10 Different Ways To Smoke a Pipe



The bubbler pipe, or “bubbler” was originally used in parts of the world such as Asia and Africa. The workings of the bubbler make it a favorite among many pot smokers around the globe and are used by experienced smokers as well as casual users. With this pipe the smoke floats down a tube that reaches a reservoir of water that cools the smoke before you inhale it, this cooling smoke is much easier on the lungs making it a more enjoyable experience all together. It gets its name from the fact that bubbles are produced in the water while smoking. The results of this method are smoother, creamier, hits and a high that seems to punch you much quicker.

Bubblers are widely available on the market online and in most head shops. They come in an awesome variety of colors and styles that make them a joy to both smoke out of and look at. They’re made from blown glass and the craftsmanship of these pipes make it easy for the stoner to take full advantage of larger hits of smoke every time without fail. Simply add water to the chamber located below the bowl, then place some sticky herb inside your bowl and place your thumb over the carb (small hole usually on the left of your bubbler designed to prevent stale smoke), light the Mary Jane  and inhale through the mouthpiece at the same time. Remove your thumb from the carb as you smoke and proceed to get outrageously stoned. The bubbler is also a very easy tool to clean and a quick boil of your bubbler should leave it looking brand spanking new. Soaking the pipe in rubbing alcohol beforehand is insanely helpful in getting it clean as well. With all its smoke enhancing capabilities and easy maintenance, it’s a no brainier why so many smokers choose the bubbler for their go-to toke.

Glass Pipes


Glass pipes in general are known to give you a much better tasting smoke than in metal or wooden pipes. Glass pipes were specifically designed with the intention of herbal smoking in mind, and they don’t produce harmful chemicals that can mix into your smoke. The glass pipe is full of advantages that make it an exciting choice to go with. When the heat interacts with the colors of your piece it makes them much more vibrant over time with intense brightness.

Glass pipes can break when dropped hard enough and end up shattered on your floor, but if you handle them with a little TLC they do often last longer than wooden pipes that will eventually burn down overtime. Another favored feature is the simple fact that you get to see your smoke filling into the pipe, this makes for a greater anticipation of the smoke you’re more than ready to inhale. The pure marijuana taste that you’re awarded with a glass pipe is well worth the extra few bucks it’ll cost you.

Foldable Pipes


Foldable pipes are sometimes called slider pipes and come in wooden or metal material and can be made to fit together magnetically too. The sleekly designed pipes are perfect for travel seeing as how they can fold down into small squares that don’t really resemble a pipe. Foldables are made from flat pieces of metal or wood  that slide and maneuver into each other like a puzzle, and unfold into a fully functional pipe, bowl and all. Magnetic foldables can be assembled into any shape and set on your coffee table as decoration and some may not even notice it as a pipe.

They’re a fun little toy to have around and can provide a pretty gnarly smoke too. The bowl can hold about four to five moderately sized hits which is enough to get you feeling pretty good. They come in great colors and are perfect for a fun puff!

Metal Pipes


Metal pipes are often looked at as being like antiques or more elegant. The design of most metal pipes reflect these thoughts, and many metal pipes are molded into some very unique designs. These are good smoking pipes that give you the chance to experience a quality smoke. The more common metal pipes are known as chamber pipes and have a bowl that attaches to a connecter piece that is also connected to the mouthpiece. The chamber pipe can be made to have two chambers which of course gives you access to larger quantities of smoke.

Some metal pipes that are known for providing  good smoking times are those that look like mini hookah pipes and fit into one hand. Not only are they successful at looking really cool, they accomplish the mission of getting you extremely high.

Vaporizer Pipes


Getting all the THC out of your bud is priority when smoking Mary Jane and these pipes help you to do just that. A vaporizer pipe is specifically designed to vaporize all the delicious cannabis inside instead of just burning it the way regular pipes do. This allows you to get 100% of the THC your marijuana contains, making for much higher results.

Vape pipes are also cherished for it’s non-hazardous characteristics. In vaporizing the weed you avoid the inhalation of toxic chemicals and noxious gases that can be produced through straight smoke. The taste you get is light and smooth and much milder in aroma as well as taste. Many vaporizer pipes come in “bubbly” designs but they can also be found in more sexy and sleek styles too. A pot smoking experience that’s easy on the lungs and nicer to the THC, vaporizer pipes are great friends to have around.



The chillum is an ancient kind of smoking pipe that can be made from many things including stone, wood, clay, and glass. It was traditionally used by hindu monks during the 18th century and is a cone shaped pipe that is used present day for smoking marijuana, opium, and tobacco. Chillums are relatively small devices that give you about 1 to 3 really awesome hits. There are slightly larger chillums that cool the smoke before you inhale it, and allows more smoke to be inhaled at once.

