and might give you a new perspective on the man with the iron fists.

Bill Maher

This outspoken TV host is one of those characters that you either hate or love for his very opinionated views on political and world issues. As an avid weed smoker, he of course believes in the legalization of cannabis.

When asked in a Rolling Stone interview why he’s so out front with the issue, he says it’s because it has proven to be beneficial in his life and that he strongly believes in freedom. He stated, “What could be more private than what goes on in your own mind? You should be allowed to manipulate that as an adult any way you want.” Beautifully put and straight to the point. Bill Maher doesn’t take time sugar coating anything and just likes to stay high and say how he feels.

Joe Rogan

Marijuana is known to help a number of medical issues and give you a boost in your positive attitude, but Joe Rogan insists that it has even more to offer and that cannabis is also a “performance enhancing drug”. Rogan is an actor, writer, and jiu-jitsu fighter to name a few things, and also hosted the show “Fear Factor” for a number of years. Being that he is very active in martial arts and other training he makes it a point to try and kill the stereotype that marijuana users are lazy and rarely participate in physical activity.

Rogan says he always gets stoned before training and says, “I think it’s a performing enhancing drug. If it wasn’t, a huge majority of jiu-jitsu guys wouldn’t be using it before they train. A lot of Brazilian guys use marijuana before they train. A lot of American jiu-jitsu guys use it before they train. And they don’t do it because it hurts them, they do it because it helps them”. He points out that when he’s blown and fighting, his reaction time is much faster and he’s all around more focused. Joe Rogan is a marijuana soldier and does his part to educate people on all the beneficial aspects of smoking bud.

Top 10 Stoner icons Honorable Mentions:

Michael Phelps

The cat was certainly out of the bag when a picture surfaced of Michael Phelps taking what looks to be a killer hit from a bong. The picture was taken at a party three months after winning eight, count em’ eight, gold medals.

Phelps did suffer some repercussions from the photo and was suspended from USA swimming for three months and got his face removed from the Kellog’s cereal box. He was probably stoned the entire three months thinking about how messed up his suspension was. Still his Mary Jane use hasn’t effected his career an any real detrimental ways and he holds the record for the most medals ever to be won by an Olympian, and currently holds twenty. So more power to Phelps, he’s a remarkable half man, half fish stoner.

 Barack Obama

The prestigious title of President definitely comes with the stresses of having to run an entire country, and everyone’s entitled to their down time right? Well Barack Obama may not be hitting the bong as frequently as he used to, but he sure did his share of pot smoking in his younger days.

In President Obama’s book, “Dreams From my Father” he openly admits to smoking weed when he was a teenager and “maybe a little blow.” He also stated in an interview, “when I was a kid I inhaled frequently, that was the point.” The book also tells detailed stories of how Obama and his friends who were called the “choom” gang, choom being a verb meaning “to smoke marijuana” would frequently get together and smoke Mary Jane on the beach while growing up in Hawaii. So not only was our current President an avid stoner but he puffed the Maui Wowie, he seems to be a pretty fortunate guy.


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