Top 10 Stoner Movies

stoner-top-ten Half Baked

Chosen to be our number one simply because it’s a true stoner movie, straight up Hilarious! Dave Chappelle, the main character keeps you laughing and even if you’re not that stoned you certainly feel like you are when watching Half Baked.


Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke

A timeless movie of two men in an adventure to find weed, In the process they come upon situations that intensify their epic adventure.



Chris Tucker keeps your laugh on high, when trying to pay the debt he owes to ‘Big Worm’, his buddy Ice Cube gets caught up in the mess after losing his job on his day off, now has to help resolve the situation and get the $200hundo before 10pm. This uproarious comedy has no downfalls. Stoner movies!


Dazed and Confused

Travel back to the high School year of 1976. Four teens take you through their experiences of getting high and how it was to be in grade school again when you were free of much responsibility. Oh the good old days.


Harold & Kumar go to White Castle

Munchies anyone? Embark in this conquest to feed the craving of White Castle Burgers, and along the way you’ll encounter the obstacles that strangely help you achieve the satisfaction of fulfilling a craving.


How High

The magic of Weed is presented. Bring an old friend back from the dead, from smoking the Weed they grow with his ashes. It gives them courage to go through collage and accomplish their dreams.


Home Grown

The operation that grows intensely, but when “The Man” gets involved everything takes a turn for the unexpected. The thought of continuing this huge operation is becoming more of an illusion then a reality. But the need for money turns them into unwanted greed monsters.

Super Troopers

Five of the Vermont State Troopers have to time of their life with their job, but when the pranking and slacking goes too far the job gets threatened by the state to in force budget cuts on them. This encourages the troopers to step up their game and show the police force who they really are.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Take a trip with Johny Deep & Benicio Del Toro to Las Vegas, reporting on the Min 400 Motorcycle Race, but on the way encounter distractions like the effects of the Cannabis, Lsd, alcohol, and cocaine. Then soon abandon the mission to continue experiments with the drugs side affects.


Kids is a timeless stoner classic about a group of wild, thoughtless New York City teenagers in their un-relentless quest for sex, drugs, and getting in to trouble. The film primarily follows Telly who having just realized the conquest of his latest virgin, brags that by day’s end he will claim one more. Click the video to play our favorite seen from the movie.. Kids: How To Roll a Blunt scene.

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