Given the cone shape of the chillum you have to hold it upright when taking hits and packing it to make sure that none of the sticky falls out. Still it’s not very complicated and an overall legitimate smoke. Chillums are available on the market and are commonly sold in bamboo and stone . Getting stoned from a chillum is rustic and effective, and you can bet if the monks liked hitting this pipe then meditation must have been a blast.

Wooden Pipes


Originally wooden pipes were made specifically for the use of tobacco and were mainly used by tobacco smokers, but they’re just as good for smoking marijuana and can have its advantages. Wooden pipes have a much larger size bowl in order to pack plenty of backy into, well when you’re smoking MJ this means plenty of hearty hits. Although wooden pipes do carry a certain flavor that you can taste in the smoke, it isn’t necessarily a bad quality and adds a nice natural flavor to your buds, or you may not even notice it. Wooden pipes are the perfect addition to earthy strains of weed and add warm tones throughout the inhale.

Some wooden pipes come with copper or brass fitted into the mouthpiece for that extra touch of style. They can look quite fancy when marked with decorative carvings, or posses a sophisticated appearance with a smooth briar wood finish. Many would agree that these pipes are sturdy and built to last when taken care of properly and are so liked because of the overall good feel to them.

Calabash Gourd Pipes


These extravagant looking pipes aren’t just for show and know how to deliver some dank smoke. Its name is derived from the African Calabash Gourd that these pipes are made from. These gourds are grown for the sole purpose of becoming pipes by placing blocks under the stem during growth which causes it to grow in a curved shape. When matured, it’s cut and dried and made into a fantastic looking pipe. Thoughts of Sherlock Holmes and dangerous mysteries might just dance around in your head when hitting this interesting pipe.

The way a calabash is designed gives the stoner a cool, dry, smoke that comes off as clean and refreshing. The high produced is said to be more mellow than in an ordinary briar wood pipe because the smoke first travels throught an empty chamber that’s located inside the gourd where it losses a lot of its heat and harshness. The bowls of the calabash gourd are most commonly made from meerschaum, but can be made of wood, porcelain, and in some cases burn-proof plastic. They make for a unique smoke and a pretty cool conversational piece to add to your collection.

Meerschaum Pipes


Meerschaum pipes are quite an uncommon device for smoking weed and a bit risky to do so, but if you’re a stoner chances are you’re down to try it because every smoking experience is a potential good one. Meerschaum is a natural material and is sort of a stone like shell that is frequently found floating on the Black Sea and also scarcely in some parts of Greece. The first meerschaum pipes were recorded to be in existence around 1723 and became wildly popular due to its material and being able to provide a cool, dry, and flavorful smoke.

The downsides of these antiques is that they become very hot very fast which makes it harder to hold on to it, especially with continuous lighting. Even still it just looks cool to smoke out of one of these intricately designed pipes. With chronic use they turn beautiful rich and deep hues of red, orange, and cream that only get better with time.

One Hitters (Sneak-a-Toke)


Sneaky one hitters are very useful when you’re out in public and get the urge to burn one. One hitters are small pipes that only have enough room in them for one good hit of Mary Jane and are often called sneak-a-tokes because of the many disguised designs they come in that are made to be very small and discreet and can be made to look like common things such as writing pens, a tube of lipstick, and even an ordinary cigarette.

Even if you have nothing to hide these little pipes give you a nice buzz that provide a welcomed quick pick-me-up during the day. One hitters are also incredibly helpful when it comes to preserving weed and packing a small amount into your little buddy will get you an acceptable mild stone and an excellent pipe choice for on the go living and quick tokes.

Top 10 Different ways to smoke a pipe Honorable Mentions:

Corncob Pipes


Corncob pipes are a classic and have been used since the early 1800s. To make one, the cob is first dried for two years and then gets hollowed out to become the bowl of the pipe. Corncob pipes remain popular today for their simplistic character, easy use, and they’re very inexpensive to buy. Many people consider the corncob to be very suitable for beginner smokers but is no no way limited to newbies and many veteran smokers enjoy the clean, care free smoke you can count on with the corncob.

Corncobs are fantastic for weed “tastings” and since they’re only about 3 bucks you can buy plenty to sample different strains from and taste their individual flavors and highs without cross contaminating strains. They’re good at allowing the natural cannabis flavors to shine through. They’re a staple choice in many a stoner’s collection and Frosty the Snowman isn’t the only fella’ who likes to puff on the corncob from time to time.


Clay Pipes


With a bit of old school flare about them, clay pipes are seen few and far between but are still floating around in a few places. You’ll most often see them as a very fine white clay. Some of the more poorer quality clay pipes are made from a porcelain mixture that’s poured into a mold. These are usually no good at all and bring undesirable flavors to your smoke. They’re also known to burn extremely hot and are another pipe that’s hard to keep hold of.

Frequent users of quality clay pipes  claim they give you a pure smoking experience and that they clay material provides no added flavor even in the least bit unlike some other pipe materials.

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